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2022 Honda Ridgeline – The Out Of The Ordinary Practical Truck

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Learn about the 2022 Honda Ridgeline in today’s video!

Hi everybody it’s tom from today we’re going to talk about why the 2022 honda ridgeline is best defined as an out of the ordinary practical truck this mid-sized truck that competes with the likes of the chevrolet colorado gmc canyon ford maverick and toyota tacoma among others comes in the following trim levels sport rtl rtle and black

Edition base pricing ranges between thirty seven thousand six hundred and forty dollars all the way up to forty five thousand and seventy dollars before adding options what separates this truck apart from most others is not only the fact that it is the one truck that receives the most criticism from those who do not own it as not being a truck at all but also the

Following features across all trim levels one engine option is currently available the 3.5 liter v6 that puts out 280 horsepower and 262 pound-feet of torque power makes its way through a nine-speed automatic transmission and ultimately finds its way to the ground via full-time all-wheel drive if you have not researched the ridgeline recently as of the 2021 model

Your front-wheel drive is no longer available as all-wheel drive is standard across all trim levels one thing i do want to encourage you to do is to leave a comment if you want to see honda add a hybrid option for the ridgeline i know a lot of you have been asking for that hopefully we’re going to see that in the future because i believe that will help the ridgeline

To sell more units while many who say the ridgeline is not a truck have an odd tendency to compare it to full-sized trucks such as the chevrolet silverado and ford f-150 which is a very unfair comparison because obviously those are full-size trucks the ridgeline is a mid-sized truck but that one thing that you will not find on the ridgeline that is typical of those

Full-size trucks is your truck like ride quality the smooth ride of the ridgeline comes courtesy of independent rear suspension additionally there is the versatile two-way tailgate which is a plus in many ways not only does the two-way tailgate open in the conventional manner but it also swings open from right to left and for good reason accessing something else

That is unique to this truck the bed trunk is made easier when opening the tailgate in this manner the bed trunk is a true multi-tasker that can be used for storage but also used for tailgating there are partitions available to section off this area for different types of drinks snacks or anything else you want to keep cold at the pre-game party but it doesn’t

Stop there this area may also be used for cleaning off dirty gear at the end of a day of work or hunting or playing out of the mud whatever the case may be one of the best features is the built-in drain plug that makes draining water simple and quick the bed itself is also unique and that it does not have the common large fender wells of most trucks this increases

Cargo space and versatility in bed lighting helps to illuminate things after dark in the bed and in bed speakers are also available by the way if you’re wondering what exactly can this truck tow between 3 500 and 5 000 pounds and payload numbers range between fifteen hundred and nine pounds and fifteen hundred and eighty three pounds and while this truck may not

Be for everyone if you read through the comments section of this video you are sure to see owners singing the praise of their ridgeline and those are the features that make the 2022 honda ridgeline the out of the ordinary practical truck to learn more about the model in today’s video visit the link in the description for a detailed comparison between trims and

Pricing for the vehicle we featured or any vehicle you may be interested in these pages feature information such as our recommended trim level based on price value and features thank you for taking the time to watch today’s video we look forward to seeing you next time

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