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2022 Kia Niro EV (e-Niro) EX Walkaround Review POV Test Drive

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A quick look at the 2022 Kia Niro / E-Niro in New Zealand!!!

Hi there welcome to another video this is jerry in this video we’re gonna have a quick look at this 2022 kia nero electric vehicle this particular train in new zealand is called the ex so it’s actually the entry model vehicle but in terms of drivetrain there are no difference between the ex or the next one lx sx actually and also the premium so they have the

Same battery pack same size all and same baldy look there are just cosmetic difference between all of them so this is the vehicle how the vehicle looks like from outside so overall it is a crossover over or a small compact size suv the ground clearance is a little bit higher than the normal hedge peck you see on the road the overall body shape anything is not

As big as a let’s say a kia celtos or akia sportage so it sits right in between the kia celtos and the ikea stone neck in synthesize and at the front we do have these charging ports so obviously it supports the ac charge type 2 and dc fast charge so let’s charge the vehicle with ac so the vehicle will be up to power through a seven chords um charging through

Pretty much overnight between nine to ten hours and for fast charge if it’s on a 50 kilowatts fast charge the vehicle takes just over one hour um to get to 80 percent if it’s um up to seven or 80 kilowatts charger that would be around 50 minutes from zero to 80 percent under the bonnet the vehicle has a 64 kilowatts hour battery so the range is roughly about 450

Kilometers and that’s on wltp certified and in real world i think you can get somewhere around 400 kilometers but it all comes down how you drive that’s going to the boot so just manual opening so the boot has got this hinge on the floor so it’s got a little bit gap when you load anything like that you may scratch this plastic panel and we do have this cover that

Extends way out and this is a little bit different shape from your traditional suv so it’s quite deep it’s okay for the length but overall volume it’s a little bit small for medium-sized suv so it’s more like a compact wall and the vehicle does come with the charging cable with the type 2 plus tire fixing kit you are able to get a spare wheel underneath but the

Vehicle doesn’t come with it from factory all right and simply drop this down and by the way on the side we are getting a 17 inch alloys plus michelin primacy 3 tires so that’s across the range it’s all the same no difference and the back so on this vehicle we get synthetic leather uh so kia koi composite leather so it’s not a real ladder but it’s soft enough

For everything and at the back we get so fixed and a car holder and armrest represented you are getting errands at the back so that’s more than enough for any rear passengers that’s walking so i’m about 178 centimeters tall the front sitting position is my preferred position and this is more than enough for the vehicle size i do get good mounting room the foot

Floor is a little bit higher so my knees are in angle upwards but i’ll be okay with comfort for a small trip to long medium trip and yeah although it’s spacious but for the middle row you’re gonna have to sacrifice a little bit comfort for sure for two people at the back you have no problem and visibility is quite good so you get nice square shape window around the

Side at the front we have this kv’s entry plus kitty start the vehicle locks the cab again we have these synthetic leather seats so on this particular train we’re only getting manual adjustment seats on the sx manual address as well and if you’re looking for the premium and that breaks eighty five thousand dollars plus osc you will get electric seats plus heated

And cooling function at the front so this one’s the basic model again the interior looks like let’s close the door jumping all right we can switch on the vehicle so push button start just locates on the left side it’s gonna always give us these i think five to six beeps once you start the vehicle switch it off this is how the interior looks like it’s very simple

But obviously you get this unique ev design it’s not going to be quite like the other vehicles on the center console we get a full digital display so that will show us things like your wrench empty your charging your power plus your energy flow or you can personalize those things for your triple automated and you will teach you the speed on the side it is pretty

Simple but you get everything you need and on the right hand side we get a couple quick buttons for the land keep assist which is nice you always want to quickly switch it off if you don’t like it traction control blast ball detection the brand news adjustments and headlight adjustments and by the way these can only have the halogen project headlights you are only

