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2022 Hyundai Palisade Elite 8S Review | The All-Wheel Drive Seven-Seater Elite |

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It’s only been on sale in australia since around 2020 but hyundai’s palisade this is their biggest large suv it’s at the receiving end of quite a major midlife facelift and there are quite a few changes across the board there are good safety credentials in this palisade is now a five-star end cap car and there are also minor and major changes across the board and

I want to run you through all of those changes and everything you need to know about this palisade in this video today what it’s like to drive what the power trains are like and the interior this is a big car you can have it as a seven seater or an eight seater and you might be surprised exactly how much you can fit into this palisade it’s a large suv in the true

Sense of the word it’s full of couples it’s full of power outlets and it’s just got a lot of space inside and i want to run you through all of that plus more so let’s get stuck into it this hyundai palisade elite with the 2.2 litre diesel powertrain is priced from nine thousand nine hundred dollars before on road costs that is a thirty seven hundred dollar jump in

Asking price over the pre face lifted model elite specification sits ten thousand dollars below the top spec highlander which is the only other grade in the range while buyers also have the option of going for a front-wheel drive petrol powertrain and that brings a four thousand dollar saving elite specification picks up a larger infotainment display and digital

Instrument cluster both of those being 12.3 inches in size there’s also leather appointed seats three zone climate control a 12 speaker sound system and a new 5 star end cap safety rating our diesel engine makes 147 kilowatts and 440 newton meters running through an 8-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive fuel consumption is claimed at 7.3 liters per

Hundred ks on the combined cycle but we saw around the mid-8s during our time with the car if you’re worried about keeping up appearances this palisade is probably a good option you cannot miss this thing in traffic it’s got a lot of presence about it both in terms of the size of the car and also the design the design has changed with this facelifted model you

Can pretty easily pick it in comparison to the older palisades which they sold from around 2020 up until well just a couple of months ago you’ve got a different design on the front here and this elite specification has the more blacked out style grille and that is a little bit of a fashionable thing these days if you spend up and get the highlander specification

You’re actually getting what they call shadow chrome it’s a little bit shinier but it’s not the full on chrome experience but i think a lot of people will probably prefer the old blacked out elite here which is a little bit cheaper you’ve got a few other things going on here this is the big led daytime running light that runs in almost like a boomerang shape from

Here all the way up to just underneath the bonnet and this is your headlight array here that’s a vertical stack which you’re seeing a little bit more of these days in a lot of car designs leds in this elite spec i’m probably going to say this a few times in the review but even though this is a base model it’s got a lot of stuff and if you’re wondering where the

Indicators are they are hidden here they’re kind of blacked out a little bit as well but they turn on when you’re going around your corners and moving down to the side here 20 inch wheels once again base specification model they look pretty spiffy that wheel design does change when you step up to the highest specification model now we’ve got some more indicator

Repeaters here on the side mirrors that is a new change for this updated model and you’ve still got a lot more stuff going on here the chrome bezel right around the windows here that continues down to that window at the back also roof rails this definitely does not feel like a base spec model you have to remember there are only two specs in the palisade range but

Of course i think the presence is all about the way this car looks overall it’s a bit more suv like a bit more squared off and truck like in its design now that pays a lot of dividends on the inside i think in terms of seating space headroom and comfort we’ll get to all that a little bit later in this review but i think part of the appeal for this palisade is i

See them driving around town it’s just that the presence they have this isn’t swooping this isn’t trying to pretend to be a sports car or a coupe hey this is a big fairly bold take on a large suv and i think they’ve done a great job this is technically a entry level palisade we have here with the more expensive 2.2 liter all-wheel drive diesel powertrain you can

Spend up into the highlander specification but even though this is technically entry level you can see it is set up to a fairly high level overall we’ve got leather appointed seats here this is not the napa leather that you get in the highlander specification they still look great they’re comfortable you’ve got some fancy piping a few perforations and that sort

