2022 Lexus ES 350: How Fast Is The New Lexus ES?

Today I drive and review a 2022 Lexus ES 350!

Hey everyone it’s ben hardy here and in today’s video we’re going over a 2022 lexus es 350 first and foremost so a huge shout out thank you to the larry miller lexus here in murray for giving me some time with this es check out their intern link below let’s get right into the video so under the hood we have a naturally aspirated 3.5 liter v6 that goes through

An 8-speed automatic transmission fuel economy is 22 around town and then 32 on the highway with power outputs being 302 horsepower and then 267 pound-feet of torque now let’s go over the front end of the es 350 so first off it’s kind of hard to see because this one has white paint on it with this really nice body line right there and then coming down to the

Headlights notice we have the projector leds with the lexus check mark now the accent light doesn’t actually blink in person that’s just because the frame rate of the camera notice we’ve got parking sensors integrated into the front then also in the grill i really like that accent piece off to the side and then you can see we’ve got the lexus logo here in the center

That doubles as a sensor i really like the design here on the front grille really intricate definitely one of the better looking lexus grilles i will say that and then aside from that that is the front end now coming on the side here we’ve got two 35 millimeter tires wrapped on 18-inch wheels in the front and over in the rear as well and then if we look at the

Design here on the wheels unless we have the silver here on the top and then you’ve got the dark metallic gray that’s kind of mixed in and overall it leads to this having a really nice intricate design notice how the fenders here kind of pop out just a little bit we have the two-tone mirrors and you guys might recognize this mirror because this is the same mirror

As what you have on the lc 500 looks really cool interesting to see it here on the es but aside from that speaking of sides here’s your full side view i like that body line there on the back end and talking about the back end let’s head to the back end now here’s our key fob lexus logo on the back notice we have the lock the unlock and then we also have that to

Open up the trunk now if you hold down the remote start or sorry the lock button rather a couple times and then hold and then hold it down that’ll do the remote start function kind of got ahead of myself anyways let’s pop in the trunk now here’s the trunk area in the es so first notice that we’ve got the first aid kit right there we’ve got the lexus es floor mat

In that area and then you guys can see storage space back here is pretty solid and let’s actually pick this up so you guys can see everything that’s underneath that portion right there and then you can just lock it back into place like that pretty easy setup and then as for lowering this down you just have to lower it down with your hand that’s all now finishing

Things here in the rear notice we’ve got another lexus logo right there got the es 350 badge and then we’ve got the tail lights that again mimic the logo as you can see parking sensors all along the bottom and you can see the coverings here for the exhaust tips on either side and that’s all now popping here to the interior notice we’ve got this leather trim and

We’ve got some wood trim at the very top and then down below we’re going to rest your arm and then we’ve got more wood trim right there and then notice the black trim off to the side i like to look at the door handle but anyways here are the seats in the back so again notice nice leather you got the perforated leather and whoops got a little bit of rain on that

But anyways let’s pop in you guys can see leg room about six foot pretty i mean my hair touches the top that doesn’t count because it’s not taking my head so whatever anyways notice we’ve got the 12 volt got a couple of usbs storage right there at the seat and then this pulls down to be some cup holders it’s kind of interesting that they have the cover and the

Cover’s actually soft touch that’s cool but let’s head to the front now going over the door panel here at the front it’s just like what you have there in the rear notice the stitching there at the top and then if you guys are wondering the mirrors do have blind spot monitoring got three settings for the memory seats all of your window controls again more wood

Trim right there and then here’s the seat at the front so again you’ve got the really nice leather with a perfect leather nice bolsters on the side got your adjustments on the side of the seat with the lexus plaque there’s the pedals just down below gas cap release that’s released for the trunk and then more nice trim right there steering wheel is automatically

Adjustable those are look before we pop in now here is the steering wheel in the es notice we’ve got leather wrapped around the entire steering wheel and then you’ve got the lexus logo here in the center obviously paddle shifters on either side got a cruise control here with the lane keep assist and then notice we’ve got our volume voice command controls controls

For the center stack right there turn signal light stock windshield wiper stock and also i like how meaty the steering wheel is it’s just like it has like a nice uh girth to it but anyways that’s all for the steering wheel now here is the center gauge cluster so you guys can see we’ve got this digital gauge and you do have some like analog dials within it um but

Lots of screen action happening basically but anyways notice here with the gauge cluster itself there’s a few different menus that you can scroll through here to give you different bits of vehicle information over on the left side uh pretty standard stuff nothing too crazy we do have some different drive modes so we’ve got our eco mode and then we have a normal

Which we’re in now and then we’ve got our sport mode which makes everything red and aggressive and yeah that’s all for that this is the stability control stock and that’s the stock for the drive modes and yes it does look like a snail head slightly but i don’t know anyways we have the center infotainment system right over here which if we pop it into reverse you

