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2022 Hyundai Elantra N | Most Underrated Car of the Year?

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The Hyundai Elantra N comes in both manual and an automatic dual clutch transmission. Featured in this video is the manual transmission which puts out 276 horsepower and 289 lb-ft of torque from a 2.0L turbocharged 4-cylinder engine. Is this the most underrated car of 2022?

What is up internet world and welcome back to the channel today i bring you the 2022 hyundai elantra n so come here so 2021 was an awesome year we had so much fun with all the cars we reviewed but there’s two that pop off the scale for me the first one is the blackwing ct5v a ton of power rear-wheel drive good times the second one i’d actually drop my money

On is the veloster n when they launched the eight speed dct you see this thing is available in five different colors two blues a black a white and gray you know elsa’s gray this thing and this thing only happened because you subscribed so we please subscribe that would help us a lot so this is the seventh generation hyundai elantra but who engineered this is it

Someone that would engineer a civic type r no it’s actually a guy that designed bmw’s for years the m bmw for years albert biermann and he put a lot of pieces that’s reminiscent of the m cars so if you’re looking at buying an outgoing honda civic which i might add is about six thousand dollars more expensive you might want to consider this thing so every single

Picture i have seen on this elantra n is shown on a track a full out race course everything everywhere you see in europe and in australia they don’t have this but they have something called the i30n which is essentially this with a hatchback but they have something called track warranty you can drive it on a track and they’ll still cover it under warranty which

Is totally polar opposite to honda so that’s really interesting to know will in north america hyundai step up and give us track warranty on everything they market elantra and 276 horsepower and 289 pound-feet of torque out of a four-cylinder 2-liter turbocharged motor this thing is manual transmission so i stick with 276 horsepower if i got the automatic i

Would have a button on the steering wheel that says n grin and that gives me an extra 10 horsepower to 286 horsepower here’s the deal if you get manual like this you get 5.3 if you’re accelerating to 60. if you get the automatic you get five seconds that’s what it does zero to sixty drive modes you get three of them eco normal and sport we’re not gonna use them

We’re using the end mode when you press the end mode you get this firey flame fire fiery flame english boy manual transmission exhaust opens up the baffles it breathes not my car don’t want to burn the clutch so we’ll just lightly box this thing a little bit of bunny hop i get a shift light people say this thing shifts the shifter is like economy and i don’t

Know what they’re talking about these synchros are perfect the short throws are short enough they’re not long they’re good we get a little backfire there little puppy poppy pop pop pop not a crazy amount a good amount not like some of the crazy bmws of the day really good package really happy with the shifting really happy the steering the steering is really

Good now obviously different driving modes will give you the different steering inputs obviously if you’re in comfort or eco it’s soft very light to use quiet inside but even in the sportiest mode they have which is the end mode it’s not loud and obnoxious from the exhaust standpoint in here it’s not loud it’s a little bit loud but it’s engagingly loud it’s way

More fun to drive than this bmw i4 that we have which is crazy fast this thing is five seconds or 5.3 with this manual but once you’re up and going you’re not noticing the difference between this and the automatic i really like the veloster the dct and that’s what this thing has that you can get same transmission because it’s the exact same powertrain or power

Plant as the veloster but i like the long wheelbase on this thing because it’s not as jumpy not as edgy this thing is like smoother around corners and i wouldn’t say you can power slide this thing but oh i love it it’s light it’s 3 185 pounds which is light in today’s world for what you get everything is four thousand pounds and electric cars are five thousand

Pounds tires are good lots of grip so back to this cluster it shows as high as 360 newton meters of torque which is so cool to see a number it says three 360 newton meters of torque is so cool and this the clarity of this cluster and you can totally customize it like you’ve got customizations as crazy as steering three three modes suspension three modes rev

Matching three modes which i don’t use red matching this button right here you can hit off and on i just like to engage my own clutch with my own throttle you can adjust your lsd which is the most important piece of this car when you go around the corner it’s got an electronic eos elsd when you’re on it it does hook it makes it feel because it transfers part of

The outside wheel it makes it feel that it’s not like losing traction like a lot of the cars that are front wheel drives with power it’s engaging and yes you can adjust the esc the level of it and then of course your exhaust sound which i always leave at the maximum sound they’ve tuned suspension the suspension is tuned it’s electronic controlled and tuned

