2022 Lincoln Nautilus Reserve walkaround video 21

Come for a tour of this reserve 201a package in Infinite Black Metallic 2022 Lincoln Nautilus´┐╝.

Hey everyone today we have this incredible infinite black metallic 2022 lincoln nautilus reserve in the 201 a package this one has all kinds of upgrades let’s check it out together the first big upgrade is the 335 horsepower 2.7 liter twin turbo engine under the hood that is lincoln’s high performance motor mated to an 8-speed transmission with silky smooth shifts

Making it amazing on fuel you then have these beautiful led fully automatic including auto high beam headlights come down to the front and you have front park sensors to go with those you have an around view camera with a camera in the front cameras under both mirrors and a camera in the back vehicle has a forward collision system with pedestrian detection so if

Somebody does not uh let you know in time that they’re going to stop the vehicle will actually slam on the brakes for you saving lives and saving a little money on insurance you see this nice little sensor here by the front wheel that is for the self park feature yes this one can actually parallel park itself it also has the upgraded 21 inch aluminum alloy wheels

That look so good i love the nautical theme of this vehicle and those wheels go really well with it you see the word nautilus on the side that’s the only badge you’ll see on the vehicle saying that as this is practically de-badged and then you do have these uh high gloss black mirrors to match the paint with led signal lights in them they are a power folding heated

Mirror with a memory function and a blind spot detection system so that lights up when someone’s in your blind spot to get in or out of this vehicle you can just put your code in here and it’ll unlock or you can put your hand inside the door handle and it’ll unlock with the heat of your hands press this little button with your thumb and the mirror’s power fold

In letting you know it’s locked you also have this key fob with unlock lock remote start power lift gate and alarm or you can download the link and way app and do that all for free anywhere you have cell phone connection awesome tinted windows off the back look great again if we put our hands inside of this door handle we can open this up and then you’ll see our

Interior you see we’ve got the seats down right now to show you just maximum cargo space back here i love the high gloss black finish that’s been done beautiful accent stitching and if we want to put these seats up you’ll see we have a beautiful bridge of wear leather this leather is from the highlands of scotland they’ve been doing fine quality leather products

For over a hundred years the rear seats are heated as well and you do have all leather mats in here look up top and you’ll see a huge panoramic sunroof with power shade letting in all kinds of natural light as we come to the back we have more rear park sensors nice dual exhaust looks nice and sporty you see the lincoln off the back here the backup camera with its

Own washer so it can spray itself off and this power liftgate can be opened up from the key or we can just wave our foot like a magic wand and that’ll open that up for us in the back we have all kinds of cargo space you can see this has a cargo net also has a cargo cover which is removable you can see we’ve got the one seat down right there we can actually put both

Seats down if we want just by pressing these buttons and then gives you maximum cargo space this does have an upgraded revel audio system there is the subwoofer for that and you can see that beautiful interior from here let’s go up to the front and check out some of these features all right gonna open up the driver’s door on this door here again more of that nice

High gloss black finishing another one of those revel audio speakers you have memory features your power locks power mirrors power windows when you get in the word lincoln lights up on the dash you have real wood trim oblique the wood is all cut from the same piece inside so you could fit it all together if you took it all apart we’ve got controls for our automatic

Headlights interior dimmer switches power liftgate traction control you have power tilt and telescopic steering goes up and down and in and out on the signal light stock you can press a button right here to turn on and off your lane departure warning system and then you have these 10-way adjustable heated and cooled beautiful again bridge of wear leather seats

Let’s climb inside okay now that we are inside the vehicle we’re gonna go ahead and hit this push button start right there all the settings are memory coming back for me nice digital display in here including a digital speedometer and a bunch of other readouts and you can go through the different menus if you’d like on your steering wheel we have controls for the

Volume and stereo then we have our cruise control which is adaptive it’ll slow you down with the vehicle in front of you it does have the lane centering system which is linked in semi-autonomous driving system it’ll actually steer the steering wheel for you using the lines on the road and even go around corners on this side more control so that display up top phone

Controls music settings update your navigation and then this leather wrapped steering wheel is heated feels like a warm cup of coffee first thing in the morning you have this huge display which is beautiful and new for 2022. i love all the constellation and graphics that are in here for instance if we press this you’ll see the little constellation kind of come up

Does have a navigation system hard based and it has the new sync 4 which means that this is a connected navigation you also have over-the-air updates and wireless apple carplay and android auto what does that mean that means when we connect our smartphone to this wirelessly this can become our smartphone our apps from our phone everything comes up here so you can

Listen to your podcasts your audiobooks you can even use the maps from your phone if you don’t want to use this gps we go into the settings menu one of my favorite things here if we come over ambient lighting what does that do gives us seven different interior colors one for every day of the week if we’d like on your climate control screen here nicely animated is

Your heated steering wheel button so nice for that the vehicle also has a wi-fi hotspot ability to be able to connect up to 10 devices come down below press this and this is our self park we can either navigate to a parking lot or we can have the vehicle park for us which we can have it pull us out of a parking spot parallel park or perpendicular park all awesome

Features hit this button camera will bring up our camera system you can see all around the vehicle or in front of us press it again we see some different views then we have a features button here which brings up auto start stop or auto hold auto hold lets you take your foot off the brake while you’re at a satellite through a stop sign the vehicle won’t go anywhere

Until you touch the gas then we have our piano key style shifters including park reverse neutral drive and sport mode when you’re in sport mode it’s sometimes fun to shift using these paddle shifters in the back of the steering wheel volume controls for our stereo all our climate controls here including a menu button press this and the big screen populates with

A climate control our heated and air-conditioned seats open this up you have usb and usbc connection as well as a wireless charge pad cup holders here which light to the bottom again seven different colors nice arm rest open this up you have an upper and a lower section with a 12 volt power supply come up top and you have an electrochromatic auto dimming mirror

We’ve got some map lights power sunroof controls and power shade controls speaking of shade you put your sunglasses in there and then we have garage door openers to finish that off this is this beautiful 2022 lincoln nautilus thanks a lot for watching this video do me a huge favor click subscribe to this channel if you want to see more videos like this go ahead

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2022 Lincoln Nautilus Reserve walkaround video 21 By Jason Gillett