Of thing so you’re not missing out too much there in that regard i think you don’t get the ventilation that you do get in the highlander but you do get seat heating now in this update you do get a bit of a redesign of the dashboard here you’ve got the very fashionable full length air vent across the front there a bit of a different look here for the dash i do

Like the materials and the fit out there’s a few soft touch things around the place and i do like the fact that hyundai have not gone for the full piano black treatment here they’ve gone for this textured material it’s a fairly basic plastic material here but it’s hard wearing it looks to be hard-wearing anyway it feels well made and it does the job and it’s just a

Little bit different to the usual piano black that shows up all the dust all the smudges and that sort of thing all the time big infotainment display here that’s a new thing for this palisade it’s the same as the highlander so you’re not missing out in that regard you’ve got apple carplay android auto digital radio navigation all that sort of thing and there’s an

Operating system that is common to a lot of hyundai and kia vehicles it works well it’s easy to get around and it is helped by the fact that you do have a list of buttons down the bottom here along with a couple of dials as well i’ll open this bad boy up it’s a lidded compartment i do like this space here because you’ve got two cup holders that is a handy thing

To have but you can also twist them away and then you’ve just got a big space here for storing stuff if you don’t have cups and you just need to fit something big in there you can throw your phone in there on the wireless charging pad and there’s a single usb point in there that’s the one that operates the android auto and the apple carplay so you’ll probably

Have your phone plugged in there more often than not and you’ve also got room down below here really like this as well huge storage space underneath the gear shifter effectively there’s a couple of power outlets down there but that’s a big enough spot to fit in something like a decent sized handbag or something like that something quite bulky it’s out of the way

There’s a little bit of a lick there as well so it’s not going to fly out i do like that and the center console as well once again you’re getting the theme of what i’m going on about here this is big also you’ve got a little thing there to throw some extra small bits in more power outlets more storage this thing will just soak up all of that stuff that you tend

To carry around with you all the time i find personally i just tend to carry more stuff and make a little bit more mess when i’ve got so much storage space but i would prefer to have it than not have it there’s no sunglasses holder up in the top here but you do have something else that is pretty cool especially if your kids are little rat bags you can keep an eye

On what’s going on here with this nice convex mirror to see who’s up to what in the back there this updated palisade does get a new steering wheel design over the old model i see a little bit of a genesis sort of thing going on here it looks a bit different to most other steering wheels it’s definitely not derivative which i do appreciate and you also get a nice

Digital instrument cluster in this palisade as well that’s the same as the highlander so once again you’re not missing out so much on this elite it is quite a high grade for an entry level model there is only two in the range don’t forget that works well you don’t have the extra blind spot cameras that the highlander does have in this case and that shows up on the

Digital cluster here but you do have a few different modes you can go through plus a digital speed readout and because we’ve got the all-wheel drive powertrain here it’s worth showing you this dial because you might use it a little bit more than when you’ve got the two-wheel drive so around town that sort of thing you can switch the dial around you’ve got comfort

Eco sport and smart i don’t mind smart actually because that works well if you’re just coasting along it effectively puts it into eco mode but if then you start mashing the throttle and that sort of thing moving along a little bit faster it responds and changes the gearbox and throttle calibrations to give you a little bit more of a performance style of drive and

That is a handy thing to do it’s set and forget one mode press this button in the middle here and you’ve got a few off-road driving modes this is an all-wheel drive vehicle it’s predominantly front wheel drive but you can put it into an off-road driving mode you’ve got here snow mud and sand so obviously low traction surfaces it will use the four-wheel drive mode

A bit more aggressively there give you a bit more traction and also calibrate things like throttle and gearbox to help you get through those tricky situations and it’s a car that well it’s not going to compete with a landcruiser 300 series obviously but it does give you a little bit of off-road ability there slippery grass a little bit of mud that sort of thing

And it leaves this palisade feeling like nowhere near a base specification model you could spend up to the highlander absolutely and you get a few more bells and whistles a bit more tech some sumptuous leather that sort of thing but this is all the car that you need in many respects in terms of technology and features i think and yes you could spend up but this is

