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A semi-mid-size suv sportage for a passionate and vibrant life the body of the sportage was built to accommodate all sorts of purposes having achieved the best stability in its class by using an all new platform the sportage offers improved driving performance through its high strength and lightweight body structure headlamps with sleek and urban lines

Match the tail lamps that gently envelop the body the performance has been improved with led lamps and the led lighting package provides additional convenience the hidden rear wiper positioned below the rear spoiler and the flag type exterior mirrors have improved visibility and openness the side view parting line has been removed to simplify the design

And make it more convenient to get in and out of the vehicle the outside handles have a touch sensor which allows you to open the door without a button when getting into the vehicle this model features increased dimensions and the largest two-row living space in its class creating maximum interior space the 12.3 inch panoramic curve display generates

A slim and wide driving cockpit improving the sense of openness allowing quick and easy access to various menus and creating a futuristic interior atmosphere the internal knobless handles top off its aesthetic design while also preventing the door from being accidentally opened the color changing mood lamps interspersed throughout create an even more

Luxurious feel by applying ambient chrome lighting while also gently illuminating the inside of the vehicle to top off the sensuous interior design you can enter and start the sportage vehicle through a smartphone app without a smart key to set it up activate the kia digital key app and place your smartphone on the indoor authentication pad next go to

The infotainment screen and press setup vehicle and digital key while the vehicle is turned on shift the gear to park and adjust the seat position to suit your preference to save your seat position once you’re done press either switch one or two on the driver’s door for one second until you hear a beep to set the height go to the vehicle settings door

And select power tailgate opening height you can even set the speed in the power tailgate opening speed menu based on the date and time data of your recent destinations the vehicle will automatically recommend destinations if there is a high chance that you’re heading to your home or office you can adjust the guide sound by pressing the volume button

And you can change the map color in navigation settings let’s connect a smart device to the vehicle through bluetooth pairing go to the infotainment system screen and tap setup the device connection settings icon will appear go to the device connections select bluetooth pairing and search for the vehicle name on the bluetooth device and connect it once

Done a verification code and connection request message will appear on the device and screen pressing the connect button will complete the bluetooth connection with the vehicle let’s set up the rear occupant alert to prevent infants or pets from being left behind on the vehicle settings screen select convenience and then rear occupant alert when the

Rear door is opened the vehicle is turned off and the driver’s door is opened a message will display and an alert will sound in the cluster you can disable this feature by pressing the ok button on the steering wheel after the door is locked if indoor movement is detected by the in-vehicle radar sensor you’ll be notified through driver notifications and

Text messages let’s look at the various convenient features of sportage the side of the seat has a walk-in device feature that allows the driver to adjust the passenger seat this feature has two individual buttons for sliding and reclining so you can adjust it according to the passenger’s posture and body size the rear seat has a headrest for hanging

Coats a usb-c port a hook for organizing charging cables and hanging shopping bags when placing a child car seat in the rear seat the three-point belt can be utilized to provide better safety for infants and toddlers you can charge your smartphone wirelessly in the car fast charging is available as long as your smartphone supports it the cooling fan

Prevents the smartphone from overheating ensuring a safe charge the sportage gear lever makes it easy to change gears by turning a dial when the vehicle is turned off or the driver’s door is opened the gear automatically shifts to park to ensure safety to perform neutral parking turn off the vehicle step on the brake and then put the car into neutral for

One second or longer smart cruise control recognizes the vehicle in front and maintains an appropriate distance this helps the driver drive at the speed they set the navigation based smart cruise control uses the road information of the navigation system when driving on roads only for motor vehicles this helps drivers keep a safe speed based on the

Road conditions you can select whether to use each function in the driver assistance section of the vehicle settings lane following assist recognizes the lane and vehicle in front of the car helping to keep the car in the middle of the lane highway driving assist recognizes the vehicles and lanes in front of you on roads where it can run this feature

Helps maintain a safe distance from the vehicle ahead while keeping the car at the required speed making it easier to drive the vehicle in the middle of the lane forward collision avoidance assist is a feature that detects vehicles pedestrians and bicyclists in front of your vehicle warns you and helps you brake when there’s a risk of a collision when

Turning left if a risk of collision with an oncoming vehicle is determined this feature will help you break to prevent a collision you can select whether to use each function in the driver assistance section of the vehicle settings lane keeping assist recognizes the lane ahead while driving at a certain speed if you leave the lane without using your turn

Signal it will warn you when it detects that you’re leaving your lane it will help you steer and stay in your lane while driving above a certain speed blind spot collision avoidance assist recognizes the vehicle behind you when a collision risk is determined it will notify you with a warning message and a warning sound in addition when changing lanes

Or exiting a parking space it will help you brake to prevent a collision if your risk of collision increases safe exit assist recognizes vehicles from behind when a passenger opens the door to get out after the vehicle is stopped if the collision risk is determined it will notify you using a warning message and sound intelligent speed limit assist

Utilizes the posted speed limit and navigation map data to notify the driver of the speed limit and additional sign information this helps drivers comply with the speed limit on the road driver attention warning judges the driving pattern and driving time and provides a notification regarding the driver’s level of attention recommending a rest to the

Driver when their attention falls below a certain level in order to encourage safe driving blind spot view monitor uses a camera installed in the vehicle to display on the dashboard the image of the blind spot in the direction of the driver’s turn signal to help make driving safer remote smart parking assist uses an ultrasonic sensor to search for a

Parking space helping the driver park or exit a parking space remotely from outside the vehicle to use it while the vehicle is turned off press the door lock button and press and hold the remote start button on the smart key near the vehicle to start the vehicle press the forward and reverse buttons until the vehicle reaches the desired position the

Surround view monitor uses the camera installed in the vehicle to display the images around the vehicle on the infotainment system helping you park safely you can select whether to use each function in the driver assistance section of the vehicle settings rear cross traffic collision avoidance assist recognizes vehicles approaching from the rear while

Reversing if it detects a collision risk it notifies the driver with warning signs and beeps helping the driver break and avoid a collision reverse parking collision avoidance assist is designed to reduce the risk of collisions with pedestrians and objects when the vehicle is reversing by warning a driver or controlling the brakes you

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