This heavily modified 2022 Jeep Gladiator Black Widow Edition has one of a kind looks and is still somehow backed by a factory warranty. We love the overall theme of this truck. It has that old military meets modern design with a dash of high-end luxury.

Welcome back to the channel folks welcome back to the channel let him over there working in that church i don’t know if he’s a man of faith but i can definitely tell you i will put my faith in the capability of this amazing jeep a shout out to our friends at franklin chrysler dodge jeep and ram for presenting us with another legit jeep to look at and one off

In the background over there for you to check out that’s one of the diesel ones we’ll be checking that out in the future but i saw this and i pretty much just had had to take a look at it now this comes as a stock jeep around 50 something grand it’s got the v6 engine which at this point is the base engine and then they take it to our the folks at black widow

And they end up with this thing so it’s a 2022 gladiator with the black widow package the package and i will show you here yep that’s right folks 31 000. it starts with the lift and goes all the way through the interior the whole vehicle lighting y’all feel free to pause this and just the biggest thing here it comes with the warranty that is amazing so very

Expensive package as a total we’ll just get it out of the way 90 grand folks ninety thousand dollars but hey you know things are expensive if you’ve got the if you got the money you definitely want to be able to have a unique looking jeep this is one of them all the way around i haven’t seen one specked like this before so i would be so inclined as to say

That this is the only one at least in this area that looks just like this um so they did tear through uh and change most everything brand new bumper and that thing is definitely beefy it’s opened up so you can put a bigger size tire on here which they definitely did i think these are 20s 20 inch wheels with 37s definitely can’t roll stock uh front bumper and

Or fenders uh with 37’s or the bumper comes out too far so you’d be hitting it right here basically um so make your way down total graphics kit you got black widow on the top got black widow on the sides definitely a trail rated uh bobber all the way down to black widow here too which is really i like it being there it looks really cool the paint on this

Really is amazing and just so everybody knows as you can see here inside the uh this is this is not a wrap this is painted check our door card they definitely added a little bit more uh padding here it looks like and then look at these seats i’m going to zoom ourselves out here look how nice these seats are folks let me drop my price guide seats are legit

Love the headrest look um the whole rest this design is something i have not seen in any of the previous jeeps that i’ve checked out um really really nice really love overall look and feel and touch of these seats significantly more comfortable than what you would find stock uh if we make our way into the interior pretty basic if you haven’t seen new jeeps

This is what they look like the biggest difference here is they got the color match and this definitely really looks really nice again this is all paint this is not a wrap you got color matched stuff down here as well really really awesome awesome i’ll tell you folks jeep are making some really nice vehicles and this one is definitely no different your four

Wheel drive you got all your window stuff here so that you can pop the doors off which makes life a lot easier if you want to add a bunch of stuff you can add a bunch of stuff here auxiliary wise media power outlets all kinds of stuff available here really plenty of storage space you got cup holders there you got a nice little uh quick easy storage there and

You lift up and got down more power inside there and or plenty of storage space if you’re not familiar with how jeeps operate or the gladiator or whatever the whole thing does come off but you can just go kind of t toppy so this pops off and that pops off plenty of storage for them in a couple different places one of which would be back here if you wanted to

This is brand new so still all the jeep stuff inside uh all your little bags the jeep bag or box whatever they call that and then as you lift the seat up uh it’s the seat belt’s kind of holding me but it does have storage all the way across and then this little box right there is where you would remove all these bolts on this on the inside here store them in

There it has the tool again this whole thing the whole thing does come off uh but you can just remove the t-tops which is really kind of cool and it does have the rear glass access window so a lot of ton of functionality in this sucker now again windows and stuff are based in the center stack uh your air ac vents and stuff are there see if i can remember how

To get the armrest down no i can’t anyways i’m pretty sure that’s the armrest and it pops down i just can’t quite reach it a nice big stereo bar all these jeeps seemingly have really really functional stereo uh really kind of cool again with these 20 inch wheels 37s fox uh shocks i’m pretty sure that’s stock but they um or fox shocks are stock on some of

These but clearly these were added for that lift um make our way around to the back definitely has another bumper or it’s not a stock bumper really like the whole black widow design you got your backup camera here and then it’s got the soft open which is nice and it’s got liner and this nice uh topper that slides back or whatever um get that sucker all closed

Up make our way to the far side of the vehicle here so many looks of this thing like i love this angle like if you’re not a gladiator fan i understand they are definitely a different kind of a truck but this looks look at this one specifically catches my eye from every angle it seems to kind of pop really beautiful if you’re asking me it’s kind of beautiful

Design let’s see if we can get ourselves back out of that camera and just kind of show you all a little bit of some of this undercarriage work you can kind of see man this thing honestly is ready to go anywhere and do it in style now clearly it is expensive but it is that is the way the world is now so uh i just wanted to give you a quick peek at this thing

Again this is a 2022 gladiator with the full black widow package army green i guess is what they call this paint uh and again interior matched i mean it’s an overall i’m going 8 out of 10 for me on the scale of do i like or not like uh it’s got the look i’m not i do not want to drive a jeep every day but i think i’d probably drive this one so that’s about all

I got folks again give a shout out to our friends franklin chrysler dodge jeep ram their info is at the bottom of the screen hit them up they’ve got a ton of gladiators in stock right now not all of them are heavily modified a bunch of cool stock in there so you all go check them out for my mambo biddle who could possibly be in that diesel over there uh we’ll

Go check i am barbara we’ll see you in the next video

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