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It was not easy packing a naturally aspirated V8 engine inside the first-ever #LexusIS 500 F SPORT Performance vehicle. And for 14 passionate auto enthusiasts, it was not easy earning the right to become one of the first to own it. But sometimes, the greater the challenge, the greater the reward.

The auto enthusiast community continued to demand bigger bolder performance the kind that comes from a naturally aspirated v8 engine and lexus listened but they launched their first ever 500 sport performance with one catch you can’t be the first to buy it unless you’re fast enough to drive it so 14 passionate auto enthusiasts made their way to the track though

Just five would leave with the right to own the is-500 early money will not be enough they’ll need to bring their driving skills the field of drivers come from a diverse background and varying track experience i’m mike pappas i’m from st louis missouri i didn’t grow up around cars or around racing never done anything like this before track experience is zero i’m

Actually in the automotive industry myself and basically working motorsports for last 12 years of my life i’ve always loved cars since i’m a little kid i didn’t like lexus at the beginning they were a little bit too perfect i like breaking them apart putting them back together make them go fast coming up here to the track not really sure what to expect this isn’t

Something you get to experience on your daily commute be aggressive how you’re squealing all the way to the end everyone has come to compete only the fastest five will triumph and three pro drivers are here to help them do just that bringing their expertise from the lexus motorsports team oh there’s some fast guys out there the question is who will rise to the

Challenge you got to be smooth steady and learn the track time to see who can beat the clock and the competition only the 10 fastest lap times will advance to the second round qualifying one getting your feet wet getting familiar with the car oh no the car is very fast it’s so much fun i was so utterly terrified it sounds great coming down the street when you

Step on the gas pedal fill in the road that was nice with bragging rights up for grabs and time ticking down only the 10 quickest drivers raced on while four drivers got knocked out the stakes have been raised now just the five fastest will learn their spot in the final round how tight was the top five kind of cut lines it was pretty close and more importantly

Earn access to get the is 500 before the rest of america when they threw out kraken getting it first it was motivation i’m up to very stiff competition top ten that’s my expectation i’m shooting for that top three round two here we go there’s so many different areas where you can shave time and gain speed you got first place in the first heat and i gotta keep it

Up by the second run around i definitely felt a lot more confident okay hot rod nicely done as the margin of error got smaller times got lower the guy ahead of me is pretty fast though while pressure continued to rise every time don’t even look it up baby it’s all the power to the ground in the right places at the right time the best of the best advanced arrested

Not it’s getting real now get your helmets on it’s time to shoot this out now down to just five drivers and one last chance to push themselves up the leaderboard here we go each driver pushes their limits to gain the slightest edge and all the bragging rights some push too far for their own good number one guy literally just overcooked two and one the whole

Game just got changed the whole field is now changing i just got to stay on the track who would push their way to the top of the podium and who wouldn’t oh let’s hope that’s good enough when the dust settled only five drivers were left standing each of them earned exclusive access to getting the is-500 early three of them celebrated at the podium and the fastest

Driver had licensed the thrill michael happened and one of them got the surprise of their life one more thing you’ve just won a freaking is500 the truth is it was a challenge to create a car like the is-500 and it was a challenge to become one of the first to own it i was excited to come out here let alone go home with one friends and family they’re not gonna

Believe it i don’t believe it wait you thought it was over remember this guy well we have this track we have this car time to see what the is500 can really do can townsend beat mike p is it checkered flag black and white in the end lexus response to the auto enthusiast community was a bold one the first ever is 500 f sport performance you

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2022 Lexus IS 500 F SPORT Performance: License to Thrill | Lexus By Lexus