2022 Land Rover Defender 110 S Commercial (5 Seat) (VAT Q)

Further adding to its rarity, this 110 Commercial boasts a rear seat conversion offering all the benefits of a commercial with everyday practicality of a 5-Seat 4×4. Finished perfectly with 22’ Gloss Black Alloys & Electric Deployable Towbar

One of the most sought after vehicles on the market today is this the defender 110 commercial so this is a commercial that qualifying 2022 71 registration with only 5 000 miles on in fuji white what you call the d250 which is a three liter diesel engine with 250 brake horsepower please do your homework look at what’s available because i have none of them look as

Good as this and they’re all about 10 000 pounds more now we sell the best cars at the best prices we know that already because of our live pricing this in the fuji white with the black sections is just absolutely phenomenal but some key features on this car which i’m going to show you as i go around but i’ll mention it anyway this has had the rear seat conversion

Done already me and you both know that when you are buying a defender commercial you have your reasons all the benefits from the company car purposes the that element of it there’s so many great benefits but having that we see conversion done already just saves you another two and a half three thousand pounds time and hassle and i will show you because there’s a

Good quality seat conversion done to it already from the front you have the black housings around the headlights there the led daytime running lights front rear parking centers parallel park assist and you have the full 360 view camera system that’s a camera in the front camera in the sides and the camera in the back the bonnet kick plates there in matte finish

You’ve then got the beautiful and i mean beautiful and completely transforms the way this defender looks the 22 inch matte black alloy wheels in brand new condition no curb damage no corrosion nothing but just look how good this looks with the wheels on it puts another chunky vibe that just it looks brilliant you’ve then got the black fixed tube bars side steps

There black mirror cap covers some protection glass some protection on the quarter windows but look at this interior leather seats all the adjustments with lumber support automatic gearbox navigation dvds little radio you’ve got heated seats the dual zone climate control the multi-functional steering wheel which is also level wrapped and you have the full digital

Dashboard because remember a lot of the new defenders coming through without the digital dash because of the shortage of chips and all the other reasons but a normal one tank commercial defender doesn’t have them what can they say to you i’m not just saying it because we all know that when you buy a defender commercial sometimes you want to use it and you would

Get these seeds put in so this is good quality leather nice and soft with the icy fix attachments and that’s a big thing because i find previously that whenever someone’s bought a defender commercial or a discovery commercial they’ve gone and put a bench seat in but it hasn’t got icy fix attachments it just isn’t a good quality seat it’s just cheap and tacky this

One it’s almost as if it belongs to this car it’s brilliant you’ve also got the spare wheel cover on this one nice hard back on it the led rear lighting system reversing camera system and you’ve got the rear sight clear view camera as well because it’s all blocked up at the back you press the button on the interior mirror and you can see exactly what’s behind you

Another key feature on this car is the electric deployable tow bar so you press that electronically the 12 bar comes out use it once you’ve finished press the button again it just falls away in the fuji white without styling with them wheels on the toolbar the rear seat already put in genuinely it doesn’t get much better around here you’ve got all it could be

Whole space there as well you can really maximize this car for what it is it is brilliant and you can’t get them remember this is that qualifying so it’s brilliant if you have a business after that registered you can claim all of that back instantly and be in the commercial you don’t need me to tell you speak to the accountant he’ll tell you how you can benefit

From it as from the driver’s side of the cabin you’ve got the cruise control armor headlights armament window wipers the voice control the full digital dashboard there where the navigation is displayed all the way across push button start there’s a camera system in high definition the full 360 you can see every part of the car no problem at all and there’s no

Excuses for curbing any wheel cup holders usbs usc’s 12 ball sockets center armrest is huge with more could be a whole space underneath it’s brilliant and here’s the clear sight view in tv mirror so that’s a normal mirror they can see out the back window press that and you get to see exactly what’s there through the camera system fabulous opportunity whenever i

Get a car like this which is like qualifying a commercial with the rear seat conversion or done already it’s just it’s in and it’s out like brand new condition under manufactures warranty my name is joe my name and number is on the bottom of the screen give me a call bring me direct we’ll reserve it for you and just come and collect it thanks for watching bye now

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2022 Land Rover Defender 110 S Commercial (5 Seat) (VAT Q) By Acklam Car Centre