Getting led on the premium spec again auto charging and charging time off other things your charging settings off just a quick setting button and a small storage oh sorry no storage just the ob obd obv connections and your body release on the side just your window control and the windmill adjustment so on the steering that’s the main thing so you do get these

Adjustments for your digital display so if you press this button it’ll go into menus go into different information all that things you can also go up and down to change your and you can see your trip only there you can see your energy saving all that things and you get your adaptive cruise control tire pressure monitoring system all those information over there

Other than that we do have adaptive cruise control on this vehicle that will do the smart cruise control for you and we have the land keeping assessment assistance you also have the blind spot detection rear traffic cross alert plus front emergency braking in case you like to watching something or someone so that’s all equipped with all the across the range so

That’s pretty handy for your daily use obviously being uv you’re expecting these things as a premium vehicle on the left side volume control phone control everything and we’ll get indicator on the right left hand side and auto light plus fog from fog on the front rear fog lights windscreen hyper that’s obviously really sensing on the right hand side so in the

Center again this is the display so the base model so we are getting the eight inch display if you’re looking for the highest spec you’ll be getting the 10 inch display so just slightly nice and wider it looks a little bit more premium but the function behind it it’s pretty much the same you’re missing navigation on this one but you’re gonna get navigation on the

On the high premium model other things we get all the menus for radio for media for android local and apple carplay you do have this nice touch for the ev control and so you can see you’re charging you can even time your charging to be as you say charging time limit charging current you can see all the things so that’s pretty handy for your vehicle to use apart

From that we have a nice easy reverse camera so it’s pretty clear for its quality um i don’t go to 360 on this one unfortunately and you get parking sensors at the back climate control underneath so we do have the just a one zone climate control so just single temperature and i do quite like the heat you’re gonna use the heat to obviously generate the heat in

In winter and do like this feature called driver only so basically if you’re driving the vehicle yourself you’re going to try to save more energy obviously of the vehicle you can just simply touch this button only the driver control air conditioning will switch on now you can i can feel nothing comes on these vents there’s something coming on these vents so it’s

Going to be quite handy for your energy saving if you’re going to go long run if you’re going to calculate your mouse or other things otherwise simply touch this button it’s going to have all the events going on so that’s quite handy underneath phone holder nowhere is charging by the way so 12v socket usb and another usb charging that’s easy and these are driving

Mode so you can switch left or reverse send to neutral right to drive press down to park parking sensors and driver mode select on this vehicle we have three driving modes so one is for eco one is normal and one is sport so only change your throttle response pretty much auto hold and parking brake so yeah overall this is quite easy simple to get into if you have

If you have another kia this is going to be very easy to get into if you have any other cars this is not going to be overly complicated but still a very nice touch for a few more features in there and yeah time to go for a drive see what we think all right we’re good to go for a drive let’s just switch to driving mode so at the moment we’re going to start at the

Normal driving mode at the front i’m going to switch off the lane keeping so just in case it gives us beeping sounds good to go and one cool feature about this vehicle is obviously being ub you’re not gonna get any much engine noise and i’m not sure if you can catch up in the video when you reverse the vehicle gives us that beeping sound from outside so give all

The people from other vehicle a small warning that’s a very nice handy touch obviously you can move the car around and people don’t hear the engine noise they don’t expect the vehicle to come from the other side and about the drive train by the way so the vehicle obviously comes with a 64 kilowatts of battery pack and the battery does give you 150 kilowatts power

And 392 newton meters so that’s tons of power for what this vehicle offers especially for yatri vehicle 150 watts is more than enough for your daily drive because we you can see when you put the foot down there’s literally no hesitation um it’s just they just come and go basically um it’s gonna be very handy for your daily drive and that’s more than enough for me

At least it’s not going to be a tesla by the way because the vehicle does not compete with the tesla it’s still a daily drive for people and apart from the driving mode we have also got a thing called brake regeneration program so how that works is when you’re driving the vehicle you get this nice paddle shifters behind the steering you can see where my hands

