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2022 Kia Sorento – Plug-in Hybrid I Got Press Access

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Kia has matured the Sorento, with a muscular body and plug-in Hybrid. Loaded with safety and luxury features, I can definitely see this as a vehicle for small families. Perfect size for city living and the now with a standard 3 row seating.

Foreign hey guys it’s jonathan here at the 2021 miami auto show we are here with kia checking out the new sorrento this is all new this is a plug-in hybrid now now the kia showed us the ev6 in chicago and now they’re back again just a few months later with an all-new vehicle this is the 2022 kia sorento let’s check it out because we’ve been given special permission

We’re going to walk behind here onto the stage and check out this very nice kia sorento you remember if you look back in the past it started out as this round vehicle almost uh minivan-esque but it’s coming to its own as this muscular crossover that is now found its new generation as a plug-in hybrid so you’ve got your gas power on this side and then around the

Other side you’ve got your connection port here for this is for the plug-in hybrid let’s take a look inside you guys and show you how they’ve updated this in incredible ways i love these honeycomb vents here you’ve got usb and a 12 volt here again no usbc you’ve got usb’s on the on the seats here though i just noticed that that is really cool also for your

Rear cut passenger instead of putting your soda rug down here you’ve got a really nice cup holder right here easy and easy reach got these grab handles that are very well integrated into the door panel and i love this this diamond pattern that they’ve got here too really well done up front you’ve got three usb ports actually and you’ve got your heated seats

And cooled seats for both driver and passenger again this honeycomb vent they continue on on the front as well as well as this diamond pattern it’s very very nice he hasn’t complicated letting down the rear seats all you have to do is pull this horde and push and they’re down for the second row which in this vehicle is the 6c or captain’s road configuration

You can actually just press down the second row for left and right and there you go now you do need to go around to the other side to pull them back up manually but it is nice in a pinch when you’re your hands are full to be able to let those seats down from the rear compartment so if you remember the key sorrento used to have an optional third row now this one

Actually has a third row as standard and they haven’t forgotten about the third row passengers you’ve got a usb port on this side usb port on the left side as well as well as additional reading lights that are actually right here which also also double for giving light exterminated light for your cargo area you’ve got a 12-volt socket here that can be utilized by

The cargo area some hooks here for groceries right now this sorrento as it stands right now is about 59 000 but granted this is the top of the line model this has all the bells and whistles this really nice uh panoramic moon roof um now this is a plug-in hybrid and just in gas alone you’re going to get about 34 combined miles per gallon and with the hybridization

You’re looking at closer to 80 miles per gallon so this is definitely going to be a vehicle that’s going to sell well in the u.s particularly california in fact it’s actually first been launched in california i hope you guys can hear me over the kids anyways guys that’s your first look at the new kia sorrento you

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2022 Kia Sorento – Plug-in Hybrid!! I Got Press Access! By Jonathan Miami