2022 Honda Ridgeline with HPD Package Tagalog Walkaround For Pinoy Car Buyers in Canada

2022 Honda Ridgeline Black Edition with the HPD Package

Hey guys so we’re going to go for a vehicle in aventacono which is young to a vehicle now i simply wanted to show you guys uh you saw any features a page guys in case so what we’re looking at right now is the 2022 honda ridgeline in the hpd package so hpd is your honda performance development i believe it’s called equivalent toyota racing development prd so honda

Is we got the hpd so what we have here is a 2022 honda ridgeline nani lagiano hpd package i just want to show you guys what the hpd package looks like right and and at the same time it doesn’t hundrage nato and again minimum i think this one here is actually going to go inside the showroom right i’ve had people before who were interested in the ridgeline right and

They were asking you know uh you know i did a video on this before already in black edition before so we’re going to do something really quick here so you need to run it for 2022 okay so again this is with the hpd package so under young hpd package you’re going to bring hpd externally on so the hpd package honda performance development package is an extra add-on

The pediment is a kite no rich line all the way from the sport which is the base model to the black edition and it is so you’re gonna get this custom sized front grille so don’t get on classic deal is exclusive it’s hpd package okay you also get it stylized nah bronze color now 18 inch alloy wheels as you can see there hpd on badging yeah so again this is exclusive

On the hpd the trim level okay so aside from that you also get this okay so these are called fender flares so you get fender flares with the hpd package okay so on the normal ridge lines you don’t get that okay and you also get jung hp dina badging and all these decals right so you can see there on the performance development anything yeah and one last thing i’m

Going to mention is they actually included the entire pressure monitor system on these alloy wheels so those are the main extras so guys right this one here is going to be a showroom model because there’s a whole bunch of accessories that you don’t normally get because it’s it’s supposed to give you an idea of what your honda ridge line will look like so first and

Foremost okay so honestly i suggest investing one or two thousand dollars on a tonneau cover because it covers you which helps aerodynamics nagasaki and especially if you’re driving it’s a highway because anything na open ganito right when you’re driving hindi aerodynamic right and you guys have seen me do videos on the ridgelines starting 2019 right um i’m not

Going to retract the imaginable so technically it’s not what many people would consider a traditional truck hindi body on frame right five thousand pounds long structure is based on the honda pilot is based on the honda pilot so very comfortable drive so if you’re looking for space in your spaces in the quran and again one of the nice things with the ridge line is

It opens it opens two both ways so it goes down like this so again it goes to what i said before about the ritual i know it’s very practical hindi young panto offroad right but everyday you know occurrences like for example he works at tim hortons or whatever from one store to the other or boxes and bagels you don’t need around 1500. even locations something like

This is practical right uh other vehicles that fall into this kind of similar size would be young release the hyundai vera i think it’s called santa cruz uh there’s also a ford version which i forgot to paranormal ford so all of these small crossover slash trucks are starting to emerge again in the market right so again a good alternative to considering that is the

Um honda ridge line over here right the tacoma as well tacoma is also in the same category i guess size wise nato so going back to storage or you can open it sideways like that you can open it like this and then if you actually need extra storage you can also open this here so very practical like this is a kind of track around and let’s go in the passenger side

Here so you need to go against the quran so just like all the other a smaller attraction champion legroom will not be big on the rich line so it’s not meant to be a family vehicle in the first place you can have kids here but legroom wise as you can see medjoom is a kip but it has the nice heated seats usb chargers and plugins right so guys this one here is the

Black edition so you can tell it has the red trims the um perforated leather and in this version here pineapple showroom model it so i’m thinking it’s going to be a showroom model again i don’t know all weather mats yeah so again just to give people an idea though the seat also goes up like this so if you remember no i did a video on the hrv the hrv has this nice

Trick too magic seat so the the same thing for the ridge right it does that as well so yeah if you need if you need extra extra space looks like so to bring that down you can just pull it here now on the front the man oh this one as well this one here is aftermarket as well right normally so as you can see there is a honda brand in uh i know but moving on so

Again same features as the black edition as you can see it even says there black edition so black edition being a top of the line three of them around the vehicles it’s just pretty much a touring with extra extra decorations and again you’re getting black now ceilings same thing it has pretty much you know it has remained the same it has been the same since

The 2021 the ridgeline 2020 ridgeline right mainly the things that get changed is your aesthetics yeah right a lot of people based on market research on honda they liked young ridgeline but the main thing that they were saying is they wanted to look more aggressive look more manly so they you know they updated young grill tried to make it look more yeah keyword

Aggressive more off-road-ish it’s got the footwell lighting as well gps navigation backup cameras right there driver’s seat so what’s happening with it’s it’s literally a touring okay now aion one thing i want to point out now with the hpd package right especially the hpd package can be put on any trim level so for example decaying budget or black edition and

Budgeting version based model in a sport hpd package is three thousand five hundred dollars and extra like the current three five then your truck would look like this right nobody will be able to tell you base model because it has the no hpd so overall i think you know hpd package it’s a nice aesthetic right i really like your branch na the wheels yeah um it does

Satisfy you many consumers of a truck looking more aggressive the fender flares help with that the the update in the grill helps with that right and of course extra linear hood deflectors and extra accessory so there i just wanted to give you guys an idea of what the honda ridge line looks like the 2022 honda ridgeline with the hpd package installed okay there you go one last look

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2022 Honda Ridgeline with HPD Package Tagalog Walkaround For Pinoy Car Buyers in Canada By Pinoy Car Talk