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2022 Honda Ridgeline vs 2022 Nissan Frontier HD Comparison and Walkaround | Walser Honda Burnsville

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Watch Adam give an in-depth review and comparison of the 2022 Honda Ridgeline against the 2022 Nissan Frontier.

Adam here with the walzer automotive group and today what we’re doing is comparing a couple of trunks now behind me here we have the 2022 honda ridgeline and on the other side we have the 2022 nissan frontier so what i’d like to do is go through some of the interior stuff as well as some cool stuff on the exterior so let’s get into it with this honda ridgeline

Okay so like i mentioned we’ll start here with the honda ridgeline now this is going to have the 3.5 liter which is going to give you 280 horsepower now the ridgeline is going to come standard with all-wheel drive and it’s going to have a towing capacity of around 5 000 pounds now if we’re looking at the nissan frontier it is going to be a little shy of that but

Where the bridge line is going to really make up some room is with some interior volume as well as a little bit more comfort and style on the exterior depending on what you think now this one is pretty cool in the black edition it’s got the black wheels with these cool off-road tires on here and it’s got a really nice look to it and a great road presence so as

Far as safety is concerned this one is going to have different collision warnings it’s going to have adaptive cruise control as you work through the packages it’s going to have a lot of stuff to keep you and your passenger safe one of the coolest things on the ridgeline though it’s going to be the bet now some people say oh that’s just a pilot or a passport with

A truck bed put into it but that’s one of the best parts about it the comfort of the ride doesn’t really change doesn’t feel much like a pickup compared to some of the other larger or mid-sized trucks on the road so we’ve all seen that regular tailgate folds down but check this out with a little handle down here you can swing the bed open and you have a different

Loading capability that way versus just dropping the gate now one of the other cool things in here is you are going to have a little cooler or an additional storage compartment underneath which also houses your spare tire so there is a drain plug in there too so if you did want to use it as a cooler it’s certainly an awesome option if you’re going up to the cabin

Going camping really cool stuff there but let’s hop inside we’ll take a closer look in there so now inside the honda ridgeline like i mentioned this is the black edition so you’ve got this cool stitching and the seats here it’s got this really nice wood as well as the red kind of perforation in the leather and the stitching looks really cool now there’s a ton of

Different trim levels on the ridge line and for 2022 this one did go through a little bit of a refresh so it’s going to have a little more of a muscular look and a little more of a truck feeling but inside you’ve got all the reliability and comforts you’d expect out of a honda heated seats this one’s got the heated steering wheel which is going to be wrapped in the

Leather you do have the compatibility for apple carplay as well as android auto and this one does have the sunroof which really kind of opens it up in here and you also have a power rear sliding window so if you’re sticking to boards through we just want to open it up enjoy the summer day you certainly can do that now beyond that the shifter in here so you’ve just

Got the drive by wire or the selectable buttons so you’re kind of freeing up some space for the cup holder for the wireless charging and all your usb plugs it does kind of give you a nice for you so driving characteristics of the ridgeline compared to the frontier now like i mentioned with the pilot or the passport this drives more like a car to me and that’s not

A bad thing if you’re looking for a truck maybe you you just need it for the uh run on the weekend to pick up some lumber or like i said you’re going to the cabin but maybe 90 of the time if you’re just looking for something with a little more interior space and a lot of comfort this one might be the better option for you but let’s hop over to the frontier we’ll

Check that one out okay so now looking at the nissan frontier this vehicle had looked the same up until this model year for 17 years so the frontier had a pretty good run now looking at the 2022 this is going to have a 3.8 liter which is going to give you 310 horsepower it’s going to come standard with rear-wheel drive but you can also get the four-wheel drive

System and towing capacity on this it’s going to go all the way up to about 6 700 pounds if you’re looking at the rear wheel drive in the correct configuration now this is the pro 4x we’ve got some cool styling on this one that’s added in this one’s got these little kind of nerf bars or running boards here and this baja metallic look on the exterior gives this

Truck a pretty cool new design based off the previous bottom so you’ve got a little bit more off-road capability where this one’s going to have the rear locking differential if you are going to go out and do some trail running with driving now as far as our truck bed is concerned there is going to be a six foot bed as well but this would be extended interior you

Do have the shorter bed but you do get lot of space in here this one’s got a spray in bed liner and this cool track system which is going to be great for hauling items or setting up different hooks or all sorts of cool stuff that you can use that for now beyond that in the frontier like i mentioned is going to get great towing capacity but where it drives a little

Bit away from the honda ridgeline is it’s going to be a little more truck run that’s going to drive more like a car when you’re on the road this is going to be more of a truck maybe more usable like i mentioned off-roading job site that’s where the frontier is going to be a little bit stronger so let’s hop inside we’ll check this one out okay so inside the frontier

The first thing you notice compared to the ridge line it is a little bit smaller in here so rear passenger seat room is going to be a little bit less when compared to that but this feels more like a truck to me it’s going to drive more like a truck and in this small new redesigned engine has a ton of power and it does have a 9-speed automatic transmission which is

Going to be the same as the honda ridgeline now as far as creature comforts inside you do have heated cloth seats in this package you do have the compatibility for apple carplay as well as android auto and the backup camera in here is really cool now on our steering wheel this one has the red stitching and the red inlay which also goes through the seats with the pro

4x but on the steering wheel you’ve got all your safety controls as well as your different audio controls on there so this package does come with the adaptive cruise control and nissan safety suite which is going to help keep you very safe when you’re on the road now you do have your digital display in the center here which is pretty cool and then our infotainment

Screen like i mentioned easy to use great stuff there and you also do have some audio controls through the steering wheel so you can save things by voice to help you out dual zone climate control and then this one is going to be a little bit more off-road capable like i mentioned so on the side you’ve got your rear diff you’ve got your cargo lamp you’ve got your

Kind of more truck stuff in this vehicle so looking at the two the frontier feels more like a truck where the ridgeline feels more like a larger suv that can also do truck things so it kind of depends on what you’re looking for fuel economy is pretty close this does tow a little bit more but again pretty close and then interior wise you can load them up to get

Pretty much the same features so it really depends on what you’re looking for what style you like but i think both are a great option in the truck market so thanks for watching our overview between these awesome new pickup trucks now if you’d like more information you can visit us online give us a call we’d be happy to help you out thanks again for watching

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2022 Honda Ridgeline vs 2022 Nissan Frontier HD Comparison and Walkaround | Walser Honda Burnsville By Walser Honda