2022 Honda Odyssey Test Drive | From Frank Leta Honda in St. Louis, MO

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All right guys so here we are test driving the brand new 2022 honda odyssey exo that we just went over all the wonderful outside features of the car so here on the inside of the cabin as we’re driving along i’m going to talk to you about a few of the features inside those honda safety sensing features are what we’re going to kind of discuss right now as we’re

Driving along here once the vehicle gets up to 45 miles an hour we have road departure already turned on that gave us the green circle earlier as we walked around the outside again when we hit 45 miles an hour that’s when those features actually take hold so now that i’m driving down here on technology boulevard we’re going to kind of drift over the solid line here

On the dash i get the lane departure warning and a vibration in the steering wheel and the steering wheel actually pulls me back to the right hand side to center me back into my lane so again as mom’s driving those kids are in the back seat everybody’s safe because mom has complete control of the car we do have a premium sound system here again our rear climate

Control so all of our passengers are nice and comfy as well it’s a very smooth quiet ride as you guys can hear we’re not hearing a lot of road noise and that is because of the double wrap that goes along our insulation here on the doors and around the windshield so that way everything is nice and quiet here in the cabin of the odyssey also as we’re driving we’re

Going to take note that we also have heated front two captains chairs with three different levels of how we can turn those on we also have our idle stop and our traction control system for snow to let us know and let the traction control system know that there’s snow on the road obviously here in the middle of june we’re not going to have too much snow once we

Get out on the highway we’re actually going to set our lane departure and our adaptive cruise control and we’re going to let those take control as we finish taking our test drive here of the odyssey as we’re driving along here on the back of the steering wheel we do have paddle shifters so if you want that feeling of shifting through gears you can hit the plus

And minus to shift through the gears as we’re going along again like we talked about earlier we have android auto apple play for the radio along with sirius xm satellite radio and just am fm along through there so we’re just going to take our quick drive and we’re going to be out on the highway soon and we’ll set the adaptive cruise control and go from there so

Stay tuned all right guys so we’re getting ready to turn out here onto the highway so to show off a few more of the safety features of the car i’ve turned on our adaptive cruise control and our lane keep assist and i’ve preset that i want to have three car links paced between myself and the car in front of me so once we get out here on the highway i’ll actually

Set the cruise and then i’ll show you how that all works together and we’ll kind of show you what it does as we’re driving along so here we go getting out here on highway 40 east we’re on the on-ramp getting up to highway speeds so we’re gonna make sure that we’re going along you can see the green light now for the steering wheel where the camera and the radar

Sensor have picked up the lines so that way again if we start to cross those lines we’ll get that vibration in the steering wheel as i use my turn signal it disengages until i get into the center of my lane and then it’ll fill back in so now that we have somebody in front of us we’re gonna go and hit set on our cruise control and we can see it’s paced us to three

Car lengths and it’s filled in a car now it’s dotted line because it doesn’t see the car anymore from the camera but as we close in on the car in front of us it will actually pick that car back up now it’s filled back in and you can actually feel the brakes slowing us down now if that vehicle wasn’t there we’d be doing 70 miles an hour but because it is it’s

Pacing us at 67 miles an hour to the car in front of us but as they’re speeding up the vehicle is starting to speed up as well and you can see that as we’re climbing closer to that 70 miles an hour again due to our safety features if i try to leave this lane without signaling it says lane departure and kind of pulls us back to the right but if i turn that turn

Signal on it lets me change lanes no problem and now we have a dotted line for where the car was and it’s not seen so now the car comes right back up to 70 miles an hour which is where the cruise control was set again guys that’s adaptive cruise control and that’s one of the best features for taking a long trip so that way when you’re driving you’re not having

To hit the brake and gas to accelerate and slow down as you go through traffic the vehicle is taking care of all that for you and it automatically applies the brakes we can preset four three two or one car links to any car in front of us so again you’re in complete control of how far and how close you want to follow the traffic in front of you again guys i would

Love to have you out here to frank lita to show you an overall test drive and go over all of the fun features on the 2022 honda odyssey along with all of the reasons why you should buy it frank lita with our complimentary pickup and drop off for service and our lifetime powertrain warranty again guys thank you so very much for taking time to see us today here

On the 2022 honda odyssey come out and take a test drive this weekend

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2022 Honda Odyssey Test Drive | From Frank Leta Honda in St. Louis, MO By Frank Leta Honda