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2022 Lincoln Corsair Reserve 201a walkaround video 05

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Hey everyone today i have this beautiful 2022 lincoln corsair reserve this one is in the 201a package it is in pristine white metallic and it looks awesome now under the hood of this it does have a 2-liter turbocharged engine with lots of get up and go it’s amazing on fuel up front you do have these nice set it and forget it headlights with led surround these

Headlights even have auto high beams so you don’t have to worry about those you’ve got front park sensors on the bumper so if you get too close to something those are going to beep at you and to go with that you actually have all-around cameras in the front the back and under both mirrors the vehicle also has self-park so it can parallel park you or even help you

Leave a tight parking spot and it has forward collision system with pedestrian detection so somebody jumps out at you last second you don’t have time to put on the brakes it’ll do it for you that saves lives and saves you some money on insurance these gorgeous 19-inch aluminum alloy wheels on the side here you see the corsair badging here that’s the only place

You’ll see the word corsair as the vehicle is practically de-badged nice blacked-out mirrors with led signal lights in them these mirrors are a power mirror they’re heated their memory their power folding and they have a blind spot system in them so that lights up when somebody’s in your blind spot to get in or out of this vehicle you can just put your hands inside

The door handle sense the heat from your hands also has some nice lights inside the door handles and if you want to lock it you can just press your thumb on here and it’ll lock when you do that your mirror’s power fold in nice little touch of class you can also use the entry pad right here to put in your code and unlock the vehicle or you can use this key fob with

Unlock lock remote start power liftgate and alarm you can also download the lincoln way app that’s free and you can remote start and unlock and lock track your car do all that kind of stuff from the app nice that lincoln has made that free tinted windows in the back look great if we put our hands in this again it’ll unlock the car open this up and you get your first

Look at this gorgeous reserve interior now this is bridge of wear leather this leather comes from scotland they’ve been making fine quality leather products for over 100 years and these rear seats in a 201a are heated this also has some upgraded all-weather matting in the back making sure the slush and snow and stuff doesn’t get where it’s not supposed to go nice

Piano black finishes in here too which look really great and some contrast stitching we come to the back of the vehicle you have some more sensors in the back as well as another camera now that camera actually has a nozzle to be able to spray itself off which is really nice dual exhaust looks super sporty and if we hit the button on the key fob we’ll open up the

Power lift gate open this up and you see you still have a great amount of space for any type of cargo you want nice 12-volt power supply and if you want to put these seats down they do fold down and we can actually just press this button right here and that allows those to fold down and gives you even more space let’s go to the front of the vehicle and check out

Some of those features all right so open up the driver’s door here and you’ll see on the driver’s door we’ve got memory functions here and this is where we actually move our seats for our seat controls this controls our lumbar our power locks our power folding mirrors power windows really nice touch of class on the dash this is actual real wood insert then we’ve

Got our set it and forget it headlights power liftgate and inside dimmer switches it’s a power tilt and telescopic steering wheel so it goes in and out and up and down on your signal light there’s actually a button here for your lane departure system to turn that on or off nice and easy then you have these super comfortable 10-way adjustable heated and cooled seats

Let’s climb inside okay so we are inside the vehicle now i’m gonna just go ahead and hit the push button start it’s going to bring up our beautiful digital display on here you can see there’s a digital speedometer in there you can see a bunch of readouts right now i have it in the calm screen so you can go through and you can look at other digital information if

You want in there on your steering wheel you do have volume controls on here and we can change our music tracks nice and handy voice control right where your left thumb goes now this button here can turn on your cruise control when we press this you’ll see nothing’s lit up here press that and all of a sudden you have some lights come on so this is for your cruise

Control settings and this actually has an adaptive intelligent cruise control adaptive means it’ll slow down with the vehicle in front of you intelligent means it’ll read the speed signs and slow down or speed up as it needs to with the cruise control on that’s awesome also has a semi-autonomous driving system known as lane centering technology it’ll actually steer

The steering wheel for you around corners so you do have to keep your hands on the wheel but it basically drives itself now this is the controls for some of that display up top and this leather wrapped steering wheel is heated feels like a warm cup of coffee first thing in the morning you also have some nice paddle shifters behind if you feel like driving a little

More aggressively and then on your windshield wipers you do have an automatic setting so it’s rain sensing it’ll turn on the wipers as it needs to speaking of the windshield in the tool 1a that front strip of windshield is actually heated for quick defrost which is really nice then we have in the middle here a big floating screen that gives you all your information

The infotainment system in this is fantastic it does have a hard base navigation system that you can see right there or if you press this home button it’ll bring us to a bunch of other screens we’ve got our audio which you do have satellite radio bluetooth streaming and all the other different ways you like to listen to music phone controls now speaking of phone

This actually has apple uh carplay and android auto so when you hook up your phone it mirrors your device and you can have your apps on here your spotify your maps podcasts all that kind of stuff which is great i want to bring you to something else when we go into the settings menu this is really quite cool we scroll over here and you can go into ambient lighting

Ambient lighting gives you seven different interior lights so you can see i have blue on right now and that shows up all over the inside of the cab if you look in the cup holders it’s blue if i change it to fuchsia change it to fuchsia red nice red one for every different day of the week now as we come down you’ll see some buttons right here this is for the self

Park feature this can actually navigate you to a parking lot so if you’re in a big urban center and you’re not sure where you’re going to park downtown it’ll take you to that parking or you can have your active park assist where it’ll actually park the vehicle for you now you can see we can parallel park we can perpendicular park or we can have it pull ourselves

Out of the parking lot which or out of the parking stall which is really awesome the next button down is for some driver assistant features auto stop start auto hold auto hold is a neat feature so with this feature you essentially can take your foot off the brake at a set of lights and it won’t go anywhere till you touch the gas that’s your traction control then

We have our all 360 camera system you can see all around us here that’s a forward-facing camera if we hit this little menu we can actually bring up a full forward-facing camera there press it again we can bring up a split view and get a really wide angle lens just really neat other than the camera then we’ve got piano key style shifters to the shift you just put

Your foot down press the piano key style shifter and it shifts into gear for you volume controls for your stereo and then all our climate control settings we do have dual climate control my side my passenger side our heated steering wheel our heated and air conditioned seats nice big fan control which is easy to use if we press the menu button it does bring up the

Menus on that screen nice touches for the piano black and then inside here if you open this up it does have usb and usb c power outlets as well as a 12 volt power supply and just a nice spot to set things as we come down here you’ve got those lit up cup holders we’ve got an electronic parking brake we’ve got a little dallas says drive mode the drive mode when i

Do move this you will see it goes from normal to slippery or deep conditions and those are for the all-wheel drive and traction control if i go the other direction we can go to conserve for the best fuel efficiency or excite and really wake up that turbocharged motor as we come in here you can open this up and you’ll see we’ve got a little console here with an

Upper and lower section as we come to the top it’s an electrochromatic auto dimming mirror and we have a couple of nice map lights in here they are soft touch with led lighting then we do have a place for sunglasses right and we’ve got garage door openers up on our visor all right everyone thanks a lot for taking a look at this 2022 lincoln corsair reserve package

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2022 Lincoln Corsair Reserve 201a walkaround video 05 By Jason Gillett