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2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee L Overland – Off road Driving

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Jeep has released pricing for the new three-row version of the Grand Cherokee, the 2021 Grand Cherokee L.

All right a little more driver i’m going at the onset of the program because you’ve got to go back and rewrite and rebalance the vehicle out in a way that optimized not only the third row being the part of the story but even our off-road capability got better overall and so we it was really a win-win but it required us to have the flexibility to have

These new components and be able to design them right up you know properly up front so because we had a new engine and suspension system to work with we were able to take a multi-link system and take those multiple bushings and now make each of those bushings mission specific this bushings for handling this bushings for comfort and we basically took that

That formula and we said okay this is how we’re going to adjust and everybody will have a mission like so with a multi-link system you have that flexibility to do that bolting the axle to the engine allowed us a bunch of advantages one of them from an nvh perspective is we were able to reduce the pass of noise through the body through the cradles through

The body so by putting it on the engine we created a cube basically of an axle and the engine together and now we just have to manage that cube through the isolators through the engine mounts and what that also did is allowed us to drop the engine in the engine compartment basically improving our cg and cg is a very critical you know factor attribute

When you’re talking about dynamics we’re talking about rollover stability talking about overall feel we spent a lot of time on fuel economy right we did a lot of light weighting a lot of aluminum parts in the car a lot of high-strength steel gen 3 steel as well all in the spirit of getting the cars light as possible even the fuel tank is a little smaller

In this vehicle than is in today’s car because we just don’t burn as much fuel we have a trail rated uh version on the overland package ground clearance basically means a lot in terms of going over those obstacles so we put a new air suspension system in there and that new air suspension system basically has more range in there which means that we also

Need to accompany the suspension system to go with it the suspension has more range in it as well allowing us basically the the the tools so we can go and balance out ride and handling but also off-roading that helped us to achieve a very aggressive approach angle departure and breakover angle so we know we can stay away from those obstacles but if we do

Hit those obstacles we have skid plates under the car to protect those critical parts as well there’s uh there’s lots of different tests that we run we’ll take the jeeps through you know an array of mud pits we’ll literally get them loaded up underneath in terms of all the suspension components so we’re looking at all the components that are have that

Weight on there will they sustain will the belly pans be pulled off or not water forting same thing we’re able to increase water 40 and limit this car by four inches we’ll take the car through 24 inches of water at five miles an hour and again we’re looking for components and how they’re performing the high speed sand highway test the dust intrusions of

High heat these are the types of extreme testing we do and then of course everything in between and i’m proud to say that cars you know when you drive it it makes you give you a sense of confidence that you just want to go faster in the corners the steering is very precise and we have this formula now that it’s just it’s really it’s really something else you

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2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee L Overland – Off road Driving By 4Drive Time