2022 Hyundai Tucson Ultimate PHEV AWD | Plug in Hybrid | Quick Review

2022 Hyundai Tucson Ultimate PHEV AWD | Plug in Hybrid | Quick Review

So i was lucky enough to be invited to a driving day from hyundai i’ve produced a series of quick videos just to show you my initial thoughts of the cars that i got to experience on the day i hope you enjoy okay folks so here’s a quick overview of the hyundai tucson i’m going to throw all the stats up on the screen because i don’t have very long with these cars

Today so although these interior materials feel very rugged and robust and they don’t feel cheap don’t have a luxurious feeling to them sometimes that means they’re a bit more hard wearing than the slightly plusher materials she’s got two drive modes in this eco and sport as soon as you put the car into sport you feel immediate difference in the throttle

Response you get some very sporty looking carbon fiber effect digital dials and then pop it back into into eco and it’s just really pleasant and you do have the ability to run it as a full-on ev albeit for a short period of time so you’ve got large touchscreen infotainment system here for the main sat nav and media functions and all that kind of good stuff

Really good quality i really like the systems in hyundai’s the same system basically that you get in the kia and the genesis one of the better ones on the market i think at this present moment in time so we have got haptics rather than physical dials here to control things like the volume of the stereo and the ac and that kind of stuff but you do have some

Nice little rocker switches on the steering wheel for the volume controls and like most cars nowadays you can of course do voice commands the haptics are easy enough to use and they don’t take your attention away from the road too much the main dash is digital so you haven’t got physical dials you’ve got digital screen super high res really clear and plenty of

Different options for the data you actually get on that screen so it should keep most people happy i think so this car i’m in right now has done ten thousand miles and have to say it feels like it’s first day in the showroom it feels super tight i know 10 000 is not a huge amount of mileage but it really feels like a new car it’s really tight and i guess that’s

Testament to the build quality these korean cars now really do compete with some of the top brands when it comes to build quality everything feels very well screwed together plenty of leg room in the back so your rear passengers are not going to be complaining on long journeys i will go into more detail on all these things if i um if i get the chance to do a

Longer term review with the car as it is today i’ve just got 45 minutes so i’m trying to blast through the main details for you so today hyundai have given us routes to take these cars out on and and uh it’s a mixture of 30 mile an hour 50 mile an hour road with the occasional bit of national speed limit thrown in and this one’s averaging 44.4 mpg on these

Roads which doesn’t seem too bad at all for the size of vehicle it is now styling of cars is something that’s very very subjective what one person loves another one hates but i personally think this is one of the best looking cars in its category and i think it was the best until the kia sportage came along the sportage obviously is a very close cousin of this

One shall we say connectivity is good in this one we’ve got wireless phone charger usb sockets they are usb a’s and not cs for the gear select or drive mode selecting this if you like you’ve just got buttons like in the hondas you’ve got drive neutral reverse and then park electric handbrake it’s very very well laid out everything’s exactly where you want it

To be and would expect it to be you know sometimes you jump into an unfamiliar car or a new car and you spend half your time trying to find you know where the major controls are that’s not the case with this and although they’re haptics and not physical buttons and dials you you don’t have to dive into your touch screen to change things like the air con or open

The glove box or anything like that you do have very clear controls so as i said this is just a really brief overview hopefully i’ll be able to borrow one of these from hyundai at some point and give you a better all-round review of the car but initial impressions are very very good and if you’re in the market for an suv and you’re thinking of one of the germans

You know don’t be a snob come and check one of these things out because you’ll be surprised boot space in this plug-in hybrid version is a very generous 558 litres and underneath the floor there you’ve got somewhere to keep your charging cables if you’ve enjoyed any part of this video please let me know in the comments and give it a thumbs up it really helps and

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2022 Hyundai Tucson Ultimate PHEV AWD | Plug in Hybrid | Quick Review By DefinitelyNotAGuru