But also the brakes because they’ve pre-filled the master cylinder so when i’m on the brakes as soon as i’m off the throttle and i’m on the brakes they’re already engaged they’re already pressurized but it’s got an electronic limited slip that helps to hold me together but besides that it’s got an intergrated axle which means they’re not two separate parts it’s

One piece and they’ve saved four and a half pounds or something like that of unspring weight that shows when i’m going around this corner that’s light my steering is light on the brakes great oh my god it’s just so good what a great little track car but it’s not little it fits people in the back look at this front end how scary is it it’s very busy and it

Doesn’t really match they’ve added this black colored thing as opposed to the regular elantra also this design and this design i wish they made the hyundai badge a little bit smaller at least blacked it out and i wish they added an aluminum hood instead of a heavy steel one but it does its job you see when you see it from the front it’s wide it’s low it’s got

These lambo red pieces on the bottom interesting but when you look closely enough you will notice that all this air gets pushed right into this actual functional vent that flows all the way through and back and when you look underneath the car you will see it’s actually created for downforce elantra so the side of the elantra is where it gets interesting let’s

Start with the most important part the brakes you see they’re 14.2 in size but what they actually do is they apply pressure on the brake booster so once you let go of the accelerator the brakes are automatically ready to go and that really helps especially when you’ve got michelin pilot sport 4s’s a standard at this price point yeah they’re 19 standard no matter

What and you buy in the country because they come one way in the u.s you get to have a sunroof or no sunroof in canada they are standard there’s only one way you can buy the car now you get a bunch of tidbits and tin bits which look like they’ve been added on by somebody who just really likes body kits like this like this like this yeah it makes sense because it’s

An economy sort of fast car i guess but for me it just takes it to the level of childish hyundai elantra my favorite part about you is the booty and that is true because you are cut in all kinds of angles every single piece of this back end is cut and sculpted and done very very well the elantra badging is super clean look at all the shapes and the back here is

So so nice the front not my favorite the side body kit kills it for me but the back end is good obviously i’d get rid of the red stripes because i believe anybody in their mid to late 40s isn’t going to buy one of these things with all this red around it it’s for the 20s and with insurance costs nowadays it’s hard it’s so expensive but this is an elantra this is

Hyundai’s second most popular vehicle for sales so i get it i know why they’re doing this isn’t that the best four-cylinder exhaust note you’ve heard in a long long time done by an elantra oh my god that’s so funny look at the back on the bottom here you’ve got deep valences it is a good looking backhand this to me is why this car will sell in my opinion it is

Not a fastback it is strictly just a trunk type design and when you press this button which is super clean it opens up and that button is just below the rear camera that’s integrated so nicely and the badge is a little bit smaller than the front i think you should make it smaller hyundai or at least make it black so if you want to put something in this trunk that

Is wide and long and need to put the seats down well you have that brace in the way now the seats don’t fall down 60 40 there’s fold down as one simply by pulling this or this it’s simply just one piece not two but if you want to put something in you’ve got four screws to remove and that does come out which is nice to know another interesting part they’ve done is

They’ve actually have two little clips here that hold this rear carpet in you see most cars this class it rolls over and this back carpet becomes sort of a mess but not with this one i like that does it look like i’m a bat back seat of the elantra look how the seats fold down they’re a one piece and they don’t have a pass through it’s just a full panel that flows

Up and down now the back of these seats actually remind me the audi s4 or some a4 s line trims that has alcantara or suede and leather in the middle nice quality this way there’s a lot of blue stitching around which is odd because there’s red everywhere in the car i would expect this to have red stitching another thing i noticed is this headroom isn’t the best i’m

Five i’ve set it five eight five eight and a half five nine somewhere in between depending on the shoes i’m wearing and how i like to stretch my back out and my head hits which is really strange you’d expect this to have more headroom for something this size there’s absolutely no features back here like nothing there’s no vents there’s no usbs there’s just window

Controls that’s it even the lighting back here is like amber not even led so checking the box is just to fit three people back here i must take friends i must fit kids i must have a car that’s fun front seats front seat of the hyundai elantra n bmw is that you because look at these lights on the seats all the blue everywhere blue blue blue blue we do have

