2022 Lincoln Nautilus | It Doesnt Feel Like a Ford

Is the Lincoln Nautilus worth the extra money over the Ford Edge?

Previously on accelerate reviewed the 2021 maserati levante gts listen to how that thing sound but today we’ve got the 2022 lincoln nautilus so lincoln lincoln doesn’t make any more cars they actually only make four vehicles and all four of them are suvs and you probably know them by its big boy the navigator maybe you know the aviator but this nautilus

Not so much corsair what’s that so today we’re going to talk about the front of this nautilus we’re going to talk about the side the back we’re also going to talk about the interior and how matthew mcconaughey-ish it is so let’s get into it this is the refresh 2021-2022 version didn’t do a whole lot on the outside except some stuff down here but let’s start at

The top and talk about it now it does have a very high hood this hood is very high the headlights are led and they have five little inserts of led they sort of appear to be matrix headlights where you could theoretically switch off each led when you’re approaching another car so you don’t blind them so moving below you do have your indicator which is obviously

Led underneath that you have some sort of black plastic grille which is a difference maker for 2021 to 2022 concerning the old models had some chrome stuff there right here is where your radar is that is for your front detection for your automatic braking that kind of stuff it also does have lane centering which is kind of nice to have and up here you have a big

Girl with this lincoln logo now let’s talk about lincoln for a second lincoln is sort of a little bit different because lincoln doesn’t have their own standalone stores at least the ones i’ve personally seen in canada and the us you see a lot of other manufacturers have their own standalone store when it comes to their luxury product you see lincoln is usually

Always tied to a ford store whereas if you think about other brands they’re actually moving towards the independency of having their own luxury brand so will lincoln have their own luxury brands i don’t know with four suvs maybe maybe not so doesn’t this front end look like a jaguar e-pace like look at this thing jack or e-pace if you think i’m right yeah comment

Below under the hood you have two engines the first choice is your four cylinder like typical always a two liter because that seems like all they make nowadays makes 250 horsepower 280 pound feet of torque and then there’s this guy which is a twin turbo v6 that makes 335 horsepower and 380 found peter torque now it does go pretty good so i’m gonna show you guys

That on the drive it also has an eight speed torque converter gearbox either of them doesn’t matter which one you pick the four banger or the six that’s what you get an eight speed gearbox it’s got torque working as well if you care so you can’t get any hybrid versions of the nautilus you can get it in the corsair and you can get it in the aviator now there

Are three different versions you can get on this nautilus you can get the regular you can get the reserve or you can get every south asian man’s favorite drink black label so moving along the side here let’s talk about the wheels so you can get 18s 20s and 21s they seem to skip 19s but these are 20s and they’re black finished obviously they match the back and

They’re black wheels now inner fender lines are something we like to check here at accelerate and they’re not plastic they are actually carpeted in the front let’s check the back and yes they are also carpeted which makes sense because this is their luxury product now yes you do see nautilus on the side here nice and fancy now as far as these they’re not mounted

Right here they’re mounted to the body panel which is kind of new nice and they do fold in they also do have a 360 camera and if the key is in your pocket and you want to unlock the door you can do it from the front or you can do it from the back not just the front it does have this sort of typical domestic rugged feel because you have this plastic that goes all

The way around so you don’t get any scratches it does have adaptive suspension not air suspension adapter suspension so you can adjust how soft and firm you want it to be but we’ll talk about that in the drive let’s move along the back here yes it is fancy says lincoln on the back so let’s go and take a look getting in and out is always important so there you have

It getting out i do have to fold my head a little bit anyways now something unique to ford and lincoln is you have these buttons that you can press whatever code you want to get in the vehicle if you don’t have your key now another cool thing is when you have the car locked and you walk up to it at night it’ll actually give you this lincoln logo kind of right in

The middle of the car so let’s see if i can get it there you have it it sort of fades in fades out just like the headlights do so if you have your phone it’s also got something called phone for key which is basically a key on your phone but let’s talk about the back here let’s start off with the top so this has a really really large rear spoiler sort of a sporty

Spoiler but it’s kind of tricky because it’s not sporty this way it’s just sporty this way and if you look it does have a third brake light that is white led but it’s red when it comes on versus this is all red and your typical lincoln bar that goes all the way across and yes it’s a lincoln now it’s got a few other interesting pieces one this tows 3 500 pounds if

You get the right towing equipment it also does have kick trunks so let’s practice give it a kick come back and it opens very easily this is actually one of the vehicles that when i kick it at the first time second time third time it works every time which is nice to have now the other thing it does have something called true exhaust these are legitimate exhausts

They are yes you see them with your own eyes their exhaust they don’t point down they’re not fake they are right there it also does have something that’s really interesting and that is this has the same sort of space as an xc90 volvo inside with the seats folded down that’s really weird i wouldn’t expect that let’s take a look and that’s why i got a measuring tape

