2022 Honda Insight Touring: Is This Better Than The Toyota Prius?

Today I drive and review a 2022 Honda Insight Touring!

Definitely get a punch hey everyone it’s ben hardy here and in today’s video we’ll be going over a 2022 honda insight first and foremost so a huge shout out thank you to the stockton 12 honda here in utah for giving me some time with the inside check out the intron link below let’s get right into the video so under the hood we have a nacho aspired 1.5 liter four

Cylinder that’s paired to a hybrid system and a cvt automatic it’s good for 51 around town and then 45 on the highway with power puts being 151 horsepower and i love how you can see everything from the hybrid system all in orange which uh always looks cool but yeah that’s everything for under the hood now let’s go to the front end of the inside so first off you

Guys will notice we’ve got these really nice body lines on either side of the hood and then coming down below we’ve got the reflector leds with the led accent light doesn’t actually blink like that in person that’s just because the camera uh but you guys will notice these lights look very similar to what you have on the accord and also the chrome trim right there

On the front end and then notice with the honda logo and then you’ve got the fog light action just down below but overall if you look at the front end on this you know i couldn’t get maddie if you were like hey is that the cord because again the styling looks very very similar now coming inside here we’ve got two 15-millimeter tires wrapped on 17-inch wheels in

The front and over in the rear as well and then notice here with the design on the wheels how they do the lighter coloration with some darker coloration to make it look like the wheels are more hollow than they are because the wheels mostly closed off for aerodynamic efficiency and i think it looks pretty cool looks like a blade or kind of like a wave in a sense

Got a hybrid badge there on the side and then look at the mirror definitely cool with the shape on that and then here is your full side view on it and this is where it kind of is interesting because like you cut in half and it’s like a cord and then kind of civic e in the back pretty interesting so here’s our key fob notice we have the unlock and the lock and

Then that is for the hatch and then we have the remote start and then the blue accenting on the back because this is a hybrid i’m going to press that and that basically just unlocks the hatch you can also just do it with the regular button right there and then you do have to pull it back up and i know i said hatch but i meant trunk i just reviewed a civic so my

Vocabulary is mixed up okay i’m sorry now actually popping here into the rear we have these for the seats and then you can see you’ve got the fix flat kit just underneath storage space is pretty good back here and well that is all so yeah now finishing things here in the rear again this is where it looks more like a civic is from the rear end perspective and i

Realized i just didn’t close the trunk fully so don’t worry i’ll close that fully in a second but anyways you can see the taillights right there again that kind of looks somewhat similar to like the new civic you’ve got your regular badges here at the hybrid badge and other than that well now that’s all now here’s the door panel in the back so notice we’ve got

The leather here at the stitching and then more just down below and then you’ve got the seats and notice how it’s perforated there in the center portion uh really nice overall but let’s pop in quickly so you can see leg room and then yeah i’m six foot touch the top there’s your storage pocket on that side and then you can see cupholders just down below but let’s

Pop to the front now here’s the door panel at the front so again notice we’ve got all the soft touch the stitching you’ve got your window controls the front two are automatically your mirror adjustments as well that’s to open up the trunk and then the mirrors themselves do have blind spot monitoring and then here’s the front seat again you got all the perforations

Down the center really like the design with the stitching i think it looks great power adjustment there on the side and then here are the pedals just down below got this for the stability control you’ve got that for the safety tech and then that’s for the gas cap release and well those are look before we pop in here is the steering wheel we’ve got leather all

Around with the contrasted stitching on the center portion paddle shifters there on the back get your lane keep assist with your adaptive cruise control volume controls home button voice command phone controls all that fun stuff turn signal light stock windshield wiper stock and well that’s all for that so here is our center gauge cluster notice that it’s well

A digital readout and then notice on the left side you’ve got the screen which you can scroll through a few different bits of information here on the car so for example driver attention super important right um but yeah you can see everything’s like we can go into fuel economy for example i like the animations when you go into something that does like the little

Flip thing uh to tell you everything that’s happening and then like we can see power flow for example um or you can just make it be a gauge so yeah that’s all for that we of course have to go over the drive mode sucks we’ve got our econ mode which will actually pop out over there i don’t know why i was in the center well the plant thing pops in the center anyways

Got your sport mode and then we have our ev mode which we can’t do because it’s too cold but once it’s warmed up we can pop it into ev mode but those are the drive modes now here’s the center infotainment system first off if i pop it into reverse notice you got a backup camera with trajectory lights that turn with the steering wheel and then you have a couple of

Different viewpoints that you can go through with the camera itself as for the rest of the infotainment system first off response time is really good with the screen and with the buttons as well it’s easy to use i think it looks nice as well it’s kind of like nicely integrated into everything and that’s all so we’ve got our dual zone climate right here we’ve got

