2022 Lincoln Aviator | Does It Fly?

The 2022 Lincoln Aviator Reserve is a big American luxury machine fitted with a twin-turbo 3.0L V6 that puts out 400 horsepower and 415 lb-ft of torque (the same as the Ford Explorer ST). As spec’d in our video, this Aviator is priced at $91,000 (CAD).

What is up internet world and welcome back to the channel today i bring you the 2022 lincoln aviator my foreign today is march 13th 2022 and unless you’ve been living under a rock you know that mid-size to big large suvs are an absolute fire but that might actually change because the big c is almost out the door gas prices that are an all-time high of four

Bucks a gallon like wow it is expensive to run these things so if you’re not familiar with lincoln this is how it goes at the top of the food chain is the all-new 2023 lincoln navigator that will hopefully soon have on the channel when it gets released this is next the avior a little bit smaller and then of course the nautilus that we reviewed a couple months ago

But who is the competition who really buys this well for starters anybody looking at an explorer st because they’re almost identical this is just the luxury version but how about everybody else well everybody else is going to compete and look and think about these cars the audi q7 the bmw x5 and of course the mercedes-benz gle wait do those people actually look at

An aviator i’m walking at the dealership and i’m going to buy maybe an x7 or an x5 and i’m going to compare it to an aviator it’s the mdx people the buick enclave people and of course the qx60 people that will actually look at an aviator there are five trim levels in the aviator and we’ll start off with standard then of course reserve and then black label grand

Touring and grand touring black label those are the five trims and here are the engines with a starting price of 52 000 u.s you get a base v6 3-liter twin turbo that makes 400 horsepower and 415 pound-feet of torque you can opt for the upgraded version and get 494 horsepower and 630 pound-feet of torque with a 13 kilowatt battery mated to the 10-speed transmission

That we’re used to seeing in the ford f-150 all right lincoln aviator let’s test out these drive modes i have deep conditions slippery normal conserve excite without the d the d comes after i accelerate so i’ve got 400 horsepower and 415 pound-feet of torque which is pretty much the same as my 2002 911 turbo for some context yeah let’s get excite tit flip to the

Ground it goes now this thing does zero to 60 in five and a half seconds that is quick in the city this thing flies i’ve been driving this thing in conserve and it’s like slower but as soon as i put excite minus the d she wakes up it feels a little bit heavier than the ford explorer st which has the same motor but it’s definitely more luxurious the steering is

Pretty direct more direct than most yeah i would say that more direct than most domestic suvs that are trying to be sporty again this is a lincoln so you don’t think about sportiness but they’re definitely trying to be sportier than say a buick i’m not a huge fan of ford’s 10-speed transmission but in this thing it actually does a pretty good job it’s not clunky

At all like the f-150s no idea why same 10 speeds must be the same now this does have full air suspensions let’s throw it in conserve and yes it definitely does get softer really really soft steering as well gets really soft and bubbly kind of what you’d expect out of a lincoln when you think about them when i look at this beige interior and wood everywhere oh

Lincoln but it’s definitely premium now the one thing is you get power but what are the brakes and the brakes are really good like feel look at this like they stop right away they’re really grabby really grabby that i was not expecting you got me thinking because this lincoln can also take regular gas that’s we’re running on right now and it’s pretty quick you

Add premium and it’s faster i’d say that’s good and it looks good on the outside it looks it looks really good so on the front of the lincoln aviator as you’ll notice there is no amber bits it’s leds leds leds leds nice touch no xenons whatsoever and no amber because i absolutely hate amber on the front of cars that have all black look at this cool touch it’s

Nice and illuminated that doesn’t always like to stay on unless the car is on or you have the high beams on so moving along the side here you can get wheel options from 19s all the way up to 22s this color is called velvet burgundy and nobody under 60 will ever order that color now if i lived in chicago and i worked for lincoln i would say hey why don’t you just

Do the top of this in black as well like the range of valar that will attract younger buyers because nobody old wants to be old they want to feel younger change the names like burgundy velvet to something like chicago’s own purple so i do like the fact that they have put black pieces all over the side of the aviator because that in my opinion is the best looking