Plenty the big thing with this palisade in the second row is how big it is i think the only car that probably offers more space and versatility would be ikea carnival that’s my sitting position up front there and i’m sitting here with the seat in the furthest back position and there is tons of leg room literally so much legroom a lot of headroom as well i could

Actually slide this seat a long way forward and i’m still very comfortable here i’ve got a pop-down armrest as well a little bit of a storage thing down the side there which is handy we’ll just find this in a spot there we go this is very comfortable and as you can see this is actually a seven seat configuration of the palisade you can have it as a seven seater or

An eight seater because you can fit three in the third row there so you can either fit three in the middle here or you can go for this two-seat variant i actually don’t mind this hyundai tell us that it’s about a 60 40 split between the seven seat and the eight seat model most people go for the eight seat an extra seat but this seat does have its benefits which

I’ll get to in a minute but in terms of other things we’ve got here there are air conditioning controls in the second row here you don’t get heating and venting like you do in the palisade highlander specification do you need that some would say yes some would say no however i’m a bit sad that you miss out on the pull-up blinds here on the second row windows because

They are great for dozing kids you have to spend up to the highlander to get those you do not get it in the elite but otherwise this is very nice you’ve got two holders here in each door there are a lot of cup holders in this car overall and bottle holders as well actually you can fit a bottle in the back here there are usb power outlets in the back of the front

Seats plus a 12 volt outlet this is pretty good very comfortable and spacious i mean that’s for adults and kids and i think that’s the aim of the game for this palisade one reason why i really like this palisade as a seven seat option here with the two in the middle is because when you’ve got baby seats fitted you can still get into the third row quite easily with

That space in the middle now excuse me while i do this i think kids will do it a little bit more gracefully but a big adult like me can still slide through and fit in and you don’t have to pull the seats out to get in that is a really nice benefit i think and if you don’t have baby seats i’ll just press this button for you one touch push that forward you’ve got

Pretty good access there this second row door does open a long way which does help but an adult can slide in there reasonably well and now let me show you in terms of legroom this seat at the moment is in its furthest back position and my knees are touching their head room is pretty good but because there is so much room up front there available i’ll just slide

That forward still a little bit of legroom i’ll just bring it back slightly maybe about that look at that i’ve got loads of leg room now headroom is good as well this is pretty comfortable i’ve got two cupholders here i’ve got a usb power outlet there’s a decent window speaker even an air vent so i’m not really missing out on anything and i’m quite comfortable

In here if you wanted to fit three that’s probably more of a kids only thing but two adults in the back here you could seat six adults in this whole palisade very very comfortably and i don’t think you can better this experience without going to something like a people mover hyundai staria or the best in the segment kia carnival but in terms of suvs this is the

Best third row you’re going to get i think there is an electric tailgate in this palisade in elite spec as well as highlander obviously and in three row mode as you can see here there is still a pretty good size boot on offer sometimes in a large suv you put up all three rows and the boot left over isn’t that big but as you can see there that’s my daughter’s bike

I think i use this bike more than she does when i use it as props on shoots but it is a good sized boot there’s a couple of other things to note here as well you’ve got a spot for your luggage blind underneath and there’s actually more room under there for extra bits and bobs you probably throw something like a first aid kit in there if you wanted and for people

Who want to go on a bit of a road trip or maybe you live rurally or something like that there is a full-size spare under slung on this car it’s a bit of a rarity these days and it’s really good to see a manufacturer sticking with a proper spare tyre but of course if you need even more room or you’ve only got a few passengers pop these seats down and that boot

Becomes huge really i mean look at that you can fit a lot of stuff in this car and i’ll just show you for example another prop that i brought today the big double pram this is a big time and space consuming pram it doesn’t fit in many places obviously this will fit packed up but check this out it even fits in this palisade not even packed down that’s pretty good

