2022 Kia EV6 GT Line First Edition 1 of 1500 The Best Futuristic Electric Crossover In The World.

Welcome back to my channel so today i have one of the electric cars from kia this is their 2022 kia ev6 gt line first edition and i’m doing a full in-depth review of this so thanks to node starkia for providing this car to me i’m going to link their facebook page at the description box so first let’s start by showing you the front fascia of this vehicle so first

Of all i’m going to show you the headlights of this car but before that the width of this car is 74 inches now i’m gonna get inside turn on these headlights so this car gets full led headlights because the tt line so you can see this is your main headlight and the high beam this is your daytime running light and this is also your daytime running lights but when

You put the headlights on this turns into the hazards it has six sensors at the front and if you come to the down diffuser it has gloss black treatment and chrome treatment and the center part actually opens when you turn on the car but it closes when you turn it off but it is open for feeding air for cooling the battery of the vehicle and the paint of this car

Is special for the first edition so there are 1500 first edition vehicles this is 420 of it you have the new kia logo here the new font and the front camera of the car is here front load is adequate because they’re just getting into the electric vehicle markets and it is okay now let’s check out the battery or the powertrain of this car so all car have storage

Under the hood like electric vehicles but the kia doesn’t so i’m going to open the hood now so after you pull that you have a little hook here and then hydraulic shields are going to open it so you have the motor of the car at the front so let’s talk about that so the gt line is the top spec and it gets a 77.6 kilowatt hour battery and three or two electric motors

But this is the oval drive vehicle so it has two and the front wheel drive vehicle has one and you can see you don’t have much storage but you have a little storage here for the charger of the vehicle so you could put the charger here or anything else and that’s pretty much it for the front storage compartment you have the windshield wiper fluid here and you have

The radiator fluid there let’s talk about powers so the power of this car is 564 horsepower and 555 pound-feet of torque and because it’s electric car the zero to 60 is fast it’s 4.5 seconds and everything’s covered you have insulation on the top and everything is just like a premium brand vehicle now let’s close the hood so get it closer and just push once

The wipers are rain sensing it has a front camera for the adaptive brake assist of the vehicle now let’s show you the car’s side profile so the length of this car is 186.4 inches now i’m going to show you the front wheels of the vehicle so the wheels on this car are more like electric vehicle and because it’s the electric vehicle it needs wheel like these that

Are more aerodynamic so you have the kia logo at the center and you have this two-tone colored wheel so the wheels are 255 45 r20s you have your four piston brakes at the front that are regenerative so when the brake push it can charge the battery with it because the gt line you have the side treatment that is more like a futuristic look and just look how big and

Wide the side fenders are if you come back this is the exterior mirror and gloss black you have a headless light here and you have a camera down here so if i just turn on the hazard light real quick there you can see and it has blind spot monitoring and lane keep assist you have black treatments all the way covering the sides and the door handles are cool because

When you lock the car and gets inside and the mirror is full when you unlock the car it comes back out and you can just open the door like this and if you come down the side skirts or the side body is in chrome and black treatment under the ground turns of this car is 6.2 inches and the wheelbase is 114.6 inches and if you come to the back it’s same as here and

Because it’s all draft car the rear wheels are same as the front but it has smaller brakes that’s pretty much it and as you can see there’s this reflector here because all of the american cars have two reflectors one in the back and one in the front now let’s show you the rear of this vehicle and the height of this car is 60.8 inches i forgot to show you the key

So let me just do that so this is for the kia logo you can actually reverse and get the car front or back with the key that’s for starting up the car lock unlock trump opening and panic button and you have the emergency crew release here now i’m going to get inside and turn on these rear lights so as you can see the design of the rear lights are very iconic it

Start from here and all the way goes to there but this is actually a really cool design and the hazards are red because it’s an american vehicle so you can see red here and then you have this cool treatment and chrome all the way that goes until the other side and for the charging slot if you just press here it’s going to probably open and you have the charger

