2022 Lincoln Aviator AWD Reserve

James Balder is back to show us this luxurious 2022 Lincoln Aviator Reserve in Infinite Black Metallic. Features include: Lincoln Co-Pilot 360 1.5 Plus, Active Park Assist 2.0, Reverse Brake Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control, 10″ LC Centerstack Screen, Ambient Lighting, Heated Front Seats, Quad-zone Climate Control, 360 Degree Camera, Lane-Keeping System, Lincoln Connect 4G Modem, Lincoln Drive Modes, Rain-Sensing Wipers, Revel Audio with 14 Speakers, Securicode Keyless Keypad, Sync3 with Voice Activated Navigation, Wireless Charging Pad, Auto High Beams and much more!

Hello everyone james balder back for round two today because of course like i said in the last video i got cars not a ton of them but i do actually have a decent number of vehicles corsairs nautilus aviator and i do have a black label navigator in that new manhattan green for sale so but right now i’m going to show you this 2022 still a 22 but if you place an

Order on wanna be a 23 aviator 200 a so this is a straight reserve package with the copod 360 plus added now if you know the copilot 360 plus you do your research online you’ll see that that is the adaptive cruise function with lane centering it gives you the park assist feature as well too now all reserves come with a 360 camera so you’re just automatically going

To get that whether or not has the perk assist function so now you’ve got the technology in this one so that’s great this one also then has the elements package because that is optional equipment when you get into a straight reserve that’s going to give you your heated steering wheel heated and ventilated front seats and then your second row seats are also heated

And ventilated as well so this is dressed in infinite black now a lot of people when they see our infinite black because we do live in michigan and the sun isn’t always shining as beautifully as bright as it is today it almost just looks like it’s a straight black but if you actually get a little bit closer you can see that this black is actually a really really

Really nice metallic flake i don’t know if you can see that in the image right here it is just beautiful you can see even the side view here of the vehicle gives you an excellent view of this car here now full of course led lighting in this you got your led accent lightings your daytime running lights all reserves come standard with these 20-inch wheels on it

You can option when you get into some of the other packages say 201 you can option those 22-inch wheels which look really nice as well you still have your key obviously a full keyless they’re actual electronic door handles so there’s no pull handle here like it is in the rest of our lineup you just got a button right here but where they have that little emergency

Door here so on your key fob itself you can actually take the key and slide it out and then that will actually slide right in there and you can just take it and push it like this and it will force the door open then that way if the battery was ever dead in the car which is kind of a cool feature to have you still have access to the car so you can pop that hood

Really really cool thing to have in this car this of course still as a reserve package you’ve got your leather interior in this with rebel audio so rebel audio is standard equipment in the reserve package car 14 speaker sound system so it gives you a couple speakers there in the door and of course it’s more amplified than say a standard sound system that would

Be in like maybe a base model now once again adaptive cruise with lane uh keeping as well as lane centering so that’s that feature that’s almost like self-driving if your hands ever fell off the wheel maybe you fell asleep behind the wheel or heaven forbid something medical happened to you hands came off the wheel if it was engaged with the cruise control the car

Will actually stay in the center of the lane and take kind of curves and everything without actually just kind of bouncing between the two lines it’ll be dead center when it alerts you if you don’t respond putting hands back on the wheel it’ll mute the music at first and then if it’s still not getting a response it will actually start to slowly break the vehicle

Putting the tail lights on so that people can see that this vehicle is slowing down take it all the way to five miles per hour so if an emergency uh a vehicle say as a police vehicle can pull in front of the car and actually then stop the car will automatically stop utilizing automatic braking now with that auto braking feature because this has the technology you

Also get automatic braking in reverse so as you’re backing out of a spot you know every once in a while you get an animal that just wants to just jet out this car will automatically break for that as well very cool so take a look in the back seat here now this one does have what they call is the mini console it’s the closest thing to a pass-through that you’ll be

Able to get in an aviator that thing can hold 220 pounds worth of weight so if there was anything heavy sitting on it even your child you do have access to that you have your digital um screen right there that’s a small screen that allows you to have full access to not only the climate control here in the back but it’s actually climate control for the second row

And third row separately this car actually has two ac compressors one in the back and one in the front so you could run air conditioning all the way in the third row say you had some groceries back there maybe some cooler items you could run the airway in the back right there which you can also control from the front and lock out you don’t want your kids playing

