2022 Kia Telluride 8-seater SUV Refreshed Design

The hot-selling Telluride, with year-on-year sales up 68 percent, maintains its bold style and adds the new Kia badging and slightly redesigned radiator grille. Inside, Kia’s award-winning SUV adds a larger 10.25-inch navigation display, fully automatic temperature control and highway driving assist to the LX and S trims, as well as Navigation Based Smart Cruise Control-Curve to all trims.

The 2022 telluride gives you power for wherever the road takes you this award-winning vehicle offers impressive handling and power advanced technology and a spacious interior designed for passenger comfort kia’s largest vehicle created for the us market the telluride is also one of the company’s most popular models with the automaker citing a surge in year-over-year

Deliveries of no less than 68 to date as such it’s no surprise that with each passing model year the mid-size crossover suv gets a raft of improvements for the 2021 model year kia rolled out the telluride with subtle enhancements and an important special appearance package the telluride nightfall edition now the suv is ready to move on to the 2022 model year

The kia logo sits right in the middle of the grill up front while sitting above the telluride nameplate on the rear odd the vehicle the new kia logo can also be found on the steering wheel in the wheel center caps other than the new logo the only other change found on the exterior is a black finish at the center of the grill things are different on the inside

Of the 2022 kia telluride especially on the lower trim levels which will now come with more standard equipment the lx and s trim levels sit at the bottom of the range and will now get a 10.25 inch touchscreen that previously was only available on ex models and higher other standard equipment added to the lower trim levels includes automatic climate control

For passengers in front and back as well as highway driving assist technology the s model will also now come with a wireless charger the entire kia telluride 2022 range also now comes equipped with navigation-based smart cruise control curve the system is designed to use navigation to recognize things such as curves in the road speed limits and more so that it

Can set the speed accordingly with the addition of several premium features you would expect a bit of a price bump while there is indeed a slight price increase it’s not one that will hurt your wallet the entry-level lx trim sees a 600 price increase moving up to a starting price of thirty four thousand fifteen dollars which includes a one thousand two hundred

Twenty five dollar destination fee the 2022 kia telluride s price increases seven hundred dollars to thirty six thousand five hundred fifteen dollars while the ex and x models go to thirty nine thousand one hundred five dollars and forty three thousand nine hundred fifteen dollars respectively which is a two hundred dollar increase for both the 2022 telluride

Sx prestige sits at the top of the range and comes standard with all-wheel drive the starting price for that model is 48 115 which is actually 100 less than the 2021 model the 2022 kia telluride with all the aforementioned changes is now available across the u.s as far as engines go there are no changes for the 2022 model year that means that the 2022 telluride

Is still available with the 3.8 liter v6 engine which generates 291 horsepower and 262 pounds feet of torque an 8-speed automatic transmission and front-wheel drive complete this setup although there is also the option for all-wheel drive the all-wheel drive on the 2022 telluride costs two thousand dollars with more equipment as standard an update look and a

Great starting price for all trim levels the 2022 kia eight-seater suv will almost certainly continue to be one of the most in-demand vehicles in what is becoming a highly competitive automotive segment eh

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2022 Kia Telluride 8-seater SUV Refreshed Design By Car News