Here and this is for if you have a fast charger and it sets the charge here so it has full charge now and this is for if you are charging the cars that’s going to lock the car but keep it on hold and if you just press this button the charge is going to come back you have the kia logo at the center and ev6 here but it doesn’t say it’s the gt line anywhere else you

Have a spoiler here that is a really aerodynamic and a shark fin antenna if you come down this part is gloss black but you have six sensors reflectors reversing light and a reversing camera and that’s going to be pretty much it but because it’s electric vehicle the rear design they nailed it now let’s check out is the ev6 practical or not so for opening the boot

If you just press on the key the power tailgate is going to open by itself and you have 490 liters of storage that is more than enough in my opinion you have some underfloor storage too if i just get that up you can see your tire repair kit and your emergency triangle here and if we close this you can actually fold down the 60 40 distribution from either sides if

You just press this button there it folds now if i just go on that other side and pull this that folds and now you have more storage and that’s pretty much it for the boot space too but it has a practical electric vehicle it’s hundreds it is a suv or a crossover you guys can see it in the comment section now i’m going to get inside now i’m going to get inside

The rear seats of the car so for getting up the seats just there and it is reclinable here you get inside so you have enough legroom enough headroom and the seats are convertible you have a center armrest with two cupholders and the seats are fully leathered and isofix anchor points are here comfortable seat you could recline or get the seat forward as you want

So you have the charging sockets here for either side usbc types as you can see and you have magazine holders too and ac vents on the door handles too as you can see on that side now if you come here again you have the light placements here and you have this amazing design and that’s pretty much it now if i come to the door first of all you have this design with

Gloss black this is the door opener if you come down you have the heated seats and window openers and grab handle leather treatment storage and the meridian surround sound system this is actually the speaker of the vehicle now i’m going to get inside the front those are cool so first let’s start with the dash so you have some fabric treatment here with your

Airbag and then if you come down you have the ac vent here this is for clothes this is for open then the gloss black treatment with this line and then you have the ac vents at the center same way close and open and then you have the hazards button here and everything else that i’m going to show you in a second this car gets a sunroof because this is the gt line

The blind is powerly operated and the sunroof is also powerly operated as you can see it opens a lot for closing it there we go the blind automatically comes in then you have a center storage area under this that you have enough storage and it’s very deep wireless charging pad here two cupholders and one key slot here you have the parking services off and on this

Is for the parking cameras brake hole this is the gear number of the car the drive neutral reverse the refreshing camera pops up with the 360 degree and you can also see the full 360 degree with the kia there now i’m going to put it back to park and now i’m going to show you the climate control and everything but you can see the first edition ev6 1500 and this is

The 420 start button here ventilated seats heated seats heating steering wheel heating heating seats for my side and ventilating seat for my side you have your usb for charging and usb for your mobile and same on here with the power outlet and more storage here this is actually a floating center console now so now let’s show you the infotainment system so foot

On the brake pressing the start button there it turns on 12.3 inch screen copied for mercedes-benz so if you’re going home first of all you have your ev systems if i just press on this there you could see all of the mileage and everything on with the ac on it can go 254 miles with ac off 285 miles then you have your map you can see crystal clear and you can see

The hyundai showrooms at the front baskin robbins best buy you can see a lot of stuff with this map northern boulevard train station and then your phone you have protection for the phone voice memo climate it’s actually digital and analog this is for the temperature for either side this is if you want drivers only so whatever the driver sets the passenger also

Sets but i’m going to keep it like that just for the one speed auto where you want the air ac and sync and heated seats i’m gonna go out of this then you have your quiet mode then you have your hd radio radio setup media care contact notification users manual and you have your apple carplay android auto and this is the home screen you can see the time and date

Navigation and the range and the fm here now if i show you the cameras of the car this is the reversing camera and then for the 360 you could see it here with the car but the color is not same the attention detail is not that great too but the camera is workable and that’s pretty much it for the instrument infotainment system now if you go down you have this