Are touching um so this allows you to change your regeneration program so at the moment i’m gonna tap the left so it’s on number one at the moment on the dashboard when you switch on the vehicle it’s always default at night number one so the vehicle will give you that one so the first the gear regeneration you can switch the pedal by pressing the tab on the right

Hand side it’s gonna switch to number two what that means is it’s not gonna give you any regeneration so there’s no braking um you can drive as a petrol vehicle if you like but i’m gonna tap the pedal on the left i’m gonna change the number two or number three so now the vehicle is gonna give me heavier regeneration so as soon as i obviously fight the back by the

Way so as soon as i leave my foot off the pedal the vehicle will give that regeneration break so that help with the efficiency and you can see the energy flow at the front as well so that’s pretty cool for eva i do like these pedals there are a couple cars you get center control you can go into the settings to change those things and these pedals looks pretty

Cool obviously yeah you’re driving a uv there’s no gear change all sorts of things but with these pedals it makes you feel nice and you can change anytime again i can change number two to number one whenever i like and you can instantly notice the break at number two and number three and number one it’s gonna be very soft so it’s honestly up to you to see if you

Want to choose your regeneration breaking and honestly that helps the efficiency obviously and in the best scenario you can also use this car for a for the one pedal driving it’s going to be very easy to use and we’re driving around town at the moment with roughly 50 kilometers per hour speed limit and the vehicle feels very soft very easy to you know we get good

Visibility around again the power is easy to shift uh once you put the foot down there’s just gonna be instant power for you um i’m driving at normal mode by the way if you’re gonna drive on eco the power is gonna shift not as fast as this one but it’s still enough for most people i mean i sport and it’s going to be very fast uh we can try that later and let’s try

Acceleration on auto mode so there we go oh that power is very easy to clicking as we said 150 watts doesn’t look scary at all to be fair but being an ev that’s that’s the power you get um you get no hesitation no gear change there’s no talk um what do you say there’s no turbo lag on these cards once you put foot down you’re gonna get that push from the back and

It’s just easy to drive i’m being i i still haven’t think there’s any evs on the market that’s gonna not drive good compared to petrol cars i know people always gonna complain about noise about this and that paints on the drive it is really good to drive for someone who has never owned the uv before you’re going to be really happy about this driving experience

I guarantee you and we are now at about 80 kilometers per hour zone so the vehicle handles it really easily um because like i said it’s a crossover shape so it’s not going to be too bad in terms of these going around the corners all that things and oval suspension is okay for for a small car like this not gonna be the premium suspension setting so it’s not

Gonna be super soft here there you do get bumps all that things but it is standard it is understandable or forgivable for the price or for the vehicle you are getting for around him so so i’m going to switch the drive to spot mode because um this is where we can drive up to a lip is more on the speed after here so as soon as i switch to sport i can feel how

The pedal is so sensitive i’m not even tapping anything the vehicle still keep going where the 60 i’m just gonna go there we go oh this is fast the first acceleration is always fast after that it’s quite smooth uh you can see the numbers keep going up there we go just like that it’s so easy to pick up and you go around the corner you drop to 70 and you press the

Pedal then the car just flies again it’s not as fast as tesla to be fair i haven’t driven a tesla before but i never tested it’s gonna be faster than this but for people driving from a to b every day this would be a perfect car for you one small thing to complain though for me the biggest problem would be the seat comfort there’s unfortunately no lumber support

On this vehicle which is a shame i just couldn’t get the number support right on this vehicle um i here i keep trying to adjust the seats other things no matter how many times i drive this car i just couldn’t get the lambo support right so i do feel that part would require a little bit more adjustments otherwise i would need a cushion if i’m gonna have to drive

This cut every day um that’s my small complaint apart from that i’m pretty happy over at them for now and we’re driving that’s where it’s quite we’re quite open at the back i’m just gonna go up from 30 there we go that’s 100 foot down oh we’re fast hey this is fast it is fussy enough for me at least back in the car park all right that brings us to the end of

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