So let’s measure it up so as far as room goes let’s just throw the key over there and let me move over here so you guys can see we’ve got 43 inches in terms of depth and in terms of width this is a large trunk 44. this is a big trunk so you can fit whatever you want which is pretty typical because it is a ford and domestic vehicles like space and she’s got it so

A few things i want to point out here in the trunk one is there is no spare tire you lift this up and you do have just an air compressor a fairly large quality air compressor the german ones are about half the size this seems pretty heavy duty which is nice to see again no spare tire it does have a cargo net it does have either a choice of 13 or 19 revel speakers

So there’s a subwoofer there something really interesting to actually note is if you just look how low these back seats are they’re fairly low enough that a dog a fairly sizable dog can be back here and their head can be inside you see that was one of the problems with german cars if you do have a larger dog they get in the trunk but then their head is kind of

Stuck with this very shallow space and then you have a lot of obviously visibility in the back here but i can tell that when i’m driving i can definitely have visibility when i’m looking out my rear view mirror now as far as how these seats fold down this is obviously as back as you can go and that is this forward so that is the difference in terms of how it slides

Back and if i want to put the seats down well there are two buttons right here to press it there’s one and there’s the other now it does have a 12 volt down here it does have a tonneau cover that i’ve removed just to show you guys how much space there is back here um there is some plasticky pieces so it’s not all like super duper fancy leather wrapped you can

Sort of see it’s pretty forward edgy because that’s what this is built off it’s built off a forward edge there are some you know fancy touches and we’re going to find about that inside so let’s go check it out all right so i’m in the back of the nautilus let’s close this back door and see how good it feels decent decent good job oakville ontario that’s where you

Are made born and built see inside it feels solid this always tricks me so the thing with the lincoln now is that they have tried to make this interior less ford like so when you get into the lincoln it doesn’t feel like a ford it feels like a lincoln does have a nice big panoramic sunroof black headliner feels nice and comfy back here it does have heated seats

On the outer seat so this side and that side it does have these fancy backrests in the back and yes feels very plush does have a lot of storage because obviously as i mentioned domestic it’s got little small companies over here big bottle holders in the door and i’m sitting nice and high so i feel pretty safe and comfortable that’s all i gotta say about the back

I’ll talk about the ambient lighting in the front so front seat time let’s feel this door out feels the door physically closing feels very strong and solid the door handle when i’m holding and opening and closing just doesn’t feel all that strong so if lincoln you’re listening out there yeah the door handle the door good handle yeah now it doesn’t feel very

Forward like in here and that’s one of the big things lincoln wanted to do they want to take the forwardness out of here with the exception of the switches and some of the door lock buttons here that’s ford like from the edge but all this here feels very new it feels very nice and it feels very different this is definitely an upgrade to a ford there’s no doubt

About it especially this big monster 13.2 inch screen that yeah does have the fourth sync system which is very good it’s not a system that’s terrible it doesn’t have any shifters it has buttons so if you want to go into park reverse neutral or drive you have to press this button or even start it well start it’s pretty difficult it’s a button but and it’s flashing

Green telling me i need to press this button to start it in case i’m blind um steering wheel very luxurious it’s got your typical controls that you’d expect your volume your fast word forward your cruise control your stop and go all that fun stuff everything else looks pretty straightforward stability program automatic handbrake electromechanical of course it’s

Got four vents that i can see right there it’s got this nice rebel sound system over here that i can touch and feel and it extends all through the door panel it does have your keep in your lane it does have home link and a nice black headliner as i mentioned this nice big panoramic sunroof i wish it did have a sliding armrest that is one thing i wish we did and

We’re still sort of keeping with this two-stage arm rest which we will just stop making because every time i open this armrest it always leaves me with this piece that is totally useless it does have a usb my apologies it does have a cigarette lighter in the glove box here not the biggest glove box decent size it’s about this big this big and this deep it does have

Two cup holders with our fancy seven color ambient lighting and it does have this underneath here storage for purses so on and so forth underneath here you do have your usb and usb-c and another storage piece with the wireless charging so i take my phone out put it there wireless charge and close it but the coolest part about this is it does have wireless carplay

Yes wireless carplay because it has wifi so yes wireless carplay is important because there’s so many cars out there that still don’t have wireless carplay you got to plug them in what’s up with that anyways this does have three different cameras it does have 360 camera but it’s a backup camera it does have the overhead camera and it does have the 360 overhead

Camera but just for the sensors to show you how close you are so three different versions on this big 13.2 inch screen so yes there is no analog gauge this is completely digital and it’s really cool so let’s jump into the screens so if we jump right into infotainment here you’ll see on the bottom you have audio phone nav recent calls apps and settings so i will

Always use apps because obviously it’s important to have apple carplay so there you go hit apple carplay and you will notice that it only uses this frame this right frame here sticks to the navigation you can choose different things you want your phone your maps back to siriusxm and you can have different pages of how it’s set up that’s pretty cool you can kind of