Scuff plates that say n on them as soon as you get in you have aluminum pedals you’ve got n on the shifter and on the steering wheel that is the part that wakes you up and feels alive that is why somebody will buy this car they don’t care about the back seats same with the volkswagen gli it’s got absolutely nothing in the back seats they suck the gti had better

Quality but this is a gli size you see four doors four full doors the seats are better in this than the gli it just feels more sporty more engaging even the door handles they’re not gray they’re not silver they’re definitely not chrome they have this titanium look to them they even have that on the tweeters above them and there’s eight speakers supplied by both

If you must know they also have these three stripes on the alcantara on the door panel now what’s really exciting is how this overall cockpit looks you see the veloster was terrible it was just old-fashioned inside inside here is modern it’s uplifting it’s bright it’s very sporty it just doesn’t care about people in the back you see there’s two usbs down here

And they’re only for the driver and the passenger there’s a wireless charger down there which is nice to have it doesn’t seem to have wireless android auto or apple carplay it does have wired because when i press the phone projection button it asks me to plug in through a usb cable but that doesn’t really matter because i have this cool end mode on the 10.2 inch

Screen that gives me so much depth into enjoying my car it does have usual safety features like blind spot indicator it does have keep you in your lane and lane centering it doesn’t have adaptive cruise control though but again this is a driver’s car but it does have is pretty straightforward buttons like map nav radio media it does have hard buttons that you can

Turn just easy to use not everything is digital it does have a rear camera button because it does not have 360. it does have different driving modes down here which one would never use you just use these end buttons on the steering wheel it does have a really cool baffling system that when you press for the exhaust it goes crazy loud and then when you hit it again

It’s nice and quiet and to those that forgot what this is this is a handbrake end mode and look at the data it gives you the throttle the oil temperature engine temperature your revving your lap timer how much you press the brake like look at that that’s awesome sweet a different circuit when i hit that button you can choose between different circuits different

Laps which is awesome to have on something like this when i swipe over it gets better i can adjust all these different settings different custom settings the steering suspension rev matching the electronic lsd stability program and of course my favorite the exhaust sound tied with the lsd these two are my favorite that guy is obviously important that guy couldn’t

Care about steering yes sort of but i can figure it all out but that guy without an lsd on a car like this this car is useless thank you hyundai and then you have a launch control button that you can simply hit and activate and you can see some history in terms of a g-force meter it is an active real-time g-force meter that saves some of the old data you have and

Then of course you can choose more technical options like launch control when do you want to set launch control up and then a shift flight you have a shift light that blinks at you when you hit a different rpm gauge that you set and then of course your little fakie sound on how much change you’d like to have and then depending on what mode you’re in you can choose

Different settings like tcr which emulates the tcr race car from hyundai but moving down to the shifter there is more blue and more n along with a little handle you have to pull up to go into reverse below that you do have two cup holders that have this little plastic thing so you can fit something a bit smaller and a lot of just shiny gloss black it’s just fairly

Economy including this grab handle that’s sort of really flexible but who cares about that it’s all about the drive hyundai man you’ve done a good job very reminiscent of my integra type r very reminiscent a little bit longer wheelbase this car is bigger than i expected when i saw it i thought i was like man this is a pretty big sedan how well can it actually

Handle but with the strut brace in the back and this limited slip on the front and just really good tuned suspension that has different levels it’s electronically controlled it’s not just one suspension it’s electronically controlled so you have different like dampening settings damping settings i keep saying dampening but it’s just so engaging and all these

Electric cars we have as cool as they are and as like you know easy as they are to drive and all the settings and the driving itself and the softness of it and the cool sculpting designs that they have a just missing soul and front wheel drive soul is just different it’s like you have to work the car to move and if you want to see me smile just watch the video

On repeat all the time because this thing is awesome to drive love it so i said i wasn’t a huge fan of all the red around this car but hey beauty is in the eye of the beholder because my son back there yeah i love it he loves it so because of that i will say that my opinion probably doesn’t matter much my opinion matters when it comes to the driving the feel of

It the six speed the engagement of the car and that is spot on at the price point cannot beat it so with that said i hope you guys subscribe because we need all the people we can get because you only will get cars if we have your support so please please please subscribe no begging here unless of course you want to buy our merch that’s a whole different story so

The next video we have is this against the kona n which are very very similar same cars almost more end stuff looking forward to it so we’ll see you guys in the next one

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