2022 INFINITI QX55 Walkaround

Good morning gabriella this is rick from fresno infinity i just thought i’d make a quick video regarding your inquiry for the 2022 qx85 and the slate gray so here’s the vehicle on our showroom floor and i thought i’d just do a quick walk around uh that we can see the vehicle and answer one of the questions that you did ask which is do the uh do the 202265 come in

With 19 wheel 19 inch wheels well actually this particular vehicle uh they do actually come with 20-inch wheels that’s standard uh across all trim levels so again 20-inch wheels now you’re asking about the qx50 which is right over here this particular vehicle comes with either 19 inch wheels or 20s so you can get either one or the other but going back to the

Vehicle you inquired about 20 inch wheels for the qx55 so let me open this up for you that way you can see the inside so this one has the graphite interior got dual touch screens there moonroof this vehicle will seat up to five people i imagine with some of the research you’ve been doing uh hopefully you’re aware that this vehicle is what replaced what used to

Be called the fx35 and and fx37 so this is more of a coupe crossover you see it’s the full down and up here got your two buttons here so that one actually will close the rear hatch and actually will lock it by pressing this the qx55 comes equipped with a four-cylinder turbocharged engine you’re looking at 268 horsepower also another thing that comes with the qx65

Is standard all-wheel drive system on these all the exterior lights on this vehicle are led lights from the fog lights to the headlights even the tail lights and speaking of tail lights let me point out one of the cool features on this one this is what they call the piano style keyboard tail lights led tail lights which is a brand new feature for this particular

Model apple carplay and android auto does come standard but the cool thing with apple car plate that now it’s wireless you don’t have to use any usb cords with that and here’s the window label on this vehicle hopefully you can see that there’s the gas mileage 22 in the city and 28 on the freeway a lot of people have been coming in and seeing this vehicle in person

They they always comment on the color that uh how beautiful it looks and of course it’s a very unique color on it so i’d like to invite you to come down and see it in person and take it for a spin allow me to show you all the incredible features on this vehicle and i’m sure you’ll agree with me that this is a unlike anything that you’ve seen on the road yet so

With that being said this is rick from fresno infinity appreciate the opportunity and and helping you and uh thank you for inquiring about this vehicle and if there’s any more questions please let me know you can call me or you can email me i’m here to help thank you

Transcribed from video
2022 INFINITI QX55 Walkaround By Rick O.