2022 Hyundai Kona N: Start Up, Launch Control, Exhaust, Test Drive and POV

👋 In todays review we check out the 2022 Hyundai Kona N! This is a mini compact SUV that has hit the market and for the price really offers a lot! The exterior has a great hatchback design to it with a modern look and this model is the top of the line for the Hyundai Kona! It gives you a sporty drive with tons of technology geared towards that like launch control and various settings for the suspension, transmission, differential and more! The interior is nice with the two tone and the N logo just under the front seat headrests! This particular 2022 Hyundai Kona N starts at $35K dollars and there are really no options to go with because everything comes as you see it on this model! Great package for the money if you are looking for a small vehicle, but don’t necessarily want a sedan, it’s a perfect blend! The driving experience is what you would expect for an SUV, it rides smooth and handles well for this type of driving. We did have the 2022 Hyundai Veloster N out on mountain roads and it handled and drove incredible for another economy type vehicle, so I would assume this would be very similar! Now this is not a sportscar in anyway, but it’s nice to see the sporty characteristics on an economy vehicle that you wouldn’t normally see! The 2022 Hyundai Kona N is more of a city vehicle being an economy vehicle as well, so it’s perfect for those situations, parallel parking and situations like that! I did take this on a quick road trip and it’s not comfortable after about 1 hour of driving and it’s very small for cargo! So if you don’t have much to move around it’s great! But it is very small on the interior! The back seats do have a good amount of space for people and it’s nice to have the full 4 doors vs the 3 doors on the Veloster! Overall the 2022 Hyundai Kona N is an affordable brand new vehicle with good tech for the money, great gas mileage, and will get you where you need to go!

Hey everyone and welcome back to the channel so behind me is the 2022 hyundai kona n finished off in racing red and they have a starting msrp just over thirty five thousand dollars and to start off today’s review let’s look at what powers this kona n underneath the hood is the two liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine paired to the eight-speed dual clutch automatic

Transmission it pumps out 276 horsepower around 6000 rpm and 288 pound-feet of torque as low as 1600 rpm that power sent to the front wheels this weighs in right around 3 300 pounds it’ll do zero to 60 in five and a half seconds up to its top speed of 149 miles an hour and it has a fuel capacity of 13.2 gallons you’ll expect the fuel economy to be 20 miles per

Gallon in the city and 27 out on the highway this has a wheelbase of 102.4 inches its overall length is 165.9 it has a width of 70.9 and a height of 61 inches as we move on to the exterior styling now for this kona n let’s start off with all the gloss black trim pieces for this front end design as you can tell the entire upper grille and lower grille and even the

Trim pieces on both sides are all finished off in gloss black which is a really nice contrast especially against this racing red the hyundai batch is front and center and there’s a really neat pattern throughout this mesh plenty of cutouts provide maximum cooling to this engine there are some fake trim pieces on the top section of the bumper but they do give it a

More of a sporty look as well as the lines that come down both sides of that hood and this also has led headlights drls and turn signals and what’s unique about this kona n is the drls and the turn signals are actually the upper housing the lower housing is the high beams and the headlights so it’s really cool to see that split design keeps those headlights nicely

Incorporated down in the lower section but obviously they are still functional and then also underneath the housings for the headlights there’s a functional air inlet to provide even more aerodynamics for this sporty smaller size suv and then as we move on to the side profile this has a really nice set of 19-inch wheels they measure eight and a half inches wide

All around have a really nice two-tone design as well as a multi-spoke pattern the front calipers are finished off in red too just to match nicely and this has rotors up front that measure just over 15 inches and just over 12 inches in the rear the side mirrors are finished off in gloss black they also have the integrated turn signal all the window trim is black

As well as the trim piece in the lower section of the side skirt and n is also stamped in the back section nice easter egg to see for the end model of course and this is more of a compact suv but it has that hot hatch style to it really nice proportional design clean lines running down the side the fender flares also bulge out just a little bit to give it more

Of that sporty appearance and in the rear this has a gloss black spoiler with some cutouts to provide even more airflow the third brake light is right in the middle and this has the same split style design as it did up front so the brake lights are up in the top section and down in the lower section is the reverse lights as well as the turn signal this does have a

Backup camera more gloss black trim in the lower section and then the dual exhaust on both sides with some fins right in the middle to give it more of that sporty appearance so with the exterior wrapped up let’s move on to the cargo there’s no button on the key fob so you do have the button underneath that you can use of course and with that opened up really nice

Flat surface for a lot of items that you can place back here it is a little bit on the small side but it is still usable as well this does have a tire kit that is velcroed on the floor and then up underneath this does have a little bit of storage space that you can utilize and then when you remove this you could put a spare tire down there or use this for extra

Storage so it’s nice to have that amount of room for how small this vehicle is this does have a cover that you can remove so when you take that out and then fold down those back seats it gives you a lot more interior storage and then there’s one grab handle over on this right side very light liftgate so it makes it easy to close and now let’s work our way to the

Back seats and with this door panel open for an economy vehicle like this has a really nice design there’s matte black surrounding the window trim it’s on the release handle there is plastic in the upper section with a cool pattern running throughout it one of the eight speakers is in the lower section as well as a little bit of storage and then moving on to these

