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2022 Honda Accord Sport Hybrid Review & Test Drive | Herb Chambers Honda

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What’s up honda fans i’m honda laura and today we are doing a review on the 2022 honda accord hybrid in the sport trim level so let’s get it going as always we’d like to say thank you to herb chambers honda of seaconk for letting us take out the accord today so everybody loves a fuel efficient vehicle but they also like one that’s sporty so here you go the sport

Model hybrid let’s start off with the exterior features starting off the front end first thing you see when this car is coming at you is leds everywhere led headlights led daytime running lights and led fog lights i think it’s really cool how they have that contrast especially in the white collar it really sets off in contrast with the tinted grille with the

Slotted on the bottom and then a lot of those glossy black inserts around it to really give it a cool contrast coming down along the side you have the awesome sport 19-inch wheel so it really is cool looking but also fuel efficient the black is a theme throughout so you have the glossy black on the mirrors and then more down along the side you have the smart entry

System with the remote engine start and the auto walk away lock love that feature capital’s fuel filler also it’s a new thing moving down along the back side more of that black you see on the deck lid spoiler i really like that touch looks really cool like i said with that contrast on the white especially you have all that blue badging on the front and the back you

Have backup camera standard now let’s take a look under the hood under the hood of the 2022 honda accord hybrid sport is a 2-liter ivy tech two motor hybrid engine system and it’s paired with the electronic cvt transmission and has a sport mode all together it puts out 212 horsepower and then the whole system yields a total of 44 city 41 highway and a combined of

43 miles per gallon so you get the hybrid so you’re fuel efficient but you also look super cool with the sport model right but it also has a lot of comfort features so you got to go inside we got to show you what’s going on let’s take a look at the interior features there’s a bug on the lens so when getting you oh god so when you get so when you first get into

The hybrid you don’t even realize that you are in a hybrid this looks just like the regular sport model you have the seats which are super comfortable they are leather trimmed so you have leather on the outside and then the cloth on the inside you have the leather wrapped steering wheel as well and leather on the center console the layout is awesome it’s so cozy

Comfortable you have all kinds of space there’s a lot of space here matte pocketing so it’s really really like spacious and i just love the overall like modern flow of everything it is all black on the inside and then you also have some of this really awesome carbon fiber look to it and then it has a lot of like brushed chrome accents around all of the different

Things so it really gives you a elegant feel to it it’s really nice it has i love the steering wheel the new design is really nice it has a bunch of different buttons and uh the leather wrap is super soft your gauge cluster up front is a very bright large colorful and it has a lot of different features and a lot of different information that you can utilize right

From one button on your steering wheel so it’s a close range from uh driving just to take a quick glance down and you don’t even need to take your hands away from the steering wheel to access a lot of the different features your audio screen is touch you have the apple carplay or the android auto and you have a lot of different monitors that will help you try to

Maximize your fuel economy so another really great feature you also have another one that i really like is the xm radio and then your backup camera is also through there too like i said your center console is super wide and spacious the transmission buttons are all just buttons there’s no shifter knob so it’s nice and sleek and then you have your sport and your

Eco mode electronic parking brake i love the brake hold i always use it when i’m in like the line for fast food restaurants now let’s take a look at the back seats the accord is super duper spacious the back seats you can see that it has the same leather trimming and then the cloth in the center and then a lot of space back here it’s 105.6 cubic feet of passenger

Volume now let’s take a look at the actually very spacious trunk so when you open the trunk on the new hybrid you get a pleasant surprise they moved the battery underneath the second seats so you get the full 16.7 cubic feet of cargo space in the trunk i know that was a real down point for a lot of consumers when they were looking to buy the car but no it’s lovely

It’s spacious and you still get the 60 40 pass through so it’s you know you can utilize it for things if you need stuff so the exterior is cool the interior is cool but obviously the coolest part of the car is the fuel efficiency that’s why you’re buying it so let’s take it out on the road so obviously the point of the accord hybrid is to maximize your fuel

Economy there are so many different monitors and meters and charts that will help you in the accord to maximize your fuel economy one of the ones that i really like is um called eco drive and it’s it’s kind of reminds me of like a video game you want to accelerate and decelerate slowly so you want to keep the bars that match up if you accelerate and take off

Really quick it’s going to zoom forward and you’re going to be utilizing a lot of gas if you break really hard it’s going to zoom forward and then you’re not driving efficiently so you want to accelerate and decelerate slowly to keep the car going efficiently another little helpful monitor i like is the power flow it actually tells you while you’re driving in real

Time where the power to the tires is coming from if you’re driving very efficiently it’s going to be coming from the from the battery if you are not driving efficiently it’s going to be coming from the engine and then if you’re doing your regenerative braking you’ll see that it’s actually going in the opposite direction and flowing from the tires to the battery

Charging the battery foreign ty of the tesla and the movement of like hybrids to being like sporty and not boring i think it was a smart move for honda to add this trim level to really kind of like spice up the accord hybrid and not make it as uh from being old and really appeal to a younger clientele and that was our review on the 2022 honda accord hybrid

In the sport trim level it has an msrp of 31 070. thank you to herb chambers honda of seekonk for letting us take out the accord today don’t forget to leave me a comment subscribe to the channel like the video i’m honda laura and i’ll see you next time

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2022 Honda Accord Sport Hybrid Review & Test Drive | Herb Chambers Honda By Herb Chambers Honda of Seekonk