2022 Honda Odyssey EX-L Review: It Has THE COOLEST Feature

My full 2022 Odyssey EX-LE review. Exterior, interior, shockingly amazing seating, technology, safety, more!

Hello everyone i am jeff teague i’m with auto jeff reviews and today i’m going to show you the 2022 honda odyssey exl and as we walk around the vehicle so you can get a lay of the land a foundation a baseline for what we’re going to do today i am at fred anderson toyota in raleigh north carolina they were nice enough to provide this 2022 exl it’s in platinum white

Pearl and it starts just under 40 000. about 39 thousand seven ten i believe it’s a beautiful color and it looks so stretched out and elongated which also means it’s versatile for the whole family shall we begin let’s jump right in with an interior first tour normally i show outside and then inside and then pick it apart but i’m going to show you a feature that

Is so shockingly amazing you might want to see this first look at this second row seats now what’s interesting to me clearly they’re captain chairs right no i don’t think so it is time the circle of life that’s right this here this is the removable middle seat in the second row these seats here you can do anything with them you can slide them their magic slide

You can put that middle seat right in there or you can use it as a walkway tell them what more they can do jim now what i can do here i can use this one right here got the grip handle i can use this as the outside seat i can use this as the outside seat no wait let’s do more i can push this one over so now i got this one is the middle which also can buddy up

With the person or child next to them and i could use this as a walkway holla let’s keep going this is kind of fun i can use this as the middle seat i am so excited and i just can’t hide it i’m about to lose control and i think i like it now we’ve got two middle seats what that is or you can move these over and now we buddy up on this side and there’s

A walkway here now what have i done besides fine a really interesting ride well i’ve positioned these seats in so many different areas there’s so much you can do with this imagine who could sit here how many people three car seats across the benefits are huge and you also have quite a bit of leg room and headroom for this third row now again in this 22 you

Can easily take this and slide it to expose the third row lots of cup holders in here you’ll see there in every row every nook every cranny that you can imagine and then look at the leg room back here that’s with the seat all the way back really impressive i cannot believe these seats and frankly in a time when a lot of brands are going with the wide mouth bass

Grill this one here is understated it’s subtle but it does have use of gloss black along with chrome imagine mixing those together what are we getting here led daytime running lights led headlights and then we’ve got these turn signals down below along with led fog lights and of course honda is right up there with most other brands that are cutting edge leading

Technology here it’s got radar technology here camera technology up there in the window and that little trapezoidal little nub right there we’ll call it or that cut out right it’s got collision mitigation braking road departure mitigation you’ll also find adaptive cruise control with low speed follow function it’s got blind spot information system right here we’ve

Got boom boom boom blind spot right in the side mirror along with this turn signal indicator what and by the way how odd is this that you pull that and it goes down down down let’s open this up my first impression it’s a very very clean engine compartment as a matter of fact i don’t even see an engine i just see a series of covers and since we don’t see much of

Anything i’m going to have to fill in the blanks you see the hood blanket there this has a prop rod i like that it’s off to the side so it’s not in the way of you doing any work if you could get to anything this is a 3.5 liter v6 engine horsepower it’s matched with a 10-speed automatic transmission it also gets 19 mpg in the city 28 mpg on the highway to me the

Wheel being two-tone it’s classic it’s also sporty but to me it’s beautiful it really fits the profile of the vehicle nicely i’ll show you that in just a minute 235 60r18 that means they’re 18-inch alloy wheels with a five lug pattern chrome matching that honda chrome badge now to me take a look at the profile again this is to fit seven or eight passengers it does

Look elongated similar to when you were a kid playing with silly putty you’re stretching it out right or maybe from the incredibles but anyway i see the clever use of chrome along with color keyed this is the white pearl paint in the side mirror but then we’ve got accents in chrome all the way around from the door handles to the window accents here and then look

At this here this privacy glass this is so interesting to me because now work with me here it reminds me of a whale maybe with a squared off head but look at that whale tail all right now we’ve also got these auto unlock doors you can operate the side doors from the remote key you can operate it from inside you can also just go ahead and pull that that side

Door here it goes kind of fast i don’t know who would win between the side door and the tortoise and the tortoise and hair race now what do i see here i see sweeping across here flowing led tail lights i also see again more use we’re accenting here more chrome more chrome all the way across the honda badging chrome and then we’ve got some matte black that kind of

