2022 Land Rover Defender 110 3.0 D250 X-Dynamic S

We have the best selection of in demand premium 4×4’s available. Here’s the latest, our Lantau Bronze Defender 110 with fully loaded X-Dynamic S specification & some key extras including Black Exterior Pack, 20″ Gloss Black Alloys, Fixed Side Steps, Sliding Panoramic Roof, Full Size Spare Wheel & Comfort and Convenience Pack

Another beautiful land rover defender now for me i love this colour so the colour is called lantau bronze but the car is an x dynamic it’s a 22 plate it’s done 500 miles it’s a 250 brake horsepower 3 liter diesel engine but it’s spec beautifully look at it it’s got a contrasting black roof it’s got full x dynamic bumpers styling black exterior pack 20 inch wheels

Side steps and a contrasting black roof so the colour works especially with that styling the car’s got a comfort and convenience package so you’ve got things like ambient lighting wireless charging you get great spec with this car and the color it’s just going to move in and show you the color as well cut it we don’t get many in this color some people say it

Looks great looks bronze it’s a stunning stunning beautiful color it’s metallic you’ve then got them black badging the inserts would have been an x dynamic and you can see the x dynamic gives you this big under section here all finished in gloss black it then goes all the way around the arches around the side and then onto the back bumper wheels beautiful 20-inch

Wheels they’ve been done in high gloss black as well which just fits and works beautifully you’ve then got mud flaps side steps not standard side steps they’ve been done in gloss black as well i mentioned it earlier you’ve got that contrasting black roof which just breaks the car up beautifully you’ve got the signature graphics here in gloss black as well and then

As we move around the rear you’ve got full-size spare wheel which is an added extra in gloss black mud flaps that x dynamic back bumper and then the torn eye sections which are out like that as well which is an added extra as well so the car looks really really well three years land rover warranty three years land rover assist moving on inside it’s all keyless

Entry and then if we start on the door card you can see the light in there so it’s got without having that comfort and convenience package you’ve got ambient lighting you’ve got meridian sound system getting inside we’ve got full stack the car up full heated interior seats as well in the front glass roofs at the moment the glass roofs open so that’s electronic

It’s an opening glass roof great great feature and with the car being an x dynamic you can see on the sills you can see you’ve got your x dynamic styling you get the the color built into the door cards as well with the studs other extras other things that are standard to be fair um keyless it’s all keyless automatic light automatic wipers the camera system if we

Put the car into reverse you’ve got that fantastic full surround top view and 3d camera system heated seats i mentioned earlier you’ve got air suspension with this car being a 110 moving into the center here so we’ve got drop your phone down on there wireless charging refrigerator part of that comfort and convenience package you’ve got all then your cup holders

As well which again with a cover to go over that is part of that package in the back i’m just going to show you about size now because 110s are so popular because of the size you’ve got so much room so if i jump into here you can see the ambient lighting runs in the door cards there as well which lovely in the back you’ve got this internal rear blind you’ve got

Usb charging points the car’s like brand new it smells new inside it’s done 500 miles and then moving around the back little defender badge there’s been done in black which is great massive boot space air suspension you can press the button to drop the car down and you can even drop them seats down so you’ve got such a huge load space on a defender 110. but i

Think externally this car it’s i think the color with a contrast in black with the wheels and the x dynamic bumpers it all looks absolutely superb it’s the best price 22 plate 250 x dynamic 110 in the uk most importantly so it’s gone live on our website thank you for watching

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2022 Land Rover Defender 110 3.0 D250 X-Dynamic S By Acklam Car Centre