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2022 Lincoln Aviator Jet Package walkaround video X17

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Hey everyone take a look at this 2022 lincoln aviator in the new jet package this is definitely the sleekest looking lincoln they have made in a long time let’s check it out together so underneath the hood of this is the powerful twin turbo ecoboost engine it is a three liter providing 400 horsepower and it can get up and go and it’s actually still pretty decent on

Fuel then you do have these upgraded adaptive pixel led headlights these can even bend the light around corner or full surround leds they’re fully automatic including auto high beam and you have led lights up front to go with them this also has the lincoln embrace lit package meaning that front star and the grille lights up your lights welcome you when you come close

To the vehicle by lighting up gently and you even have a lincoln logo that shines on the ground by the doors at night with this jet package you see the all blacked out grille and the blacked out bumper up front that bumper does have park sensors in it letting you know if you get too close to something in the garage also has an around view camera system so a camera

In the front the back and under both mirrors and those front and back cameras even have washer nozzles to spray themselves off which is really cool the vehicle also has a forward collision system with pedestrian detection so somebody walks out in front of you you don’t have time to stop it will stop for you you see this little sensor right there on the front bumper

That’s for the self park feature this vehicle can parallel park and do a bunch of other features for parking for you then you see these gorgeous gloss black 22 inch aluminum alloy wheels they look amazing and they are signature for this jet package you do see the word aviator on the side that’s the only place you’ll see it is the vehicle is practically de-badged

These windshield wipers are even heated which is really nice so in the winter if you need to de-ice those do heat up which is great the mirrors are color matched and have an led signal light in them these are a power folding heated memory mirror with a blind spot system in them so this lights up when someone’s in your blind spot to get in or out of this vehicle you

Can just put your code in right here press this button to lock if you would like when you do lock it the mirror’s power fold in you can also just put your hand inside the door handle sense the heat from your hands and unlock this actually does not move there’s actually just a little button inside the door handle to unlock it and then you see my mirror’s power fold

Out automatically you also do have a key fob with unlock lock remote start power liftgate and alarm or you can download the and way app and do that for free anywhere in the world from your cell phone remote start and everything really cool then you have these nice blacked out windows in the back open up this door and you get your first look at this gorgeous ebony

Interior even the door panels have been done so well love these speaker covers this does have the revel audio system in it that sounds amazing love the gloss black piano finish in there no door handle to exit the vehicle just a button to press and even as visors for your rear occupants if they’re getting too much sun this does have the captain’s chair seating

With the upgraded full console and that console does have some controls now this leather that’s in here is bridge of wear leather that is from the highlands of scotland they’ve been making fine quality leather products for over a hundred years only rolls royce and learjet use that leather and in the back you’ve got an lcd touch screen you’ve got a usb power point

As well as full household plug power point this also has a set of all-weather liners in it now these seats are heated and air conditioned too which is really nice and if you see this there’s some controls on that center console and that’s for this huge panoramic sunroof with power shade so literally in the back here you almost feel like you’re in a limousine as

We come towards the back of the vehicle again all blacked out which looks just great see that classy lincoln in the back looks awesome quad tipped exhaust and then this does have the upgraded tow package so right underneath that black garnish there that pops off there’s a tow package and this is capable of pulling 5600 pounds that is impressive let’s open up the

Rear hatch here so when we do want to open up our rear hatch we can use the kick feature or we can go back and you just press l for lincoln and that will come up top or you can use the key fob if you’d like now when you look inside of here you’ll see it does have the third row seating and that seat can power up or down but gives you lots of cargo open this up

And you’ll see we’ve got another big piece of cargo here nice little subwoofer in the back and if we do want to put those seats up we just press a button and they power fold and of course we can put down the middle row too and you get a good look at the full interior from this shot as well which is really nice let’s go up front and check out some of those features

Opening up the driver’s door so at night lincoln would shine on the ground here you see the lincoln light light up right there on the door sill another one of those beautiful speakers and we do have the memory seating this is actually how you adjust your seats which just adjusts so many different ways i believe it’s a 28-way adjustable including thigh headrest back

