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2022 KIA SORENTO HYBIRD EX – Your 3rd Row AWD Hybrid Crossover

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2022 Kia Sorento Hybird EX walkaround and highlights by Mitchell in our Saco location – (207) 710-2623

Hi there mitchell bennett for build dodge here in sunny saco maine today i have pulled up for us the 2022 kia sorento hybrid ex trim level starting with the exterior styling of this vehicle again new for 2022 you do have kia’s updated badging sitting in that black tiger nose grille as well as your full led headlights and daytime running lights on this ex trim

Level you also get your led fog lights integrated right to the bottom grille there now behind that grille this is a hybrid model to get a 1.6 liter turbocharged engine as well as the full hybrid motor gives you about 37 combined highway 37 combined miles per gallon and new for 2022 this ex trim level does get kia’s torque vectoring all-wheel drive system now

The kia sorento does sit directly below the telluride when it comes to size in the kia crossover lineup and is equipped with your third row seating this particular model does have your second row captain’s chairs with a quick press of this button slides forward giving you access to the third row comfortably sitting six full size adults as we move to the rear

Of the vehicle again kia’s updated badge as well as your full led tail lights and the sorrento name plate extrim does add your smart powered liftgate with those third row seats up you get about 16 feet of storage and again really quick and easy to fold those down with those third row seats down that storage capacity moves up to about 45 cubic feet also for

Oversized cargo you do have your remotes fold flat second row seats now the sorrento is equipped with kia’s drivewise safety features that includes things like your automatic emergency braking your lane keep assist blind spot warning and rear cross traffic alert so we climb into the driver’s seat of the kia sorento hybrid this ex model does include this 10.25

Inch display as well as your built-in factory navigation apple carplay and android auto are as we work our way down again fully automatic climate control your front seats are heated plenty of charging options including a wireless charging pad now for all the hybrid sorrentos you do get your rotary dial for your shifts as well as your drive modes if you would

Like to maximize your fuel economy in the eco mode or sport mode for more spirited driving take a look at the steering wheel here again kia’s updated logo do you have your distance pacing cruise control and lane keep assist as well as your audio controls and bluetooth hands-free calling also with the press of this button do cycle through your driver display

As well your speed average fuel economy navigation and safety features this particular sorrento hybrid is sold but we are getting more in each and every day if you have any questions about the sorrento or any other vehicles in the kia lineup give me a call my direct line is 207-710-2623 again mitchell bennett here at bill dodge in sunny sanco maine with the 2022 kia sorento hybrid ex

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2022 KIA SORENTO HYBIRD EX – Your 3rd Row AWD Hybrid Crossover By Bill Dodge Auto Group