Move it across this will always stay if you choose to have it there and then this again apple carplay and your apple carplay will populate and come up so i’m not going to show all my personal stuff but there you go you have audio and then you have your setup of everything there so audio phone nav recent calls apps and settings so there’s your apps and then moving

On to settings so let’s dig in the settings a little bit and get into vehicles so if i hit vehicle i can have some that’s important to have for a lot of parents out there and it’s got rear occupant alerts so for somebody in the back seat it will actually tell you check the back seats it’s got a door keypad code that you can set a review camera delay and that’s

About it so let’s move up to general and see if there’s anything more fun in there besides language temperature units touch screen yeah not a whole lot going on so basically you have your audio your recent calls and your apple carplay which is what i would be using so this screen’s not very customizable besides the fact of being like elegant and very minimalistic

And you can see by the the buttons here that if i hit any button it just really just moves me over it gives you my trip it gives you my fuel economy gives me my tire pressure and there’s really not much more even when i press the display button to give me more data it just gives me the gauges the info the trip the fuel there’s not too much going on maybe this eco

Coach just sort of coached me into my driving but again there’s just not a lot going on so it’s kind of nice that it doesn’t like inundate you with all this data it’s just simply a speedometer how much gas you have the rate you’re listening to the direction and basically all your check engine lights voila let’s start off the drive with ambient lighting because

Everybody loves ambient lighting so we’ve got white yellow blue red dark blue green and pink magenta so i will tell you right off the bat this car is way smoother than a ford edge this is not as harsh as a fart edge this suspension is soft and comfortable yes there are drive modes they’re not very easy to find here for drive modes i’ve got to basically find it

The drive mode so i’m not even going to bother because this car drives smooth luxurious forget about drive modes that’s not important when you buy a car like this i don’t honestly know why they even make it because nobody’s going to buy this thing is be like yes i want to race i need a sport no i just have an s button that i press and then it says sport very gently

Of course not like sport all red it’s just gentle it just pops up and says sport so anyways i will be in sport and i’ll wait for traffic because that is the light we live in nowadays so i’ll slam it back into drive and yes i will talk about how quiet it is in here because the speakers have active noise cancellation this window is actually dual pane windows it’s

Insulated as they call it which means they have a layer of plastic in between two panes so it’s quieter and you can tell that this is the motor to buy this has a ton of torque 38 pound feet of torque with this 8-speed transmission it is fast i’ve actually seen times of guys getting this thing in like 5.6 5.7 seconds that’s under six seconds that is fast it

Does boogie very similar to edge st that we had or reviewed the other day except this is a lot smoother it’s a lot quieter more refined it’s definitely not as like aggressive and you know harsh sometimes i find with the fords yes it feels solid up here but it feels kind of less insulated around the wheel well so you can kind of hear that road noise this is kind of

Like that but it’s a little bit quieter up here it’s kind of weird to explain fords are weird that way i find that it’s just noisy on the floor and quiet up here i’ve always found that with all fours i’ve driven including the f-150 but yeah here we are driving the lincoln nautilus it’s got that forward feeling there’s no doubt but it’s just quieter and definitely

More luxurious and it’s unique i’ve tried to see other people that drive lincoln’s on the road and they’re just sort of quiet they’re just sort of normal people that want just luxury without maybe the over-the-top status i think that’s kind of what this thing gives you it gives you everything the edge does give you like utility practicality obviously the dealer

Network which is important because you can get it serviced every pretty much everywhere there’s like enough dunkin donuts tim hortons in canada and ford dealers they’re pretty much everywhere but yeah so again you guys have seen the inside using the outside you see kind of how it drives it’s smooth it’s buttery there’s not really much more to talk about it sort

Of keeps in your lane lane assist keeps you in your lane so let’s press some buttons and let me show you how this keeps us in the lane in the city streets let’s try to find some buttons here on off let’s set your control let’s press this button on the side here on the steering stock ignore all this buttons there we go lane keeping system on so here i am watch me

Lane keep right in the center console it’s nice and green it’s the first time i’ve seen some color that popped me in my face yep it’s keeping my lane doing a pretty good job yep doing a good okay vehicle slowing down so that is interesting if it actually gets off the lane it’ll actually slow down that’s one thing i noticed when i was driving on the highway i set

All the systems up and then again it just sort of slowed me down that is pretty cool it’s really hard to fault cars like this the only thing people fault is the price they’ll say oh it’s too expensive but if you want to be different and unique while it’s kind of part and parcel and now with this chip shortage we’re just lucky to have the cars and speaking of that

Collectively youtube channels have actually dropped for car reviews so if you notice guys you’re not getting the numbers they once were because there’s a chip jordan and the money isn’t actually going to us anymore as much because youtube’s like hey we noticed that people are trying to check out cars but the advertisers are like why should we pay money because we

Can’t sell cars anyways because not enough in the marketplace so yes please we need your support guys we won’t exist if you guys don’t watch our stuff so you actually have to look for our stuff you gotta have all the other canadian youtubers because they deserve respect as well and as always thanks for watching you

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