2022 Lexus ES 350 Review : Now More Reasons to Buy

The verdict: A new touchscreen for multimedia and vehicle controls makes the 2022 Lexus ES 350 a much better option than previous versions.

2022 lexus s 350 review now more reasons to buy the verdict a new touchscreen for multimedia and vehicle controls makes the 2022 lexus s a much better option than previous versions versus the competition in a class of small sporty luxury sedans the s 350 remains a comfy quiet option best experienced in its non-f sport versions incremental changes have kept the

Lexus s sedan fresh since its 2019 model year redesign including a four cylinder all-wheel drive s 250 in 2021 but the 2022 s is the best version yet and it didn’t take an entire redesign or even a significant refresh to get there all it took was a touch screen finally a touch screen over years and through generations of lexus s sedans drivers primarily controlled

The car’s multimedia and other features through a wonky touchpad controller or a polarizing joystick i preferred the 2014 to 18 joystick over the more recent touchpad but neither was great the redesigned 2022 lexus nxs uv got a whole new touchscreen system and while the 2022s has kept its touchpad controller its best upgrade as a new touchscreen to replace the

Previous non-touch display it gives the s 250 and s 350 the usability we expect from a new car including the ability to use apple car play and android auto as they’re intended by touch apple car play even stretches across the whole screen which isn’t a given with the proliferation of large screens in cars these days i tested a top ultra luxury trim of the s-350

And its 12.3 inch touchscreen was high resolution and high quality with the same crisp graphics it had before to go along with its new touchscreen functionality prompting a big sigh of relief a smaller 8-inch touchscreen as standard in transforming its display to a touch screen lexus positioned the new unit 4.3 inches closer to the driver than was the outgoing

Non-touch screen it’s a noticeable shift that puts the screen right at arm’s length the lexus rx 350 suv received a similar update for 2020 but the screen remained a bit too far away for easy reach that’s not the case in the s it’s like the manual transmission gearshift on a mazda mx-5 miata exactly where you want and expect it to be a lowly touchscreen may not

Seem like much but it’s done away with the s biggest red flag the touchpad that was the primary controller before the touchscreen was truly hard to use while driving requiring more steps than simply touching a screen and it was inconsistent in its movement and activation if you did like the touchpad controller and i say you singular because that’s how many fans

Of it i think there are out there know that it’s sticking around for now areas that still need improvement are the backup camera and 360 degree camera system displays for how high quality the native graphics are the 360 degree camera system display lacks clarity and its images stretch unnaturally across the screen what else changed the rest of the s is relatively

Unchanged with respectable size and interior quality for the money you can read our thoughts on its interior space and quality in our original review of the redesigned s as well as our review of the new for minus 2021 s 250 f sport while the touchscreen is the most notable change for 2022 there are some other ones including additional standard safety features

Thanks to the inclusion of lexus safety system plus 2.5 replacing the 2.0 version which adds blind spot monitoring and rear cross traffic alert to the automaker’s suite of standard safety features the new standard features were optional on base trims of the 2021 s but standard on all others other additions to lexus safety system plus 2.5 include camera and radar

Enhancements that open up some newly available functions including intersection turning assist in certain situations this feature can identify an oncoming car or pedestrian and apply pre-collision system warnings and intervention the adaptive cruise control feature adds curve speed reduction to slow the vehicle through tight curves and the lane centering function

Is said to have better course recognition than the past version in my testing however the lane centering system was inconsistent when it came to keeping the car in a single position in a lane and it often held uncomfortably to the right side of the lane the brake pedal is larger and the brake systems master cylinder and brake booster have been updated for more

Linear brake pedal feel and response the previous braking system didn’t bother me but if it did you it might be worth revisiting on the outside every trim except the f sport gets a newly styled front grille the car i tested had a grill with additional horizontal slots versus the 2021 version breaking up the former grille’s humpback whale vibes also the s-300h

Hybrid gains the f-sport treatment for the first time s-350 the best s f sport is a sleek attractive package that gives the s a healthy dose of aggressive looks but its ride harshness and unique suspension tuning even with the optional adjustable firmness shock absorbers make any handling gains not worth the price of admission with the sporty gs sedan no longer

Available the sf sport does have a place but its looks ironically will be the driving factor for buyers not how it drives the base suspension s 350 exudes classiness and composure in its ride at highway speeds and it accelerates with refined smoothness from its silky 302 horsepower v6 the f-sport degrades some of that smooth ride when i reviewed a then new 2021

S 250 f sport a four-cylinder all-wheel drive s i was disappointed in its acceleration and the wheeziness of the four cylinder driving this s 350 a year later validated my belief that the s 350 remains the s to buy unless you absolutely need all-wheel drive especially considering it has exactly the same starting price as the s 250 41 875 including destination fee

That pricing parallels what’s available in cars.com s national inventory the average s 350 listing price was forty seven thousand three hundred seventy three dollars in november 2021 while the average list price for the s 250 was forty six thousand eight hundred seven dollars though there were only 291 of those cars in our inventory versus 2448 s 350s meaning you

Have a better chance of finding an s 350 anyway it’s a shame the s 350 remains front wheel drive only because its front wheels are easily overpowered by its punchy v6 engine it’s the v6 that needs all-wheel drive to retain the s acceleration and pleasing engine soundtrack the traction control does a fine job slowing the car’s wheel speed but it notably hampers

Acceleration because it often has to work overtime with all traction assistance off the s-350 blazes its tires given my complaints about the v6 limited traction it may sound contradictory to say i preferred the s 350 over the s 250 awd easy enough solution right buy the 250 and it’s awd but most of the times you think you need a wd you could likely get by with

A set of dedicated winter tires and when you’re not digging out of the snow the v6 is simply the more appropriate and more enjoyable engine for the s

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