Screen same as the sportage this is for the climate this is for the climate then you have drivers only ac ac wind speed where you want the air heated seats and sink and if we come here you have an outsider coming in auto climate front which heater your windshield heater and then this is your shortcut buttons for the infotainment as the volume and that’s pretty

Much it you have your ventilated seats here heated seats and heating steering wheel and this is the starter button it says ev2 now if you go up this is the rear view mirror of the car auto dem you have two light placements here you have a light here just for opening the sunroof you have the emergency button here vanity mirrors are here too with a light i just

Put that back and grab handles are on the other side both side actually steering wheel is design wise it is okay and it is tilt and telescopic with manually adjustable and there you can see how you want to get adjusted you have your driving mode controller here these are for the screen these are for the screen you have the high beam hazard controls here and the

Windshield wiper controls here now let’s show you the instrument cluster to put on the brake pressing the on button and it does a nice animation and there it comes on so first of all you have to speed here these are for the gear so if i put it on drive you guys can see this is for the safety systems like lane keep assist vehicle settings and all those headlight

Controls here this for lane keep assist this is all the way if it goes up it’s on top speed all the way down it’s on zero you have auto hold feature it says ready because the car is on it’s a 94 percent and it’s on level three charging you can see the outside temperature from here and the mileage you’re getting and the kilometer on the car or the miles on this car

And this is for how much gas you’re pressing so i’m going to put it back to park and i just spark engaged and if i just press on the throttle it doesn’t it has to be driven and it says how much miles it can go now if i change the driving modes if i put it on sports it’s a little different there this is eco and if i press and hold it it’s on snow so i’m going

To leave it on sports and if i want to control that screen i can do it from here so these are your if you’re going on a long trip you could turn this on so it will tell you when you have to rest and when you have to drive and then you have your safety systems and if i go and press this you can go to the settings of to just hold this and then you can go to your

Driver settings like trip information after recharging and all your chips and 94 charge that this car has it can go until 246 miles and if i go on this one you can see the navigation and the info about the car so when it’s powering which wheel and the battery is at the center and the gt line has a heat pump so at winter times it can heat up the battery from the

Force it can get more mileage and there it says the driver’s display in the temperature monitor then you can control all your safety systems and then capacitors from here and if you put the hazards you can see that cameras on either side these are the new hyundai features and that’s pretty much it now i’m going to show you the heads-up display so if i start up

The car it does a nice animation where it turns on and it’s just kia and then check your blind spot and all the safety systems so you have your lane deep assist and the mileage and when you drive the car you have more features and that’s it so first of all you have this treatment that all the way comes here then this is the vent for the default no windows you

Have a ac vent here this for traction control and the parking brake of the vehicle this for opening the boot and closing this for opening the charging system opening it has the gas sign but it has a plug down there attention to detail and this is for the brightness for the instrument cluster take it up and down from here and then if you come to the door first of

All you have your meridian twitter because the scar has the meridian sound system then you have two memory seats this is the door handle lost black treatment and you have leather trimmings or leather wrapped and you have this side for putting your hand grab handle here this is for child locking the doors and windows these are window openers window controls and the

Side window controls you have the meridian sound system here surround sound the speaker design are good but plastic and this is a little slot for putting bottles you have ev6 first edition written here and you have your seat controls i’m going to turn off the vehicle and come outside this is starting off the car so if you like my reviews make sure you hit the like

Button don’t forget to subscribe so thanks to north star kia for providing this car to me and if you want to buy kia’s in america you can contact with north star kia and there’s someone called adam who will help you with it and if you need kias in bangladesh or this particular vehicle you can talk with mignato mobiles and that is the authorized kia distributor in

Our country and that’s pretty much it for the video until then see you next time peace you

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2022 Kia EV6 GT Line First Edition 1 of 1500! The Best Futuristic Electric Crossover In The World. By Emtiaz Vlogs