All over your power locks your power folding mirrors your power windows on your dash you do have wood grain this is real wood all cut from one piece of wood in here you’ve got your power liftgate fog lights set it and forget it headlights and dimmer switches it’s a power tilt and telescopic steering wheel on your signal light stock you do have a button on the

End and that is for your lane departure warning then you have a gorgeous set of front captains chairs these are massaging heated and cooled seats again with that bridge of wet wear leather and so many ways to adjust it let’s climb inside okay now that we’re inside the vehicle we’re just going to hit this push button start here that’s going to fire everything up

For us you see the clouds in there it’s an aviation feel to the aviator got a digital speedometer this also has a camera that recognizes speed limits um so when it goes past the speed limit sign it’ll actually show up in there for you and then if you look up top actually have heads up display which also gives you the same information so you don’t have to take your

Eyes off the road on the steering wheel itself we do have a button where your thumb goes here for voice recognition nice and easy to press got volume controls to the stereo you’ll notice this does not light up not until we press this button for cruise control and then this part and this part lights up and your cruise control is active it also has adaptive cruise

Control slow you down with the vehicle in front of you and ford and lincoln’s semi-autonomous driving system known as lane centering so it’ll actually keep you right in the middle of the lane and even go around corners steering the steering wheel for you you’ve got some more controls that digital display up top stereo and phone controls here now this leather wrapped

Steering wheel is heated and feels like a warm cup of coffee first thing in the morning another one of those awesome stereo speakers right there in the center channel then you see this beautiful lcd screen here it has a hard base navigation system bluetooth satellite radio and supports apple carplay and android auto so when you plug your smartphone in this becomes

Your phone the apps from your phone your maps your spotify your podcast audiobooks all that kind of stuff all comes up here which is just great you also have a self-park feature so if we press this button it’ll ask us if we want to navigate to parking or use the active park assist and park the vehicle for us don’t worry about the flickering of the screen that’s

Actually the refresh rate on my phone as it doesn’t capture as fast sometimes is what the screen refreshes then if we press this button here this is the around view camera system so you can see anything that’s around you um you can actually look at a multitude of ways uh including a great big front camera or a bird’s eye view camera which is really neat and then

It goes into a backup camera in reverse we also have a button here which gives us some driver assistance controls you can turn on off i do love auto hold auto hold basically lets you take your foot off the brake when you’re at a set of lights or a stop sign so you don’t have to even press the brake and you just touch the gas and it’ll release the brake and you

Can go piano key style shifters make shifting beautiful you just press this like so to have it shift in and out of gear again more beautiful wood grain touch again real wood volume controls to your stereo then we do have our heated and air conditioned seats as well as our heated steering wheel full menu of controls for all this and dual climate control my side my

Passenger side i also do have a rear climate control i just want to take a moment to come up on the screen we’re going to go ahead and press this button right here and that is going to bring up all my seat controls when you see this look at all the different ways i can adjust my seat and of course if i hit massage i’m literally getting a massage while making this

Video as we come down below you’ve got these these spots that can open up so nicely place to put things usb and usb c chargers open this one up you do have your cup holders now these are lit and there’s actually lighting all over this vehicle there’s even a nice little storage spot underneath here that’s lit up and i want to show you in the settings menu if we

Carry over you actually can go into ambient lighting and you have a different style of lighting for every day of the week if you want seven different lights then we have our electronic park brake and we have drive modes what are drive modes well if i turn this dial we can actually go from normal which it’s in traditionally to slippery or deep snow conditions and

That’s awesome for winter driving or we can go the other direction to conserve save a little fuel or we can go over to excite and really wake up that 400 horsepower twin turbo motor big console open this up and you do have a wireless charger here as well as a little upper section and 12 volt down there and if you come up top it’s an electrochromatic auto dimming

Mirror we have our map lights here which are an led based map light with a soft touch controls for our power sunroof and power shade speaking of shades you put your sunglasses in there and then we do have garage door openers up top so that is this beautiful 2022 lincoln aviator in the jet package thanks a lot for watching this video with me if you have any questions

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2022 Lincoln Aviator Jet Package walkaround video X17 By Jason Gillett