Heated seats for the front passengers got the charging area with the 12 volt just behind that some extra storage space right here the gear selector got the parking brake with the brake hold all of the drive modes and then look at this this slides backwards and forwards but then there’s a tray underneath it also slides backwards and forwards then we have the cup

Holders which also slide backwards and forwards so like there’s a lot of backwards and forward sliding in the center here so yeah but notice there’s nice trim as well and then it goes onto the dash so that all looks nice and then you can see the glove box right there and that’s all for that so we’ll pop you up to the top quickly we’ve got a center look at those

Fall colors that’s nice and then you’ve got the controls for the center and that’s all so here’s our window sticker on this 2022 insight feel free to freeze the frame if you want to read all of the standard equipment it comes here with the insight then you guys can see the base price right there and then the total msrp 30 thousand 255 dollars and wait for it i

Almost walked into the back of another car anyways let’s take it out and see how it drives well let’s talk about visibility before you set up here on the inside there’s the visibility of the hood both the mirrors to do a blind spot the rest of the rear and let’s set off oh we are setting off here in the inside and you guys will probably notice we are in the full

Ev mode right while we were now we’re having the engine on a little bit but for the initial part we’re in the evening mode if actually press ev now saying the engine’s too cold give me mixed signals here insight but anyways let’s talk about how this drives so first off from a ride quality perspective it’s kind of like almost in between an accord and a civic it’s

Definitely smoother than a civic it’s it’s pretty cool it’s pretty much like the same as an accord actually it’s it’s about the same from a ride quality perspective uh road noise about the same as well um so it’s a really nice driving car overall let’s see if the brakes are weird at all now it’s got normal brakes doesn’t feel weird sometimes hybrids kind of feel

Weird from a breaking perspective see if we get on this a little bit more hey you can hear the engine kind of pop on promptly acceleration’s smooth though very seamless with the transition we’re actually going to pop into sport mode and see how it does with the sport mode popped on yeah the braking really doesn’t feel weird which i am definitely a fan of i hate

It when hybrid brakes just feel awkward you guys know what i’m talking about but it seems like manufacturers have kind of figured out how to make them not feel so weird definitely get a punch it’s actually decently quick 151 horsepower doesn’t sound like a lot but it’s it gets up and moves feels quicker than a prius that’s for sure and i mean that’s kind of what

This competes against i know that the prius is a hatchback but i mean this is kind of in that same you know good fuel economy uh segment and it actually sounds pretty decent when you get on it for a four banger doesn’t sound too bad i am not gonna not gonna knock it we’re gonna pop into the econ mode now from the sport mode um so it’s gonna pop into ev mode as

Much as it possibly can to save on fuel and notice over there it’s telling me how much battery i’m using so it looks like if you go into sport mode and you get on it you go through the battery life pretty quickly so just take that into account if you’re gonna do some sporty driving handling feels good too that’s just a nice driving car it’s a nice daily driving

Car that i really don’t have anything bad i could say about it from that perspective so let’s get into sewing things up here with this insight so first off uh from an exterior aesthetics perspective i think it’s a good-looking car from the front end i’m not as much of a fan of the rear styling um but i still think overall it’s a pretty good looking car but i

Mean when you compare this to the prius this looks so good the prius does not interior wise it’s got a nice interior again nice seats they’re comfortable they’re heated all that fun stuff which will turn that back on because i’m getting a little bit chilly so yeah interior is great and then moving from that to the driving it’s smooth it’s quiet it’s comfortable

And then on top of that it actually gets up and moves at a pretty good pace i mean this goes over 50 miles per gallon just like the prius so that’s definitely a big positive it sounds pretty good for a four banger and um yeah the hybrid system is really seamless so honda’s done a really good job so i guess i have to rate this and this is for this segment so i’m

Competing or this is i’m competing this is competing rather against the prius uh and i mean you’ve got like the honda accord hybrid you’ve got the toyota camry hybrid kind of in this segment somewhat corolla hybrid i’m gonna put this at like an eight and a half because i like the camry hybrid a lot and i like the accord hybrid a lot um and this like th this the

Accord just looks a little bit nicer than this uh if you ask me but i mean it’s a it’s still a really nice car eight and a half i mean that’s still high for the segment so yeah the inside’s really nice and if you don’t like the accord then go for the insight instead now that’s gonna something’s up for our video on this 2022 honda insight again a huge shout out

Thank you to stockton 12 honda for giving me some time with this insight check out the amateur link below i’ll see you all in the next video

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2022 Honda Insight Touring: Is This Better Than The Toyota Prius? By Ben Hardy