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2022 Hyundai Nexo: What The Heck Is This Car?

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Today I review a 2022 Hyundai Nexo! #hyundai #hyundainexo #hyundaisuv

Hey everyone it’s ben hardy here and in today’s video we’ll be going over the all new hyundai nexo with that being said let’s get right into it let’s go over the hyundai nexo didn’t even know this car existed so first off this is a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle so basically how this works is you have the hydrogen fuel cell and that’s kind of like what you use to fuel

The car which then powers electric battery packs and so this drives like an ev because it has like similar setup to an ev except the difference between this and ev is an ev is gonna be powered via you charging into the wall whereas this you’re gonna fill it up right hopefully that makes sense anyways power outputs on this are 161 horsepower and then 291 pound-feet

Of torque and then we have a driving range of 380 miles this is the only hydrogen fuel cell suv for sale it’s front-wheel drive it’s only for sale in california and it’s only competitors the toyota mirai technically because that’s hydrogen fuel sells well but it’s not that’s not an suv so this really doesn’t have any competition and it’s pretty expensive it’s

Like sixty thousand dollars uh for the price now you guys saw the elements there on the front and then here to the side still have hyundai’s crazy uh styling here and you guys can see the stylized fender flares and uh notice how you’ve got the badging to let everyone know what you’re driving and um you know in these uh walker interviews i use usually talk about

The elements but while i’m showing you guys the elements i want to kind of talk about the hydrogen fuel cell technology and kind of where i see this going because uh it’s definitely had a lot of issues in terms of becoming popular so again like i said this is literally the only hydrogen fuel cell suv for sale period it’s front wheel drive and you can only buy

In california markets the first thing that is going against these vehicles is just availability with fueling stations there’s not that many fueling stations for uh hydrogen powered cars and so that’s definitely a big difficulty and then the other difficulty is the cost so if you take a an suv that is similar to this in terms of specs that’s a gas powered car it’s

Like half the price and so it’s this isn’t something that you buy because you’re trying to save money um you’re paying for the technology and so that’s kind of that’s kind of a difficult thing because at least with some electric cars now uh you can have kind of like a value proposition where you can say hey you know over if you drive it this many miles you know

Compared to a gas car then you will end up potentially saving this amount of money and then i want to show you guys um right here a couple other hyundai so you can kind of see size comparison uh with it that’s a tucson i believe and so you can kind of see the size and also door handles on it are funky uh similar like the range rover vlar and then you guys will see

Especially here in the interior in terms of like the quality i’m not saying it’s bad interior but like again uh it’s it’s nice but it’s not like sixty thousand dollars nice like i when i saw the price of this after filming this video i was shocked completely shocked um but yeah so again fueling availability is an issue with these hydrogen powered cars and cost

Is an issue with these hydrogen powered cars as well and so that’s definitely making it difficult for mainstream adoption however i do see a potential long-term benefit so if we can obviously improve technology over time to make these cars less expensive then hydrogen fuel cell cars could actually help with the adoption of evs believe it or not so here’s here’s

What i you know potentially see maybe maybe i need to make like a ben hardy car company because of this just kidding not that smart um but here’s what i could see working out really well is uh producing a hydrogen fuel cell car that is also a regular plug-in uh ev so you can basically similar to like a hybrid uh car right now right like plug-in hybrids where it’s

Gas powered but then it also has the plug-in hybrid aspect so you can technically drive with only using battery packs if you charge it at home and all that kind of stuff they could do the same thing with the hydrogen fuel cell cars i think so what they could do is again you can fill it up with the regular fuel right and that could charge the battery or you have

The port make it again you know plug-in where you can charge it at home and so then what it would do is it would obviously allow for a similar effect to what you have with plug-in hybrids where if someone just is doing their regular daily commute that’s not that long then what they can do is just you know plug it in at home and they drive the you know 10 20 miles

Uh you know every single day to work into the grocery store and all that kind of stuff and they just plug it in and that’s it but then when they want to go on a road trip you know like again this has 380 miles of range and you can fill it up then they can use the hydrogen fuel cell uh part of it so i don’t know i think that that would you know help with adoption

Of evs because that would kind of you know again it would make it more practical and that would also be a move away from uh using uh gasoline right but the big problem with that is again you’d have a need you need to like already fundamentally do a bunch of infrastructure changes to uh build charging ports and then you’d have to do more infrastructure changes to

Build hydrogen fuel cell gas stations and so i don’t know if it would be worth it from a cost perspective like all the money and time that goes into like restructuring everything away from gas stations you might end up like hurting the environment even more by that point so uh i don’t know crazy out there idea let me know what you guys think on that and i guess

We’ll finish the uh because it’s almost done at this point it’s a pretty interesting you guys can see with the uh frames here it’s a pretty interesting vehicle overall like i thought this was where the cup holder on the side i’m like what it’s it’s got some interesting elements uh throughout the car but i mean it’s you know if you’ve been in like a 30 40 000

Hyundai that’s what the nexo is again if you are looking to buy this you’re buying it for the technology that’s really what you’re paying for so let’s set off here in this 2021 land cruiser and the last land cruiser i drove was actually a fully armored land cursor so uh it’s kind of a big difference right go into this and it’ll be interesting to see how this

Drives with the icon suspension and everything first off it’s so smooth incredibly smooth also the seats are very comfortable and the bolstering on them is pretty open so like you could be very very large and still fit in these seats comfortably which is a big plus and oh that v8 sounds great so it’s got a k n air intake and i mean you can listen to this thing

Oh that sounds beautiful man just with a few tasteful mods you can turn the landcruiser into such a fun vehicle we’re gonna kind of uh we don’t have anyone behind us don’t worry ah and the eight speed’s so smooth uh and i can comment that this uh icon suspension’s great so land cruiser does kind of have a little bit of a floaty feeling similar to like a jeep

Wrangler for example but this thing drives amazing it’s super smooth yeah the end the engine transmission is fantastic steering too it has a nice weighted feeling to it actually i’m going to take one more loop with this so we can kind of get a little bit more i am super impressed with this though

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2022 Hyundai Nexo: What The Heck Is This Car? By Ben Hardy