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2022 Lightning Single Cab SVT – reimagining the new Ford F-150 Lightning

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In this video, I take the new 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning and use Photoshop to redesign it into the lightning I wish that Ford would build. I may have gone a little overboard… But maybe not!

The 2022 ford f-150 lightning performance edition could ford ever think of giving us something like that let’s find out welcome or welcome back to this episode of keys cars the place where i take cars into photoshop and i envision what they could look like from the perspective of my imagination i hope you guys enjoy this video when i look back at the launch of the

Ford f-150 lightning there was such a mixed review simply because they took the lightning name plate and stuck it on this truck so it made me ask a couple of questions what if they had just called it the f-150 ev or what if they had actually done a performance-based version of this truck and debuted that with the lightning name plate and i’d love for you guys

To stick around to the end of the video because i’ve got a couple of thoughts on why i think that an f-150 lightning performance edition could actually be something that ford might consider and while this truck is already pushing some impressive numbers around 560 horsepower i think somewhere around 700 pound-feet of torque so to really envision a performance

Edition of this truck we’ve got to do a couple of things on this render we’re gonna chop this cab in half we are going to wide body this and add a few other goodies before we get to that i want to talk about today’s sponsor there is no sponsor you guys are the sponsor so if you like this video content please hit the subscribe button give it a like let’s key the

2022 ford f-150 lightning so let’s talk about this design a little bit the f-150 has been one of the best-selling trucks for a long time and so i know that ford is going after the largest target audience that they can i’m an f-150 owner myself but when you take a name plate like lightning and you put it on a new vehicle it really has to mean something to a

Lot of us in the community and just like that ladies and gentlemen this is my render of what a potential performance edition of the 2022 f-150 lightning could look like with other ev trucks dropping soon like the hummer ev the rivian and the cyber truck what do you think the chances are that ford might actually do a performance edition to set itself apart from

These other entries into the segment and here’s the cool part the reason why i think ford could actually pull this off is that number one this wide body actually looks really good on the super crew and the second reason is ford filed a patent for a range extending gas motor that you can put into the bed of the truck kind of like a bed box but i thought to myself

That means there has to be some kind of hookup in the bed what if the aftermarket used that as a way to pop in a power enhancing battery pack that you just pop in the back of the truck and it gives you an extra i don’t know 400 horsepower bump that thing up to like 1100 let’s go thank you so much for hanging out today and subscribing to the channel i will see

You guys in the next video take care you

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2022 Lightning Single Cab SVT – reimagining the new Ford F-150 Lightning By Kees Cars