Part of this vehicle black wheels black mirror cap black roof rails and of course black trim and this cool black lower side valence all the way through those are nice touches but the most annoying part of this is the handles you see the handles don’t actually pull open they are electronic you actually have to press a button and then they will open but it’s rather

Annoying when you walk up to it and you want to get into it fast because i am hyper and i like to grab it pull it and it’s got that delay and i really kick my back out with this new merch that i’m wearing i do like the fact there’s a lot of glass and a lot of visibility i can see the third row passenger right here very easy so i assume that they will be able to

See outside clearly and not have no obstruction but what i don’t like is all this black trim that i originally liked about 30 seconds ago and i see all the scratches here and this is a brand new truck it’s got just about a thousand miles on it at the most that’s pretty crazy imagine this thing with 200 000 miles but before we jump to the back i really want to

Talk about something serious and this is the reason why people love fords yeah they might not like the drive they might not like the styling but what they do love is the fact that you can lock the car by this little piece here you see you just press lock right there and the car will lock now it doesn’t sound like a whole lot but they’ve been doing this for years

And eon so if you’re used to that and just habit then guess what you’re not looking anywhere else for something so small so simple and so effective that sound is from the detroit symphony it’s no longer the annoying ford sound that we all love to hate how much gas does this thing have it has 20 gallons of fuel tank you can put inside if you notice there are no

Blue badges on this thing because this is not a hybrid now as far as the back goes it has your signature lincoln font all the way through and of course the long led bar now i do like the fact that up here this third brake light is not red or amber it is clear and that is money and here is the rear view camera that has a washer nozzle on it in the winter obviously

This all gets filled with snow and ice and crap from the road because it pulls back on the back of vehicles and that keeps it clean nice touch lincoln moving below you’ll notice there’s obviously a trailer hitch because this is a domestic suv and domestic suvs are known to tow that is why people buy them so they can tow their toys behind except they’ve dropped the

Rating in 2022 it used to be 6 700 pounds and now it is 5600 pounds which is like what’s up with that this is why people buy them i mean when you know the big c stops creating crazy demand this has quad exhausts yeah the tips yeah but they don’t come out of the tips they come out from under the tips now you can get the aviator in a six or seven seat configuration

Now with the seats down you get 47 inches worth of depth and with the seats up you get 21 inches worth of depth as far as width you get four feet so really you could fit a bunch of drywall sheets in this thing third row of the lincoln aviator now you can get two choices of center consoles in the second row to have better accessibility in and out now it’s nice i

Have a big spot here and i do have a usb in the center console the second row here but that is for the second row what about me in the third row for stars i don’t have a lot of room and this is all the way back and maybe that’s to be expected now when i move this forward i will obviously have more room and i think it’s a decent space it is a little bit larger than

The audi q7 but not much more it is larger than the xc90 and as far as other pieces back here great visibility as i mentioned with these windows but not much more there’s just two cupholders a vent which is nice because when you’re back here you feel a bit claustrophobic and you start thinking like oh my god i’m tight you want some airflow but where are the usbs

In today’s world you need to have usbs or usbcs for the third row that’s very very important because it’s not like you do anything back here except for b on your phones i guess you look at the window all right these doors this handle she’s got to go pressing this button and pulling at the same time doesn’t work you have to press it wait for it to open and then

Pull and that’s really irritating and these back doors because this is going to be used so many times by the kids if i’m having difficulty the kids will definitely have difficulty however when the doors open and you’re getting in this is super easy there’s a button right here you hit it and it slides forward just like a minivan which is like primo now it stops

Right back here which should actually stop to the original position so i could put my hands and slide it all the way back and then jump in now i do have an armrest here but no arm rest here there is an armrest on the door so when i close the door which seems fairly solid i do have it all covered in leather so that’s a really good touch because it’s nice and softly

Padded and i do have ambient lighting on the inside of the door pocket so i know where to hold it and press this button because there are no door handles it’s another button which is fine on the inside it’s the outside that’s the problem so let’s talk materials now lincoln has used a lot of different materials namely leather they have leather pretty much everywhere