With all that as well as the radio and then keep the heat going on up front here so that way you still have heat for yourself in the winter time and you’re keeping the items cool back there as long as you don’t have your kid back there or at least they got some nice winter coat on so getting into the back seat if you decide that you didn’t want to walk through

Here maybe a little bit older you can actually push the button here the seat will actually slide forward give me a good size opening here that allows you to just kind of step in to the third row seat right back there now it is a six passenger or if you choose to get a bench seat in the middle row that makes it the seven passenger and then what you get is a 40 40 20

So that middle seat can actually fold down separately it’s very cool close this up here gas filler door on the driver’s side a beautiful paint again man i just love that you get around back here this particular car does also have the head the trailer tow package now in the aviator the tow package when you are looking at a straight gas powered aviator got a 6700

Pound towing capacity if you do choose a hybrid a plug and hybrid on this it does reduce some of that towing capacity just because of the weight of the battery pack in the electric motor so that takes it down to 5600 pounds right here under the actual second l and the word lincoln is where your buttons are we typically try and locate our buttons right there just so

That that can be something that you memorize if you keep up with the lincoln product back here of course you have your headrest now you can fold these down separately without actually having to flip down the actual seat to do that you can actually pull this tab here it’ll automatically we’ll flip that down now if you do hit the button here because it is the third

Row is power and that comes standard even in a base model if you’re looking to get an aviator this is power here but as i’ll show you here i’ll actually fold this left side down when i hit the button take a look it automatically flips that headrest down for you so you don’t have to worry about flipping that first in case maybe one of your kids accidentally hit the

Button you don’t want to bang it into the seat in front of you here those second row seats do also slide back and forth so it’s very convenient if you want to give somebody back here a little bit more room or say the person in the second row wanted to kind of lean back that seat will recline back and allow them to get a little bit more room there now you still

Have a good amount of generous amount of space right here but obviously you can see that if i fold down even the right side here you’re going to get quite a bit of space back here and i do have quite a few clients that actually just put a rubber mat right over top of this because they just really only needed the four seats or if they choose a bench to have a five

Seater but a lot more cargo space this can be removed you can actually take this out here and then you actually have some extra storage here these are the carpet mats that come with the car you can actually see you got a little bit of a well so if there’s something you wanted to hide something smaller you wanted to hide or say you did have some groceries you were

Concerned about them kind of bouncing around back here you could throw like gallons of milk back here watermelon in the summertime gotta have that watermelon when you’re doing the picnics and all sorts of tailgating you gotta have all right i’ll put that back up once again this tailgate is capable of being height adjusted you can actually see it says set on here

In small print and then once again you would just put the put it in the position you want you’ll actually push and hold the button in if you just lean in just a little bit you’ll hear a small tone a little beat then you’ll know that it’s programmed and it will stop here every single time of course you can push it up even if you push it up and you turn around and

Hit the button it will still stop there because you didn’t program it to go up here you just kind of push it up to give yourself a little bit more room now next to it you actually see a lock button now that is a lock button you know how many times you’ve actually got out of the vehicle you’ve actually shut the door you came around back here you grabbed some bags

Maybe going into a hotel room or anything like this and of course your hands are full you want to turn around and pull your key fob out or grab your cell phone and hit the lock button you can actually just turn around and hit that button and it will lock all the doors it won’t unlock the doors it’ll actually just lock it for you so it just gives you easy access to

Do that so i’ll close this up full bar tail light all the way across the back wonderful signature of lincoln we actually had this years ago long before some of the other manufacturers had it so we didn’t take it from them the jugger from us and then of course you do also have high pressure sprayer here so whenever you get that technology package of course any

Time you get a reserve where you’re going to get the cameras on the front and under the mirrors the camera on the front and the camera on the back do also have high pressure sprayers right back here for the lenses so you can actually when you spray the back glass on this car which the wipers hidden underneath the spoiler it will swing this down and it will also

Spray the back glass lens as well and the same goes for the front so uh like i said i’ve got this car here it could be yours it’s an aviator you know how hard these things are to get and i want to be the one to sell it to you so let me be that person i’d really appreciate if you come and saw me or if you just give us a call and look for me james balder bye for lincoln check it out

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2022 Lincoln Aviator AWD Reserve By Pfeiffer Lincoln