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2022 Honda HR-V S (Low Spec) Review: Enough Power? Worth Buying?

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This is my quick thoughts after driving the Honda HR-V S (Low Spec) for 4 days now. Also – YES! This is my 1st ever car video so excuse my mistakes.

Hello everybody so my friend just bought the honda hrv this is the aspect variant which is basically the lower spike variant and i just wanted to share with you my thoughts because he actually led me the car to to drive for a week so this is actually my day four and i’m gonna share with you a couple of things regarding the comfort levels as well as how the engine

Actually feels like to drive i’m not going to go over all the numbers and all that all the specifications the safety features because you can actually find that on multiple other videos that’s already out on the internet you can also go to honda’s website and check it out if you want to know all those very detailed numbers but today’s video we’re going to focus

Mainly on you know how i feel like the drive and as well as the comfort a couple of things that i like and a couple of things i don’t like because i’ve been driving i think almost about 300 kilometers now now before we begin the reason why he bought this particular model is because number one he was a bit tight on budget if he wanted to go for the higher end models

It will cost a lot more and yes he doesn’t really care too much about the power so we’ll talk more a bit about that in a bit let’s check out the car itself let’s go all right so first things first we’re going to start off with the drivers area all right so this is where i’ve spent most of my time all right so i kind of like the the interior honestly speaking

Everything looks very nice it doesn’t seem like a major difference from what you get from the higher end models you have a pretty nice materials over here you have the same display and of course we have a digital meters at the front here which i think again is not a big deal the startup button is over here i’m just going to push that for now and there you go it’s

A very smooth start up and i absolutely love that about the honda hrv what i love about this car is you have this auto hole for the brakes so whenever you’re in traffic you don’t really have to you know like keep pressing on the brake i think that is awesome here all right so now that shut closed the door honestly speaking this is a very quiet cabin i again i

Absolutely love this about the honda hrv one thing i don’t really like about this monitor here actually is that number one it looks a little bit outdated it looks like a tv box sort of thing but the second thing here is that whenever you start the the car you actually have to keep pressing the ok button here to dismiss this caution kind of messaging i think that’s

Quite annoying because every time you start a car you have to turn this off and then you get into your stuff oops let me turn that off right so just in terms of the buttons here uh the good news is everything is actually physical buttons which is great when you are driving you increase and reduce the volumes over here and just hit this power button to silent the

Entire thing i think that’s great you also have your car play and android auto although you have to use a cable down here which i have actually been using again it’s a very simple solution and it works just right out the box i love the fact that we have this cable because sometimes wireless ones get a bit fidgety it doesn’t really connect nicely to the system so i

Think the wired airplay here actually works really really nicely in terms of the seats just in case you are wondering how the seats looks like i’ve got my mustang right so this is how the seat looks like i think the pattern on it looks a little bit bland i mean the entire car looks very dark and you know black-ish but i think it’s actually quite all right as well

Not really a huge matter there the good thing is that the seats themselves are very comfortable so you know you don’t really have any issues when sitting in the car here it just feels awesome baby girl might be bopping on like me too no roof on my top and my bape see through hiding on the pen don’t stop ain’t gonna feed you i’ve been all on my ground so all

Right so in terms of the back i’m not really sure what you guys think about this door handle i mean it looks really typical for all hrvs but proper door handles actually just work just fine alright so coming over to the rear seats of the honda hrv again if you just look at the patterns of the seat this i think it actually looks quite nice the fabric itself is very

Smooth and nice to touch so i think it’s actually a very comfortable place to sit if you are on this side or that side all right so right now i’m going to show you guys how it looks like to get into the rear seats so like i mentioned the rear seat the first seat here is actually very comfortable i have a lot of head room even though it has like a sloping kind of

Roof line i’m 175 cm and it still has a bit like two kind of fist in terms of the head room but look what happens when you move to the middle seat guys oh my god you are so much more elevated my head can’t even fit here i don’t think it’s a problem in my head i think it’s just the seat it’s crazy guys it’s it’s so small in the middle here you can’t really put your

Feet out you just can’t sit in the middle it just doesn’t make sense but yeah i mean i don’t know even if you put a kid here i think the kid will really be angry at you because this seat is this hard it’s high and it’s just so uncomfortable but yeah i mean you do get to push up the seats you know to review the space let me just show it to you pretty simple stuff