And i like the fact that they have less plastic there are plastics but there are less of them like the back of the seat here has rubber so it’s rubberized there’s no plastic there this center console has open poor wood no more shiny wood yes they have put shiny plastic black here so piano black shiny plastic here i will give them a pass because they’ve tried to

Compensate for it by putting aluminum in other spots and leather everywhere so good job lincoln i don’t think that it’s as bad as people say i would rate seat comfort very high here and usability also very high everything’s pretty straightforward on this little screen back here seats climate audio and then of course settings i do have enough ventilation and for

The people in the second row i have enough usbc’s and usbs in the center console and of course underneath here so i can’t complain back here pretty happy about everything i have let’s go to the front again these funny doors the seats are the big deal in the lincoln aviator you see they have 30 different ways they can be adjusted they would have 15 ways but then

They made these thigh extensions or leg extensions split which means you can double it up kind of smart you see most cars when you have leg extensions they just go together but these ones are separated so in case you have one leg that’s longer than the other good job lincoln now they are very comfortable and they can adjust in a crazy amounts of ways and they

Have great massage and the massage even massages the bottom part not just the back most brands will have a massage it’s just the back this thing does the booty in all kinds of ways and it’s fantastic everything else feels exactly like the back lots of mix and materials the wood it’s not piano black here which is one step above so the adjustment for the seat are

On the door panel itself that is a page out of mercedes-benz mercedes-benz has the school bus over here lincoln has four buttons there’s no conventional shifter that kind of makes sense because it frees up space in the center console that is nice because there’s a ton of space there’s no wireless charging but there is the biggest heads-up display you will ever

See it tells you everything including the date and the time never seen that before tells you outside temperature what gear you’re in keeping your lane speedometer the outside speed limit of course that you’re driving and then how much you can do with the fuel you have left that is a lot of data on a heads-up display more than i’ve ever seen and it’s wide like

Like a 70 inch screen type wide i don’t really like the fact that these center console buttons the hvac buttons are really old-school they have added some haptic buttons here and some pre-lit buttons that are not illuminated now because the car is off but other than that i don’t think that they actually have to step up their game because again the market is on fire

And maybe they will refresh this thing in two years and give us some of the new navigator stuff in 2023 when that comes out so i’m excited for that but as far as this interior it still feels data to me including this really ugly color they’ve used on the display screen all the way through just doesn’t feel modern it feels very traditional in an old sort of way so

Let’s take a quick dive into the infotainment system of the lincoln aviator now it’s running on sync 3 which is obviously a slower version of the sync 4 which is what most fords have today but it’s okay because it’s very simple and easy to use it does have carplay which is what most people are going to use and it has a pretty decent sized screen so when you use

It it runs at a decent speed once it decides to work but even if you’re using the system itself the navigation screen even though it looks old it’s actually pretty fast it is faster than most land rovers sold today which tells you something considering that this is old news now it does have a palette of seven colors in ambient lighting which are fairly bright and

Nice which i’m actually surprised considering i was expecting beige brown and of course cream it’s weird because i wasn’t really expecting to like this lincoln not when i first get in i’m like wow this is a lot of brown it feels really you know you know but i’m actually getting a liking to it because it’s quick great breaks handles well air suspension slams to

The floor when i walk up to it inside has pretty straightforward buttons i actually do like these buttons the park reverse neutral and drive they work right away there’s no delay it’s got pretty good visibility better than that buick enclave we have as well full panel sunroof moon roof really good heated steering wheel it’s got this voice button on the steering

Wheel so when you turn sometimes you hit it by accident but not really a deal breaker for me great seats sometimes people find a hard position to find when they’re so adjustable some just too much option is a problem but they’re really marketing that 30 way adjustable seat so it is what it is i guess there’s a ton of storage here only complaint i really have is

There’s no wireless charging and i mean not all cars do well with wireless charging sometimes they only work in a certain angle so sometimes they’re not the best either but at this price point it’s a 2022 it should really have wireless charging that’s my only complaint otherwise i like it hope you guys like it too thanks for subscribing watching and of course checking out our merch

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