Seats they do have a two-tone design with blue leather there’s leather and suede running down the inserts so it gives it a really cool design and at five foot ten i can work my way into these back seats where i have the front seat set at my height i have plenty of room for my feet and my legs and about two or three inches above my head so for the size of this

Vehicle it has usable back seats which is great to see there could be three people in the back seat and then this has an armrest along with two cupholders we can take a look at the visibility for your rear seat passengers plenty of glass to provide a lot of light right in the middle there is one usb as well as a little bit of storage space so you could place

Your phone here and have it charging which is great to see and before we work our way to the front seats this does have remote start and then all i need to do is lock the vehicle and hold this button on the lower section of the key fob and it will fire right up like i said that’s awesome to have for this if i hold on it we can turn that off if needed and then

Just by using the key fob i can unlock it of course you can lock and unlock the vehicle using that driver door handle the door panel is very similar to the rear with the addition of all of the window control side mirror adjustments more of that matte black this has the harman kardon sound system which is not an option so it comes on the end model there’s a lot

More storage space down in the lower section and then we have the same design for the seats with the addition of n right in the middle more two-tone design great lateral support and these are automatic seats for the driver’s side manual for the passenger side and just like the rear seats it is easy to enter and exit this is a low vehicle plenty of opening for that

Door and a good position for that grab handle and moving on to the steering wheel it has a combination of solid and perforated leather with a lot of hand controls which we’ll get to here but let’s fire this up with my foot on the brake that button is over on this right side we can bring this kona end to life and then coming back to this digital gauge cluster

On the left side is the miles per hour as well as the fuel gauge on the right side is the attack in the engine temperature and then right in the middle there’s a lot more info to go through using these buttons on the right side of the steering wheel where you’ll also notice there’s cruise control as well as the steering assist there’s a plus and minus as well as

This okay dial and being able to go through all this info so currently it’s showing miles per hour if i scroll down there’s a lot more vitals to go through just so you can have that front and center pushing on the pages button we can pull up the compass as well as tpms you can also monitor your forward collision as well as your cruise control and then this next

One here is for the attention warning system if you’ve been driving this vehicle for a long period of time it will actually tell you when it’s time to pull over and take a break if you need one and you can monitor some other vitals as well as the turbo and the torque pull up a lap timer and the g-force meter too so it’s nice to have all that available also over on

This right side is an end button there’s also one on the left side so if i push on this the exhaust note will automatically get louder and the entire gauge cluster will change showing the tack front and center as well as what gear you’re in and some vitals on the left and the right and you can also configure the engine the steering the suspension and a few other

Settings which i’ll show in that center screen and you have two different buttons in order to do that so the one on the left is basically the n1 the one on the right will be your custom two setting so this will technically be custom one as well and then the red button down below is ngs basically this is the push to pass which i’ll show once we get this out on the

Road this also has steering wheel mounted paddle shifters which have a good size to them finished off in a nice dark trim over on this left side is bluetooth and voice commands as well as volume there’s also a favorites button too that you can customize and set up and then over on the left side there’s a downhill assist control as well as a dimmer switch for the

Gauges there’s one air vent with some nice black trim around it and then working your way back to the center this is the 10 inch touch screen system a lot of information to go through there’s even physical buttons on the lower section so that way you can quickly get to all this information we have the map as well as the navigation so you can see that in full screen

There’s the favorites button which i mentioned is also on the steering wheel and currently this favorite is set up for the end modes here so like i mentioned earlier you can go through the transmission the exhaust we have traction control as well as the limited slip differential in the engine this even has launch control which we’ll do later you can see the g-force

Meter so it’s really nice to see how quickly you can get to that if that’s something you’re going to use a lot the one on the right side is for your setup so you can go through this general information you can pull up the media and the radio power and volume for the radio is on this left side tuning is also on the right side and as i mentioned this is a touch screen

System there are a lot of different icons here that you can go through as well as having the calm screen if you don’t want to see any of those icons there are two air vents just underneath that and then all the climate controls are nicely laid out if i just turn on the fan speed which is on that passenger side you can see that adjust temperature is on this left side

With auto right in the middle there’s some research underneath that as well as the front and rear defroster and where you’d like the air to go and then you can easily shut that off in the lower section there is a wireless charging pad there’s also a 12 volt on one side along with a usb there’s another usb and then moving on to the shifter it has perforated leather

As well as the end logo on the front the release is also located in the front and by putting this into reverse it has really nice graphics for that backup camera and it will also have a split style so if you do have the navigation or something running you can still see that as well as having that backup camera and just by pushing on this there’s a few different

Angles a top down view as well just to give you some better visibility and of course you can go into some other settings as needed and going back into drive we can pop it over into the manual setting which allows you to use the shifter or the steering wheel mounted paddles we can quickly go back into park on this left side is the different driving modes so as well

As being able to put it in the end mode i can twist down that dial where there’s eco normal sport and snow and the digital gauge cluster will also change just depending on the mode that you’re in so it’s great to see all those different modes this even has heated seats so those controls are on both sides as well as traction control there are two cupholders in the