Sweeps on in here as well it has a backup camera here and then the world’s largest back window i think for a minivan and of course we want the most visibility possible right if you’re sitting in the front or the sides you want to be able to see all the way around here honda makes a very good use of blind spots in here you just don’t see a lot of them visibility

Is very good which is a strong feature let’s open it up oh power tailgate huh and i thought it would be a good idea to put that middle seat from the beginning of the video that goes right there let’s put it back here you might store it in your garage a lot of people would store it in the garage we’ve got a 12-volt power port back here storage pocket i’ve got

Some hooks down below not sure that they’ll do the biggest amount of benefit but perhaps like grocery sacks that you just maybe got a two liter in there you don’t want it to roll around i see overhead latches what else do we see storage pocket here storage pocket here so good use of space in spots where you might not normally see them and i like how it has a

Well like the boy trapped in the well the seat trapped in a well so you can stack things up it’d be great for a beach trip or a mountain retreat i got the magic seat i know if i get hit once i get hit twice magic these seats are magic because look i can put them down just like that really easy well what else can i do though well you can have it right here you

Could also pull very hard and boom pull very hard and boom oh see now look at the space this is incredibly tall so imagine you could stack things up here that is really impressive now you can take these seats out right here they’re incredibly heavy but you can take them out as a matter of fact the middle seat it’s not the lightest seat in the world but you can

Still take it out and you saw i could do the circular life with that thing without too much effort there are also air vents back here which i think is nice and another 12 volt outlet right here so this is people sitting here with the seats up now you can do things and you can get air and let’s take a look at the vehicle from the back we’re in the middle seats

Right now and you can see that raised screen which is nice for limiting distraction and then look down here we’ve got good use of storage space down here it’s nice and open a multi-use i guess that’s versatility right there we’ve got usb ports down here for charging pretty cool we’ve got storage pockets we’re gonna come over here to see another storage box and

Then look at here you can close and open that door same thing here we’ve also got second row sun shades you can see with that little strap right there what else we got handles and then we’ve got rear air so people can control the air from the back or the folks can do it from the front moon roof now for me i’m impressed with the level for a mid-grade odyssey of

Features we’ve got memory seats and then look at this door it’s just a normal black colored door but it’s got so much texture to it soft right here it’s got a pattern to it there’s detail involved who would have thought they could make a door interesting i guess that would be practical i don’t know what you could put in there as joe rady would say you could put

A few twinkies in there electronic parking brake and brake hold so see there are a lot of different places where you can open and close your doors we found several it’s got lumbar support and then right here the black it’s got the gray accent stitching i find the seats very comfortable actually very soft what else do we have we’ve got a leather steering wheel

The controls are pretty simplistic to be honest with you it’s a way that you can do your media your phone and also some of your radar cruise control adaptive cruise control and then this here it’s kind of set back a little bit almost looks like a 3d visual that you might see at disney world or something like that like a projector or something like that i think

I need to get fuel i like the use of digital speed up here and then this rage screen do android auto apple carplay how do i know they’re right there got heated seats this is the engine start and stop so you can shut your engine off if you want to at traffic lights and stop signs to save on fuel we can tweak our temperature right here and then here look at

That oh real user-friendly very easy to use i don’t know why that bugs me though when i hear dude like that okay we got the push button start the different modes this has traction help with the snow mode as well economy mode and then this right here it took a little getting used to i’m not gonna lie park reverses push that down neutral and then drive got our

Flashers right here i told you we had our flashers right there and then we’ve got a 12 volt outlet here usb and again really good use of storage space here i’m impressed with that see could put your bag there pocketbook got the auxiliary port here usbs and then this nice faux wood pattern it’s a nice interior really is garage door opener programming sunglass

Holder and the visors we’ve got lights let there be light and then watch this we do not have slider function but do you need it if it already covers the whole window so nice and practical there let there be more light again honda odyssey starts just under forty thousand factory msrp is i believe thirty nine thousand seven hundred and ten dollars so if that was

Your guess and the price is right for this one you win you win i said well anyway that’s exciting so if you’re new to the channel hit subscribe we look at all brands we do how to’s reviews have a little fun we’ll do comparisons brand against brands sometimes anyway and i give you car buying advice so i’m on tick tock and instagram at auto jeff reviews and my

Website where you can ask questions and suggest videos you might want to see at auto jeff.com thanks everybody so much as michael says hey

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