Actually just yank it up pull it up and push it down so oops come on there you go so basically you have this you know additional space here but you sacrifice the person in the middle guys uh let me know if you think this is better do you want more space in the back to put stuff or would you prefer a proper middle seat to put in one more person do you prefer your

Stuff or your person your friend right let’s go and check out other stuff all right guys so the final thing we want to talk about here is actually in terms of the driving experience now i’m trying to reduce the amount of actually driving and holding my phone and all that because i think it’s a bit dangerous i don’t really have all the tools you know like those

Car reviewers you know to get the perfect scene but let me just summarize my driving experience to a couple of points now the first point is there sufficient power well honestly speaking like you guys must already know the engine here is actually the same as the city hatchback or the city if i’m not mistaken so there’s not a lot of power here it’s actually very

Very good for driving in the city i did not have any feeling of like the lack of power but occasionally when you want to overtake people you might need to press on the puddle a little bit more and the engine might sound a little bit louder so actually i would say this if you are familiar with driving a vios city or anything in that kind of segment you will really

Understand how it feels like to drive the honda hrv the aspect variant right so like i mentioned just now the car really is perfect for city driving i mean it’s a very comfortable drive you do not have a lot of noise coming in from the side windows and if you’re just chilling around the city or maybe in like suburbs like where i’m at right now as subang s15 this

Is a very chill drive if you want to just press the pedal you hear a bit of sound you move a little bit and yep you’re pretty much up there okay that’s yellow for the turning right i’m going to go straight so let me build up a bit of a gap here all right currently going at 40 km h let’s see if i just start to accelerate now full throttle whoa you hear a lot of

Sound got to make that signal to the right so overtaking uh it’s like that i mean again this is not a sports car oh no the husky is accelerating at the same pace as me if you just you know just want to chill and drive around you know uh this car is actually perfect let’s see the cornering around here again i’m not going at like super hyper speed guys just following

This little vios in front of me come on guy you can go a bit faster come on come on oh police ah salman nice la okay okay let’s see what we can do here it’s getting a bit loud i gotta chase the asia come on asia i mean come on hrv whoa i said still in front but yeah i mean it’s fine i mean don’t think that it’s an underpowered car it’s quite all right it’s good

Enough for city driving i’m not sure if you guys heard the sound of the engineers now i hope you did it’s not super loud or anything you can just hear the wine but yeah i think it’s all right i don’t usually drive that way anyway okay back at traffic i’m gonna pause the video right now so i can enjoy this traffic jam okay maybe i’ll just uh pull you guys in to

Enjoy the gem together with me again very chill drive here see i’m tapping my foot here i want to go on this lane okay let’s check out the brake hole again oh you have a v-spec over there nice i’m aspect brother okay we’re at the lights i’m gonna go to this lane over here signal go over here and okay check out the brakes guys check out the brakes hitting the

Brake look at the light look at the light and there we go oh before i forget there’s one more thing that i want to mention here about uh something that i don’t really like and it’s the the glass here in front of the speedometer is so reflective i mean take a look at this this is my exact viewing angle and i mean you see a lot of reflections over here guys i mean

If you’re sitting so high up looking down then that wouldn’t be a problem but we are usually at eye level and look at all those shadows at the front i mean honda come on you guys can do better than that right so reflective oh my god all right guys so that’s pretty much my three day experience with the honda hrv again this is the base pack variant the aspect version

And honestly speaking to just really sum up my experience over the past few days i’m actually very impressed with the the lowest variant i mean i did test drive the high spec version which comes with the 1.5 liter turbo and that was really fast like i mean it was so fast but for this particular model i think it’s just it’s all right in terms of power don’t really

Expect like a lot of power but also don’t expect it to be like super powerless again i think my main point here is like if you’re driving if you have driven cars like the vios the city and you want to upgrade to a car with a larger size this car is actually very very similar to that kind of experience but you do get those huge size i think for the price of 115k in

Malaysia i’m sure you have like a ton of other options but yeah i really hope this video helped you out a little bit again this is not like a full review i’m just doing this only one or two times here for car reviews so yeah if you like this video don’t forget to drop a like sub to the channel if you want to ask more questions again feel free to leave a comment

Down below i hope you guys to check it out and test it out see you guys in the next one thank you for watching bye

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2022 Honda HR-V S (Low Spec) Review: Enough Power? Worth Buying?! 🤔 By Lim Reviews