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2022 Hyundai Tucson Plug-in Hybrid

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Tucson’s plug-in hybrid and hybrid models focus on a balanced combination of fun-to-drive performance coupled with excellent economy, compared with a pure efficiency focus at the compromise of driving engagement by many competitors.

Hello my name is sanya pli america is the heart of the suv market once exciting confident and adventurous we feel it has become overcrowded as a designer i had to ask myself what can we do to move the game forward we do not want the tucson to become another suv we want it to be a design icon so what type of design value did we want to deliver and design the

Fourth generation tucson we chose on treble path rather than following the trend out there simply put the most dynamic suv ever how do we tackle such a challenge where would he start we began with our unique design philosophy sensuous sportiness a philosophy that gives us the way to challenge the status quo with innovative engineering solutions to realize

Unprecedented new level of design we started with hyundai’s unique lighting architecture using digital tools to create a design so distinctive and iconic that the lights alone identify the car imagine driving at night and seeing these lights in your rear view mirror pretty cool isn’t it we call this integrated architecture the lights are seamlessly integrated

Into the parametric jewel grille and are completely invisible when turned off the design continues in the overall proportion long hood level roof and short overhangs combined with a stretched wheelbase to give the tucson a strong foundation they’re robust and energetic we chisel dual-like surfaces that create a very unique body side we call this parametric

Dynamics notice how the chrome line above that yellow gets gradually thicker towards the rear almost like an arrow flying in an arc trajectory it helps visually to push the car down make it feel lower and complementing the tucson’s overall wedge shape the rear of the chrome line the merges into edge of the rear spoiler and the rear wipers move up and hide

Under the spoiler creating the super clean surface over the rear window we integrated the hyundai logo underneath of the glass to help minimize unnecessary desk space in the tailgate area and accented the striking full-width tail lamp with highly detailed hidden lines to complete exterior parametric dim inside the tucson the design theme is interspace where space

Technology and information organically intersect here we create a layered naturally flowing layout to reflect seamless user experience we built into the cabin in order to create an open-air environment we dropped the instrument display downward with a completely flat upper surface that emphasize a wide field of view and hidden vents that perfectly blends into the

Interior design almost like an airplane cabin our design team follow don’t travel path facing unprecedented engineering challenges to push for the design innovation it is about creating our own design values that are offering a fresh transformative experience for our customer the all-new tucson the best-selling hyundai suv it is a pioneer not just for us but

For the segment and now it is time to move forward on your journey and learn more about our exciting new tucson hello hyundai has a significant investment in north america and it is all designed to meet customer needs in the world’s largest automobile market in product planning we listened carefully to those needs and we worked to deliver what those customers

Wanted in the u.s customers prefer larger suvs so for the u.s market we made the tucson bigger and more substantial as sang yup explained we stretched the wheelbase and lengthened the body we also widened the cabin and made it taller to improve roominess and deliver that class leading rear legroom we increased the new tucson’s cargo volume nearly 25 to 38.7

Cubic feet and we gave it a versatile layout so that our customers can configure the vehicle for a wide variety of loads our goals were to maintain the tucson’s popularity and expand its reach while giving customers this more dynamic driving experience so besides packaging we listened to us customer needs in our powertrain selection and we chose a compelling

Combination of value efficiency and performance customers can select from three different smart stream engines there’s a gas a hybrid and a plug-in hybrid the gas version features a new 2.5 liter direct injected 4-cylinder engine with 187 horsepower we coupled this new engine with an 8-speed automatic transmission so we wanted to maximize both efficiency and

Acceleration with the front-wheel drive powertrain fuel economy is nearly 25 better than the current tucson the new hybrid features a 1.6 liter turbocharged engine that’s 30 percent more efficient than the gas engine coupled with this powerful electric motor the hybrid generates over 20 percent more torque it’s wicked fun to drive every day and it can travel

Over 500 miles on a single fill up the plug-in hybrid has even more kick thanks to its larger 13.8 kilowatt hour battery it targets an all-electric range of 28 miles and over 70 mpge the tucson hybrid will have class leading horsepower standard h-track all-wheel drive and a smooth hybrid tuned six-speed automatic transmission gonna be quiet gonna be efficient

Both electrified versions also introduce this new feature that we call e-handling it applies torque control from the electric motor to improve that cornering performance and provide that fun-to-drive driving dynamic we tested the three new tucsons at our proving grounds in the mojave desert we ran them through every kind of road condition because we wanted to

Evaluate the durability the handling the noise vibration harshness and heat protection we tested our h-track all-wheel drive to maximize tucson’s footing on all sorts of different surfaces and then we spent time to fine-tune the suspension it’s really critical that you dial in the optimum balance of responsiveness comfort and handling to make sure that tucson

Meets the highest safety standards at hyundai safety is paramount we ran extensive crash tests to target nitza 5 star and iihs top safety pick plus ratings we gave tucson more standard and available active safety features than any other suv in its class because it’s important to us that we keep drivers passengers and other road users out of harm’s way this new

Tucson is on point it is built to surprise and delight tucson fans and new customers across the u.s and for buyers looking for an equally fun to drive sportier looking tucson i’m excited to say that we have an n-line version coming later next year along with tucson’s new powertrains the dynamic performance and enhanced safety the customers are going to find this

Rich array of comfort and convenience features that set tucson apart from the crowd welcome back we have taken you on quite an adventure i hope you enjoyed the ride and share our enthusiasm about this bold new tucson i want to sincerely thank sage bc and sunup for their contributions to our story as part of hyundai’s significant investment in the north american

Automobile market i’m pleased to say that the all-new tucson will be proudly made in the usa where it will continue to provide good jobs to the people of alabama and suppliers across the country look for it this coming spring so so so so yes so um three yes

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