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2022 Lincoln Corsair Reserve Monochromatic Package in Pristine White

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James shows us this sporty 2022 Lincoln Corsair Reserve Monochromatic Package in Pristine White. Features include: 20″ Black Aluminum Wheels, sliding 2nd row seat, ambient lighting, 12.3″ color cluster display, 8″ LCD center stack touchscreen, blind spot information system, cross-traffic alert, lane-keeping system, Lincoln Connect 4G modem, Lincoln Drive Modes, rear parking sensors, Sync3 with voice activated navigation, auto high beams, panoramic vista roof, heated steering wheel, heated rear seats, heated/ventilated front seats and more.

Hello everyone james balder pfeiffer lincoln again on this beautiful day we’ve actually had a pretty good week right now so that’s a great thing bless us that um and what i want to show for you today is well we have some cars we also have a couple of corsairs on the lot and we were pretty slim when it came to that and now we’ve actually got a decent selection some

Of these cars of course are sport packages we’ve got reserves so if you’re interested in this size vehicle of course give us a call but i want to go over this car with you right now this is a 2022 corsair now i know we’re getting towards the tail end of the year here but due to chips and things like that the 22s are still continuing to be produced and anything that

Might have been in the order bank is still going to come down the line as of 2022. i won’t be able to order 23s for this vehicle until late next month and then of course you’re probably going to be looking at anywhere from a three to five month period of time to get you that vehicle unless you’re choosing a hybrid could take it potentially a little bit longer but

This particular one right here is actually a monochromatic package now i know we’ve talked about this before in the nautilus with a monochromatic package which seemed to always be black but this one here is actually white so this is pristine white and we only have the one white this is a pearlescent white and when you get the monochromatic package you like the

Nautilus itself you’re going to get color matching grill kind of goes along with that this down here is normally in the corsair is actually um like a gloss black or chrome depending on the actual version so if you choose a sport package it’s going to be gloss black if you were to turn around go with the reserve it’s actually going to be chrome if you take your

Follow me around the side over here you get your badge is actually going to be kind of white it’s got a gloss white you still be able to see the corsair here and your mirror caps are also white these are usually black in this car so that way when they’re folded in they kind of blend in with that floating roof line now just like the sport package you’re going to

Get that color matching wheel arches here rocker panels all the way around the vehicle itself towards the back these gorgeous 20 inch gloss black wheels which are the same wheels that are on the sport but in that gloss black just stunning especially in this package as we make our way around the back one of the other things to note when you get into the monochrome

Package that is also different from the sport which has that color matching is usually in the sport this is silver to match the standard vehicle as well so on this one it’s also color matching just to blend with that and in any monochromatic package of course you’ve got you’re in this car pristine white in certain vehicles black is always part of the monochromatic

Package that asher gray is available in the nautilus however just to touch base the white is no longer available on monochrome package so if you are looking at a nautilus you like this package here black and gray are the only two colors you can get in it this particular one does also have a hitch so yes in a corsair you can get a hitch this is a two liter engine

So a 2.0 liter 250 horse uh 285 pound-feet of torque so more than enough power to kind of scoot this vehicle with an 8-speed transmission the towing capacity of this is 3 000 pounds so jet ski got a quad or anything like this real easy to be able to tow that thing or of course with a bike rack that’s usually one of the biggest things when we get into one of these

Smaller cars take a look at the trunk and we’ll get our our way around to the front here so i can take a look at the front this one’s actually with the white interior i always think uh this sandstone interior complements the two colors actually complement each other really nice you got all the darker materials here it’s called espresso and any of the high traffic

Areas if you’re gonna be throwing anything back here if you have golf clubs or say bags or anything like this you don’t want to get a light color dirty anymore and that’s part of the reason why we’ve kind of eliminated some of that when it comes to some of the carpeting in our vehicles tops of our dash for reflection purposes but like the nautilus the aviator the

Navigator you do also have the ability to power fold here so you can actually hit the button here and we’ll flip these seats down so if your hands were full it’s just real easy to kind of load that stuff in this particular one does come with the all-weather floor mats and the all-weather floor mats in our lineup with a lot of people aren’t familiar with is that

We’ve actually switched to a style of mad that’s actually very similar to what people are used to with say some of the weathertech brands or even the husky liner so this makes it really nice that you can actually get that as factory option it’ll have your car’s name on it a corsair of course not whatever you give it like bubbles or whatever but and then a little

Lincoln logos which is really neat of course these are also height adjustable and every one of our vehicles you can choose that height adjustment here just push and hold this you’ll hear a beep sound and then that will stop here every time or you can bring it down do the same thing you can close that up now we’ll take a look and we’ll actually go around here

To the passenger side see that it’s stunning sandstone interior here the two-tone fold that back up here those seats do slide on a track you can see there’s a ton of room back there and it’s not that i’ve got that front seat moved really far forward it’s not it’s that these seats can actually slide back and forth up to six inches so a taller passenger say such

As myself i can adjust that front seat exactly the way i want it and still sit in the back seat and have plenty of leg room and i’m i’m all legs here so you can definitely tell that take a look here in the front now one really nice note about this particular vehicle here is while it is a standard reserve so it’s not going to have things like adaptive cruise in

It it is going to have the elements packaged so heated ventilated seats heated steering wheel rain sensing wipers heated back seats this one also has the luxury package luxury package in this particular vehicle gives you the 14-speaker revel audio sound system so this is the highest sound system you can get in the corsair model and then it does also have a head

Up display now one thing that makes our head up display different than say the other manufacturers is our head up display still works with polarized sunglasses so there’s not a lot of manufacturers out there that can actually tell you that and that’s using dlp technology provided by texas instruments this agreement that we have with them so apple carplay android

Auto wireless in this vehicle that eight inch touchscreen you got a 12 inch gauge cluster because it is a reserve and like i said heated and ventilated seats heated steering wheel so absolutely stunning interior and just a side note a lot of people ask why our interior is not all one color and i think i touch base a little bit on the carpet and the reasoning behind

That is because of the reflective surface a lot of people don’t realize the fact that usually when say you put a piece of paper on your dash you always take it off not necessarily because it’s just on your dash but because it creates a reflection and it makes it harder to see when you have a lighter colored dash you also get that reflection so it’s really nice to

Be able to avoid that and it’s also a matte finish so you don’t have to worry about that you have the full visibility of your windshield keyless system of course on this car all four doors and then the keyless just put your hand on any one of the four uh doors you can unlock the vehicle and re-lock it from any one of the four doors so very very nice car this is

The only monochromatic package corsair that we have on the lot right now and it is the only one we’ve had for quite a while i do have a couple other corsairs here even ones with the adaptive cruise function with park assist and 360 camera and then of course that really cool sport that we touch based on the 2.3 liter still here on the showroom floor so if you do

Want to come on down here take a look at some of our cars not even necessarily the corsairs you can see i’ve got navigator aviator in the background and plenty of nautiluses here i’d love to be the one to be able to show those to you so come on down james walder piper lincoln check it out

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2022 Lincoln Corsair Reserve Monochromatic Package in Pristine White By Pfeiffer Lincoln