I reckon we’ve got two carryover powertrains for this palisade there’s a 3.8 liter v6 petrol that powers the front wheels only but we’ve got the powertrain that is more popular and i think the peak of the range that’s a 2.2 liter turbocharged diesel and that is an all-wheel drive system as well running through an eight-speed automatic gearbox one small detail

To mention here is that the gearbox is actually a torque converter automatic in things like the kia sorrento and the hyundai santa fe which are mechanically similar they share a few things with this palisade they actually have a dual clutch transmission the dual clutch transmission in those vehicles is a good example but it’s still never going to be as smooth and

Seamless as a torque inverter automatic just like this one and i do like this car for just general drivability around town it’s easy to drive it’s smooth and this 2.2 litre diesel it’s not too noisy or thrashy from inside the car either hyundai have clearly put a lot of effort into sound deadening in this palisade they’ve improved the levels of sound deadening with

This update and it’s surprisingly quiet even if you are giving this car a little bit of the beans you can start to hear it rattle a little bit when it’s working quite hard but for most driving around town it’s very quiet and i think that is an important element with this car because there is a high asking price for this palisade and if it wasn’t a good driving

Experience it wouldn’t justify but thankfully it is quite good now while i’ve been talking this time you’ve probably been hearing a few beeps in the background and that is quite easily my biggest gripe with this palisade it’s got traffic sign recognition which is great technology to have i’ve got a little readout here of the speed sign in this area currently 50ks

An hour but the problem with it is it’s imperfect sometimes it misreads a traffic sign sometimes it doesn’t read one at all so it gives you an improper readout on here and if you go over the speed limit this car just beeps at you and it beeps a lot it’s kind of infuriating it does it in school zones even when the school zone speed limits do not apply and if you

Want to turn it off it means you kind of lose the whole traffic sign recognition system altogether so it’s definitely not a perfect setup one of the other important updates with this palisade is the suspension geometry and all that sort of thing hasn’t changed but this does have new dampers which have been retuned it is a global suspension tune not a domestic one

That hyundai used to do more regularly in their models but i don’t think it’s a big problem because this tune is fantastic the suspension is a little bit more complex in the damper it’s got a few different damping zones going on and channels without getting too technical it gives a nice ride a nice suppleness and a little bit more ride comfort than the previous

Palisade used to have soaks up bumps quite nicely but at the same time it doesn’t feel wallowy and soft as you drive through corners so it’s got a really nice balance overall and for a car that’s going to spend 90 percent of its time around town going through things like potholes over speed bumps through junctions all that sort of thing this ride quality you really

Can’t complain about it much at all all in all this palisade does hit the nail on the head for the intended purpose once you get past all of that beeping this car in my opinion just beeps way too much but once you get past that you can turn off a few modes and that sort of thing this car is comfortable it’s compliant and it’s quiet and even though it’s a big car

It’s easy to drive around town so it’s a big thumbs up for me before i finish this video up let me know in the comments below what do you think about this hyundai palisade is it the best large suv in the segment and let us know as well would this be the spec you would choose because personally this is where i’d be leaning towards you save a bit of money with this

Elite spec and i do like this 2.2 litre diesel and all-wheel drive combination but overall in summary the size of this palisade is its major strength you’re not really going to get anything more practical and comfortable and spacious without going to something like a people mover like a care carnival this is still an suv package it’s still got that kudos when you

Pull up to the car park at school and that sort of thing but this has the true space in the second row and third row that other large suvs can’t match the bad thing about this palisade is pricing this is one of the most expensive large suvs in the segment and now that they’ve done this facelift prices have gone up even further so you are paying a fair bit more

Money for this palisade in comparison to some others in the segment think about things like top spec sorrento santa fe mazda cx-9 that’s old but it’s still a good car and toyota kluger as well there are a lot of options out there that you need to consider along with this palisade but if space is the most important thing for you in a large suv then this thing still

Probably should be at the top of your list now if you want to read the full review head over to you can read all about this palisade and every other new car on the australian market and of course thank you for watching you

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