2022 Lexus NX Hybrid Electric SUV

2022 Lexus NX series with Hybrid Electric Power

All new lexus annex feel more in every moment welcome to the all-new lexus nx a car that makes you feel more more sophisticated more luxurious more reassured more connected more pioneering more accelerated whether you choose the nx 450h plus plug-in hybrid or the nx350h self-charging hybrid you enjoy instant responses and rapid acceleration agility and

Power your control is natural with steering that’s ultra precise it’s an uplifting blend of dynamic performance and comfort that we call the lexus driving signature a more rigid chassis together with a refined new suspension wider track and lower center of gravity delivers complete confidence and so too does laying tracing assist helping you stay safely in the

Center of the lane inside and out the nx has striking design to make you feel more luxurious advanced technology and japanese craftsmanship combined to create a haven of elegance and calm the exterior is bold and beautifully proportioned from its intricate signature grille to its one piece rear light the look is sleek sporty assured stylish you feel more

Connected too control your car from your smartphone via the lexuslink app preset the temperature before you leave and check your battery charge remotely inside the unique tazuna cockpit revolves around you you’ll find elegant controls and ergonomic instruments contemporary style space comfort sumptuous upholstery impeccably tailored there’s wireless charging

For your smartphone and a 14 inch multimedia touchscreen in the nx you’re fully supported lane departure alert warns if you drift out of lane and takes preventative action hey lexus how can i help you change the illumination to blue setting ambient lighting to heat blue choose from over 60 ambient light covers to match your moon advanced safety systems in

The nx make you feel more protective the pre-collision system detects pedestrians night and day and bikes by day for safer driving the nx recognizes your voice commands and even those of your passengers hey alexis what do you want to do open the window open passenger side window intersection turn assist detects oncoming vehicles when you’re turning it into

Sections lexus plug-in technology on the nx 450h plus gives you up to 75 kilometers emissions-free driving and electric vehicle mode from a single charge plus you’ll enjoy even more powerful acceleration and amazing refinement the nx is always looking out for you the front cross traffic alert warns you of approaching vehicles that might be hidden from you hey

Lexus how can i help you go home starting navigation to home the blind spot monitor detects vehicles in adjacent lanes that are not visible in the door mirrors up to 60 meters behind and alerts you if you signal to overtake lane change assist ensures you overtake smoothly and safely when traveling with cruise control and overtake prevention ensures you don’t

Inadvertently overtake a car on the wrong side in the nx technology never stops working for you the digital rear view mirror gives you a better view when you’re carrying a high load or when the weather is poor and while reversing the lexus nx monitors the area behind the car and brakes if needed the digital panoramic view monitor gives you a 360 degree view

Right around the car road sinuses detects road signs and displays them in the multi-information display and warns you if you exceed speed limits and to keep your eyes on the road there’s a head-up display whether you choose the nx350h or the nx450h plus you’ll enjoy pioneering lexus hybrid drive this orchestrates power from a petrol engine and electric motor to

Give exhilarating performance exceptional fuel consumption and low emissions in traffic dynamic radar cruise control safely adjusts your speed to that of the vehicle in front making driving more relaxed and out of traffic you can select the drive mode that suits your mood and driving style when you’re on the road navigation and online services combine seamlessly

To enhance your journey advanced aerodynamics smooth your way minimizing wind noise and enhancing fuel economy and vehicle stability and you’ll also enjoy smoother parking advanced park autonomously parks the nx at the press of a button and safe exit assist automatically stops you opening the doors when there’s traffic approaching from behind with lexus

Insurance you’ll be protected by innovative products such as lexus full hybrid insurance which encourages you to make the best use of your hybrid and rewards you for driving safely in evm the all-new lexus nx feel more in every moment

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