Middle as well as the manual parking brake and a little bit of storage space in that center console the glove box also has a good amount of room for all the information that needs to go there we’ll take one last look at these seats which have a really nice design to them and then up top this does have a sunglass holder which is really convenient as well as the

Dome lights on both sides all right so as we get this 2022 hyundai kona n out on the road let’s start off with launch control which i haven’t done just yet but it’s pretty cool to see that for a small compact vehicle like this we have launch control so i think you have to put it into the custom setting here and then over on the screen we have launch control if i

Activate that it says it lasts for five minutes so as you would do in any other vehicle i’m going to keep my foot on the brake mash the gas we’ll see if it tells me to take my foot off the brake and i will go from there not exactly launch control uh we got the rpm up to about 2500 that might be adjustable within that system there but we did spin a little bit

In first gear it’s not a crazy fast vehicle but obviously that’s not really what it’s designed for but it does have some performance being the end model so it’s definitely an interesting vehicle i’ve had it for a few days and i took a quick trip with it and you can tell that this is an economy vehicle and i don’t mean that in a bad way it’s the design and what it’s

Built for i wouldn’t really say that it is a good highway cruiser but it’s nice if you are driving in the city you have some back roads or something like that that you’re on and for that trip there were two of us in here we had the back seats folded down it was a little bit on the tight side but we made it work so there’s not a whole lot of space if you don’t have

A lot of items that you’re moving around or any big items in general this could work for you especially if it’s your only vehicle maybe you have a small family you could definitely make it work now if you have a larger family it’s not going to work as easily but it’s a cool little car it gets a really good amount of gas mileage too i’ve been averaging around 27

28 there’s also pops in this exhaust too so pedal to the floor there you can feel some of the torque steer in that steering wheel especially going around a turn like that which is of course obvious for front wheel drive it’s not going to have the same performance characteristics as rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive but again this is an economy vehicle one thing

About this vehicle too is it’s a little bit on the loud side not bad but you can hear the wind noise a little bit more uh not as much tire noise which is interesting traffic is pretty quiet too but out on the highway there’s a little bit more wind noise but i could definitely see this being a great daily driver because of how economical it is you can’t fit five

People in here if you really needed to the backseat has plenty of room for me and for the handling that i can test today i mean it feels pretty solid and so switching over to the pov angle i think i have launch control figured out traction control is down below if you hold on that for around three or four seconds it will shut everything completely off and now

That we do have it in the end mode here as well pushing on the button there we have launch control activated let’s give it another go i am not sure if that worked entirely but we spun a little bit more in first and second but i do have everything completely off and i think that is everything correct we have launch control activated i just shut it back off so

I’m not entirely sure if that was launch control or not but i’ve done it a few times and that’s the best result that i’ve had but now that we are behind the wheel you can see what it’s like from this angle in the kona end it’s a really cool smaller compact size suv and i do believe that the veloster end is being discontinued when we had that for a week we got a

Lot of comments about people saying how that was going to be replaced with this kona n not sure why the veloster will be discontinued if you have any thoughts let me know down below but with this kona n we get a little bit bigger of a vehicle we have four doors instead of the three doors and maybe the three doors on the veloster is something that maybe hurt sales

I don’t know but with the four doors i to me it makes it a lot more practical and easy to fit in those back seats quick visibility over that right shoulder and over the left shoulder the pillar in the back is pretty bulky with the hot hatch design that this has over that right shoulder it’s a bit bulky but visibility is still good because there are two windows we

Have the normal window that rolls up and down as well as the small one just behind it and then with your side mirror you can easily see all around really good graphics for that backup camera too we’ll pop it back into the manual setting there i’ve pretty much been driving in sport mode as well as using these buttons because it is very fun to drive like that and

With a small full throttle acceleration you can feel some of that uh torque steer not a whole lot it doesn’t have too much horsepower where it can’t be manageable and i also wanted to talk about the ngs which is basically the push to pass so i’ve used this out on the highway basically if you have it in the normal automatic setting here you can push on this the rpm

Is going to jump basically to as high as it can go almost redlining it and it’s going to downshift probably two gears maybe three to give you enough power to pass someone out on the highway or if you’re on a back road something like that so i don’t know if it’ll work at 40 miles an hour but if i push on it you will see that and there’s also a shift light too that

Counts down from just under 20 seconds there so it gives you that amount of time to do it you can pause it just by pushing on that button and if you push on it again it will basically resume but if you need some additional power and you need to downshift very very quickly it will do that for you out on the highway now it will not work if you have the vehicle over in

The manual setting so if i try to push on it it is not met there are no conditions met in order to do that so you do have to pop it over into the normal setting here but it’s a comfortable vehicle it does bounce a little bit over some of the bumps especially when you have everything set up in the sport mode settings but we’re gonna take these two last two turns

For today just to check the handling as much as i can today but if you want to see us take the veloster end on some mountain roads that video will be down in the description below and at a normal rate of speed for what i can do today it handles well for front wheel drive but that’s gonna wrap it up for this 2022 hyundai kona m if you enjoyed today’s video give it

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