Can see the backup camera with trajectory lines that turn with the steering wheel we go from reverse to drive doesn’t pop on with anything else but anyways as the rest of the infotainment system pretty easy to use with the little keypad now it is also a touch screen which is definitely nice and then i like how there’s a clock off to the side it’s just kind of

Like usually lexus puts it down here but on this one off to the side uh yeah easy to use great response time and if you don’t like touch screens you still have a keypad that you can use so you get the best of both worlds we got the hazard light button right here and then we have our dual zone climate controls just down below with our analog radio controls and we

Have our heated cooled seats heated steering wheel all that fun stuff and notice automatic climb controls but automatic heated and cooled seats pretty neat and then you have the covering right over here with a cup holder and then little charging area shifter for that eight speed automatic which has leather there at the top and our auto hold and then notice we’ve

Got the whole keypad with the wrist rest and then we have this interesting situation so it’s a cup holder storage space thing and then you press that and then well it pops up a little bit higher so i feel like a shorter cup or something so pretty smart and then notice we got the center console with the wireless phone charger decent amount of storage space nice

Leather on top of all of that and then we’ve got the glove box over here and the glove box even has leather on it that’s nice but notice on the dash as well and then notice the wood trim kind of continues right there on that portion of the dash and then here at the very top we do get a sunroof and then kind of like softer cloth here on the top and then lighter

Colored headliner so here’s our window sticker for this 2022 es 350 feel free to freeze the frame if you want to read everything that this comes with and then you guys can see the base msrp now we do have some options added to this particular one so there’s our total msrp one hundred and ten dollars and let’s take it out and see how it drives well let’s talk

About visibility before we set off here in this es350 there’s your visibility of the hood both of the mirrors and then throughout the rest of the rear and let’s set off so we are setting off here in the es 350 and first off let’s talk about the road noise and ride quality with this version of the es you guys remember i recently drove the es 300 hf sport which was

Actually a prototype pretty crazy stuff um so this i guess this first like my first time driving like a full production uh version of the new es um what i will say though is this doesn’t feel quite as smooth as that f sports is pretty interesting um that had the sport tuned suspension so you think it would be rougher but this i i can i can definitely uh remember

The difference between that that thing was like super smooth this is still very smooth don’t get me wrong um but it seemed like that es 300 hf sport was just a little bit nicer other than that seats are super comfortable they definitely hold you in place pretty well and obviously having the automatic heated seats is nice which i know i think that’s such a cool

Feature to have yeah it’s quiet it’s comfortable and it definitely gives you that luxury car experience so we’re about to get up and over these uh train tracks and we’ll get our acceleration here with the es 350 definitely does a good job over the train tracks that eight speeds so smooth so again i drove the hybrid version so this is my first time driving the

New es again with the 3.5 liter v6 i like the hybrid but i like this more maybe just because it’s a v6 and i’m all about you know having a little bit of a bigger engine but it’s just it’s smooth it’s got good torque power delivery is great and again that eight-speed automatic transmission is just great the transitions pop into the manual mode here downshifts are

Relatively good yeah up shifts are nice and smooth quick too so yeah really responsive transmission does a really good job overall and let’s gonna sum things up with this es 350 so and that was great going over that bump because that really showed us like the suspension the chassis everything’s like it went like obviously i felt it um but it just it took that

Really well anyways exterior styling i think this is a big improvement um obviously lexus isn’t too crazy with like their changes with styling they’re pretty conservative but they did make some slight changes and it looks really good interior wise for this package it’s very nice i mean for mid 40 000 this is a really nice interior the seats are really comfortable

Touch points are nice so yeah really solid from that perspective and then in terms of the kind of like features it’s great that it has a touch screen now and again having the automatic heated and cooled seats i think that’s just a nice feature to have has a bunch of safety safety tech rather so that’s all good so it’s good from a feature perspective and then

Driving it’s nice comfortable it feels like a nice luxury car it really does and it is a nice luxury car and then from a performance standpoint i mean it gets up and it moves it’s nothing crazy but you know it gets the job done and so overall the score i’m gonna give this is i’m gonna give this a seven and a half now that f sport package i’m gonna give that one

A little bit of a higher score i didn’t score that because at the time i wasn’t doing scoring on the channel that would be like an eight out of 10 but not necessarily the hybrid i would just do like a regular esf sport the hybrid package the hybrid’s great i’m having the f support hybrid is cool because the first time you can get that but i just i prefer this at

Powertrain i i know the hybrid gets better fuel economy and some of you that fuel economy is important too i understand but just as like a driving enthusiast i like how this drives a little bit better i i’d give up some fuel economy and have this engine and that’s es now let’s give some things up for our video on this 2022 lexus es 350 and again a huge shout out

And thank you to the larry miller lexus here in murray for giving me some time with this es check out the inform link below i’ll see all of you in the next video

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2022 Lexus ES 350: How Fast Is The New Lexus ES? By Ben Hardy