2022 Lexus NX 350h Review: The Affordable Fuel-Sipper

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2022 lexus nx350h review the affordable fuel sipper the lexus nx doesn’t use luxury or sportiness like some of its higher end counterparts do i the genesis gv70 but even in this hyper competitive segment the little lexus brings a lot to the table it combines a comfortable ride efficient powertrain options and usable tech into a package that’s priced competitively

And the 2022 lexus nx350h specifically has an edge over the competition for one simple reason it’s the only non-plug-in hybrid in the class although one of those is available too that means you can have your efficiency and afford it too with up to 39 miles per gallon combined and a starting price of forty two thousand seven hundred dollars design the 2022 nx shares

A number of visual cues with its predecessors the big spindle grille is similar and the slim headlights bear equivalent hook-like leds although now those accents are embedded within the light fixtures rather than beneath them even the silhouette is almost identical but with new mesh and a revised shape the spindle grille is less imposing and even without the f sport

Package the grille now extends all the way down to the base of the bumper rather than curving inward like before the led light bar in the rear is probably the biggest upgrade of all though joined by a lexus word mark spread across the trunk lid it makes the nx much sleeker from behind the interior is more noticeably improved the layout has less clutter with fewer

Knobs and buttons and best of all no more touch pad in the center console even the shifter is a tin smaller to help shrink the overall footprint there’s more leather too with the black and cream combo on this tester jutting upward from the center console along the driver’s side to create a partition between the shift knob and the new central touchscreen comfort

The front seats in the new nx are straight up cozy with real leather on this tester included as part of the 7450 luxury trim the chairs are soft and supportive with ample side bolstering excellent lumbar support and 10-way power adjustability and seat heat as well as ventilation if you select the 3050 premium package this car does without it the second row is

Comfy too with more than enough headroom and legroom for your six foot tall author only the f sport models get an adaptive suspension but even without it the nx has a plush right that performs well over broken and imperfect pavement the nx is extremely quiet too with barely any wind or tire roar at higher speeds as one of the smallest offerings in the segment

Though the nx does fall a bit short in cargo space even though it gains an additional five cubic feet of trunk room compared to its predecessor its diminutive size still puts it on the lower end of the luxury segment technology this is one area where the lexus nx improved tenfold the dreaded touchpad is gone as is the monolithic screen instead the nx makes do

With a lovely 14.0 inch touchscreen display as part of the luxury package and the latest and greatest infotainment system baked in there’s also a 10.0 inch up display and a fully digital cluster behind the steering wheel and both are configurable enough to display all the features you might need as for that new infotainment system it’s the closest thing to an

Apple or android interface for your car without actually plugging in a minimalist layout sleek graphics and instant touch responsiveness make it extremely easy to navigate features there is some clutter when you dive deeper into the options and the lack of a home button is sort of annoying but those are minor gripes this is still one of the best new infotainment

Systems out there performance as far as premium crossovers go the lexus nx is middling in the performance department the 2.5 liter four-cylinder hybrid engine pumps out a combined 239 horsepower with the engine propping 167 pound-feet of torque an electric motor on the rear axle gives the nx standard all-wheel drive the nx hybrid isn’t quick agile or much of

Anything exciting but it is pleasant enough to putter around town in the steering is lightweight the suspension is plush and the brakes are perfectly compliant if you want more fun the non-hybrid f sport has extra power and adaptive drive modes that notch things up a bit or there’s a plug-in hybrid option with yet more grunt safety every nx comes standard with

Lexus safety system plus 3.0 that includes adaptive cruise control automatic emergency braking lane departure warning lane centering emergency steer assist and a bit more and it all works exactly as advertised the nx comes to a full stop in traffic jams and the lane assistance tech keeps the car perfectly centered in the lane and highway speeds fuel economy even

Without the hybrid powertrain equipped the lexus nx is already the most efficient vehicle in the segment with up to 28 miles per gallon combined as the only traditional hybrid option in the class not counting plug-ins the lexus has an even more significant leg up over its non-hybrid competitors pricing the non-hybrid lexus nx undercuts every other compact luxury

Crossover with a sub dash dollar forty zero zero zero starting price but the hybrid option is still one of the most affordable options in the class too the nx350h with standard all-wheel drive has a base price of 42 700 with the 1075 destination fee only the gv70 and rdx are cheaper to start and far less efficient to boot the car tested here is a cool fifty two

Thousand one hundred and fifty dollars is tested with the seven thousand four hundred and fifty dollar luxury trim and a few options equipped but opting for the luxury model gives you access to things like 20-inch wheels real leather seats a bigger touchscreen and a head-up display the power moon roof is another 1 100 on top of that the cloudburst gray paint is

500 and the power liftgate is 400.00 thanks for watching drop a like leave a comment and don’t forget to subscribe to watch more videos like this

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