2022 Hyundai Kona N with Full N Performance Parts, reviewed by Veloster N DCT owner – Part 3

Meet 2022 Hyundai Kona N, it’s finally out and I’ve reviewed & test driven the beast!

So this has fully loaded n performance parts on the kona n. the same thing, as just like my veloster, it has everything. let’s get started off with the forged wheel that we just saw both front, with 235/40/19 tires square set-up all around. other than the double hump that we see on other kona n’s. so if you see over there, there is actually a hump right there with a

Double hump spoiler. but there is another carbon spoiler on top, just like that. and of course, there are the same thing, symmetrical left and right. unlike my veloster n, there seemed to be no front lip or rear diffuser in carbon. i actually want to find out all the differences before me reading the answer right there. let’s hop in inside and the try to find out the

Difference. and i can see mediately that it has alcantara steering wheel. i don’t need to mention about the differences with the ngs button here. of course, alcantara package, you also get this alcantara shift knob. i’m a little curious as to why kona n doesn’t have the n light bucket seats. but again that’s probably because kona n being a cuv, that has the distinctive

Difference in purpose when people choose kona n over veloster n. and not that much of a difference with full n performance parts on this kona n. however, there are something different under the hood, so obviously, if you take that off, there is the amount is right here. that’s where the suspension is sitting right there, like that. so, just like how i have done it on

My veloster n, you can connect these two strut towers and using the strut bar for increase rigidness but, because their body chassis alone is really stiff and rigid. and last thing, a little bit of a shame that they actually left this all closed because i really had the high hopes for kona n to have all these outlets cut open. but then again, there is a plenty of space in

Front of the radiator grille it’s not going to lead into much of the inner space and also if that cut is made, there could be a disturbance between all these holes up and down. the second time we see a black hyundai emblem after tucson. and these patterns, we’ve seen this before somewhere else and that actually reminds me of the rear tail lights of veloster n. so, having

These designs connected together like that, just look at it. i can stick like, literally my entire hand in here. and that means that’s how much a cooling this car requires and also shows how track and performance-oriented this kona n is. i wonder if that’s going to be the same case in north america and whatnot. alright, that was kona n performance parts fully installed.

Or if you just prefer to have a regular kona with a beautiful color, just the regular one pot that is good enough for you and what not. but again, as i have been crying about throughout today’s video, this gravity gold matte on kona n, it looks amazing. and also that’s actually the size of the pad inside. that have the silver cutting on the face of the rims right there.

Same design, but looks quite different depending on the finish. for those of you guys, you can pause the video and read that out. and i could definitely feel that it’s much lighter. and right here, it’s marked at 10.26 kilos, actually forged vs. cast. i can’t go through all about the differences between the two but, just simply put forged wheel is more superior, is

Better in every single way. that hyundai has developed with this brand right here called wiawis. and yes, i am actually taking my answer. i got everything right.

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2022 Hyundai Kona N with Full N Performance Parts, reviewed by Veloster N DCT owner – Part 3 By CarSceneKorea