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2022 INFINITI QX55 | Full Review and Road Test

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You can think of the infinity as nissan’s younger more attractive more glamorous sister the two are very similar into various components however infiniti’s vehicle lineup has a more premium sculpted and glamorous aesthetic no details have been spared with this new addition to the infinity lineup the qx55 the qx55 is an all-new addition to the infiniti

Brand it shares an interior powertrain and suspension with the qx50 suv but has some new features that make it a refreshed addition to the infiniti lineup infiniti sees the qx55 as a successor to the fx platform and for good reason the fx platform shook up the automotive industry being one of the pioneers for this sports car suv segment which we now know as the

Crossover for nearly two decades the fx shared quite a bit of its chassis and styling with the nissan sporty z platform that isn’t the case here as the qx55 is essentially more of a qx50 but with a sloping fastback roofline that pays homage to the fx the first thing i’ve noticed is its front end it’s extremely attractive with its crisp sculpted lines the way the

Headlights cascade into the grill the origami-like folds in the grille itself and all the sculpting that went on in this section right here it all makes for a beautiful balance of aggressiveness and elegance next is going back to the sloping coop roofline that is a trend amongst most premium suvs this is something that is tough to do balancing all the proportions

That complement everything else going on bravo infinity on all sides this vehicle is attractive the flowing lines and contours along the sides give this vehicle a sense of motion even while stationary the rear end just wow this is one of the most attractive rear ends i’ve seen from this segment the details in the tail lights give this vehicle such a distinct

Character at night the placement of the license plate keeps the lines all unobstructed just blending everything together beautifully there’s a sense of sportiness that comes from the rear fenders and the subtle diffuser is just the cherry on top the interior is just amazing it’s driver focused making you feel like you’re in a cockpit ours is wrapped in this

Monaco red and graphite option which is also a new color for 2022. it’s the first time infiniti offered this interior finish to their suvs sitting in the driver’s seat you feel special there’s an undoubtedly premium fit and finish all around here we have the sensory package it comes with all the bells and whistles that you need when looking for a premium suv

In this price range the details are amazing available options are stone and graphite interiors natural black maple wood 16 speaker bose premium audio system pro pilot assist tri-zone climate control and ambient lighting so what is it like to drive the qx55 um i personally love the drive of this car i think the steering wheel is very easy to maneuver um it’s a

Very light drive it’s very smooth on the road i also really like the apple carplay that it comes with i love that i can just plug in my phone i get my sound my music i get my messages coming up and it’s just really convenient i love the way that this car accelerates and speeds up i think it’s very smooth and it’s very quick i drive a jeep wrangler so obviously

It’s a very bumpy rough ride i find that this is just like a very luxurious ride i’m very comfortable in the seats i feel safe in this car and i also find it very spacious as well even though it’s not like a huge truck i want to test out how it performs on the dirt road so what i noticed in comparison to my jeep is that this one is not rocking at all like i feel

Like this car just hasn’t moved it’s such a flat surface that it feels like even though we’re like literally on rocks which is like really nice that i feel almost like i’m still on flat ground i could still have a phone call and be able to hear myself if you’re looking for an suv to roll around in the city this is the vehicle for you it looks great has top notch

Interior and has all the bells and whistles you can ask for it’s unapologetically unique and even stationary it makes quite the impression to learn more visit us at or come in and inquire about a test drive you

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2022 INFINITI QX55 | Full Review and Road Test By Zanchin Automotive Group