2022 Hyundai Santa Fe Plug-In Hybrid

In this video, I review the newest 2023/2023 Santa Fe with a Plug-In Hybrid powertrain. Check out the exterior, the interior, the features, learn more about the new powertrain, and hear about how this PHEV drives.

Foreign if you’re unsure about owning a pure ev vehicle you may want to think about a plug-in hybrid instead like this 2022 hyundai santa fe plug-in hybrid and that’s because a plug-in hybrid offers the best of both worlds you can drive in pure ev mode and not use any gas at all but in case you need it there’s still a gas tank and a gas motor so you don’t have

To worry about range range anxiety goes out the window so in this review video i’m going to be reviewing the brand new plug-in hybrid model for to santa fe so you can decide if this is the right plug-in hybrid for you all right let’s get started so the first thing i want to talk about of course is plug-in hybrid powertrain which is brand new for the santa fe now

This powertrain combines a 1.6 liter i4 turbocharged with of course a hybrid motor and battery and overall output around 261 horsepower and a torque of course kicks in really really quickly with ev cars with plug-in hybrids when you’re in ev mode the tour kicks in at zero basically as soon as you floor it you feel that sudden rush of torque and that’s fantastic

Passing accelerating no problems at all so how much range do you actually get and how many miles can you actually drive well if you have the battery charged up fully you could get up to 31 miles of pure ev driving but if you need a little more obviously you have that gas engine and gas tank as a backup and in total you could get around 450 miles so you don’t

Have range anxiety with this plug-in hybrid drive as you normally do if you run out the gas engine turns on so it’s really the best of both worlds now as for charging it really depends on what kind of charger you use if you have a 240 volt plug at home then you can charge fully in about four hours but if you’re using a household outlet that’s one 120v then it’s

Probably gonna take all night i hear nothing from the road the tires are silent no road noise whatsoever cars passing by just slightly no window boys absolutely quiet in here the the suspension the tires are soaking up all the bumps very nicely just cruising down almost floating down the road and it’s nice now as for stirring i think stirring is good it feels

More or less like a normal santa fe you really can’t tell the difference it’s not the most precise normally with ev cars the steering is ultra precise this isn’t bad there’s a little bit of stirring play but honestly isn’t that bad the weight also feels pretty good so i think between the two it’s good it feels good and the steering wheel let’s not forget is

Also good too i like the shape i like the look the buttons are very easy to understand now as for space it’s good but not class leading so the santa fe competes with the likes of the crv the rav4 even its corporate cousin the sorrento so in the second row i’m five feet ten you can see i have about one to two inches of leg room one or two inches of headroom which

Isn’t bad it’s comfortable for me but if you’re on a taller side you may feel a little cramped and it does feel a little bit smaller than some of the others i’ve mentioned now cargo room i think is plenty big take a look behind the second row plenty of space also a little bit of hidden storage underneath as well something i like that you normally don’t see in

This class is the second row folding seats uh switches normally that’s reserved for luxury cars as for exterior looks the santa fe definitely has a funky futuristic look it’s been out since 2019 so a lot of you guys have seen it on the road already i do like the headlights especially the daytime running lights it forms like a cross tee right looks really unique

The the headlight shape themselves split you know it’s just really funky overall on the outside i think it looks pretty good pretty decent still doesn’t look dated even though it’s been out for three years and that’s fantastic now this limited edition of this plug-in hybrid santa fe is very well equipped pretty much every feature you could think of it has look

At that quilted leather the nice stitching the design now besides the beautiful seats you also get heated and ventilated seats up front heated seats in the back wireless charging these are all nice things also there is the blind spot view system which is really unique so whenever you do make a turn turn on the turn signal you’ll see your blind spot inside this

Huge all digital gauge cluster it’s a 12.3 inch digital gauge cluster and it just works nice but that’s not the only screen you also get another infotainment screen that’s 10.3 inches very responsive very nice love it wireless android auto wireless apple carplay both standard you could also turn the smart key feature and utilize your phone as a key that’s also

Pretty cool too this santa fe limited also has a 360 view camera system so you can see all around you plus it has heated steering wheel it has different driving modes in case of snowing out or you feel like going to sport eco now is there anything bad about the santa fe plugin hybrid of course little things for example the center console is a floating design

I think everything is well placed right at your fingertips and underneath because it’s a floating design there is space underneath for your bag for your purse whatever you want to stuff under there but if you look at this center console it is kind of clustered there’s a ton of buttons to control your media to control your climate control to control your drive

Modes your shifting right plus your buttons for your heated events related seats there’s a lot going on here so unless you memorize where everything is you’re you’re you’re you’re you’re stuck looking at it for quite some time and that’s not the best way to be driving the other nitpick is this wireless charger i prefer ones where you could just put down flat and

You could still see it this one you can’t it just sticks in and it’s also a little bit hard to take out too so there’s that and there’s one other thing and that is when you come to a stop a quick stop and go there is unfortunately like this pause there’s a slight delay before the car accelerates so there’s that too i’ve noticed that it’s pretty pronounced with

This santa fe plug-in hybrid i’m not quite sure why once you get going the input from the throttle is great i mentioned that already but somehow when you come to a quick stop and go there’s a slight delay and that kind of irritates me now as for pricing there are only two trim levels to this brand new santa fe plug-in hybrid the base is the sel convenience and it

Starts right at forty thousand dollars now this one i’m reviewing is the limited that’s the upper trim and it starts right around forty six thousand dollars now both trims are well equipped but it really just depends on if you need to have everything that i reviewed today or you could cut back a little bit there is one other thing you need to worry about besides

Price and that is availability unfortunately hyundai decided to only release this plug-in hybrid santa fe in 11 states yes 11 states they will have a national rollout eventually but right now it’s very limited so to conclude one of my final thoughts about this santa fe plug-in hybrid well for those of you guys that are on the fence like i said at the beginning

You’re not sure about buying a pure ev car tv driving experience also you can just save and not use any gas at all but in case in case you need it in case you forgot to charge in case you show up to a charging station and it’s packed in case you go to the middle of nowhere with no charging stations you don’t have to worry about it because you have that gas tank

And the gas motor right so you have the best of both worlds i think overall this is a nice looking car it definitely drives well it’s very comfortable in addition to all the good there’s very little to nitpick about the santa fe plug-in hybrid so i do think this is a winner the only thing is even if you wanted one it may be hard to find because i said hyundai

Is only releasing this in 11 states hopefully they open it up nationwide so that everyone that wants one can get one all right guys smash it a like subscribe to the channel and stay tuned for my future review videos take care bye-bye foreign

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