2022 Jeep Grand Wagoneer Showroom Walk Around

The jeep grand wagoneer this is the grand wagoneer series three my name is doug and i just want to walk you around this vehicle show you some of the features and give you a little bit more information about the jeep grand wagoneer starting in the front here you have the beautiful chrome grille that reads wagoneer you have your safety sensors here in the front

Grill as well tow hooks because then today it is a jeep you have your fog lights your headlights here 22 inch wheels you get the wagoneer logo in the center grand wagoneer lug goes along the door here on the passenger side in your passenger mirror you have a camera for your 360 bird’s eye view blind spot monitoring in the camera in the mirror as well defrosted

Remote proximity entry automatic unfolding running boards inside the door you have this beautiful wood grain and the stitching all leather you have your locks your massaging seats adjustable seats macintosh stereo system across the front dash here you have the grand wagoneer this dash here is a screen so you’ll be able to watch prime video netflix all of your

Favorite watching apps on there i don’t know if you can see the screen there yeah right there you have your macintosh audio another speaker right up here this leather stitched handle infotainment you have two more screens over here to open the lower screen you just press this button here gives you access to your usb ports your wireless charger your 12 volt

Dc you have your four-wheel drive system over here your air ride suspension right here as you can see more wood grain throughout the middle console here in the middle console you’re gonna have multiple compartments you’re gonna have a top little change department here and you open it up and then you have a cooler inside when you press that button you see the

Light that means it’s on and keep sandwiching a couple soft drinks in there the stitching of these leather sheets is absolutely amazing it does say series three badge right here this one is equipped with the captain chairs in the back and the rear entertainment your rear entertainment system will also have prime video netflix all your favorite streaming apps

You have another vid screen here for your hvac controls in the real more usbs and the grand wagoneer badging more wood grain in between the cap and chairs another small storage area and then another deep dish storage area a couple cup holders again great stitching on the lowest seats to get to the third row click this pops right up and climb right back into the

Third borough where you have more options for reclining your seats and usbs this one is equipped with the family cam so you’ll be able to check on your passengers in third row if you have young children directly from the front screen also you have the dual moon roof across the back here grand wagoneer again dual rear cameras one for your rear view mirror one

For your backup camera hidden tow hitch in the back bumper here two little quarter turns and you have your tow hitch automatic hatch you have a lot of storage space back here macintosh subwoofer on this side you’ll be able to put down the seats so you click that button the whole third row automatically goes down under the map area you have another store section

To store your roof racks and then your jack capital’s fuel tank does take premium 91 plus octane diving into the driver’s side here more wood grain massaging seats if your windows lock control grand wagon mirror right across the steering wheel here with the wood grain on the steering wheel voice controls adaptive cruise control you have the heads up display

So you’ll be able to see your speedometer and stuff in your window so then you could have different apps and different screens set up on the screen down here below this is just a basic little walk around to get the kind of gist of it um there are features i didn’t touch on and then other optional features that this has that um other spoons won’t so this one is

A series 3 it’s 114 000 um if you guys want to see another vehicle i plan on doing some more vehicles and i plan on touching more in depth on the actual features alone of the vehicle as well i want to thank you for watching my name’s doug i appreciate it i’ll see you guys soon

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2022 Jeep Grand Wagoneer Showroom Walk Around By Doug Lambert