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2022 Lincoln Navigator – Drawing Inspiration from Craft

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We are thrilled to announce the arrival of the new 2022 Lincoln Navigator. Our flagship SUV reemerges with bold exterior design, lavish interior amenities and effortless technology. Contact a Sales Consultant to learn more at 616-949-7800.

The lincoln navigator is our flagship vehicle and it really is something that elevates the brand in general it’s kind of in everyone’s blood they feel the passion for it they feel the connection to the brand to the name plate and it brings the best out of people i have a strong connection with the color materials team because i think they really bring true emotion

To the vehicle marcia is is a pivotal part to this team she really brings emotion to our designs while it’s very important that our customers feel safe protected it’s making an environment an ambiance where you’re very much comfortable almost home like our interior has this beautiful sense of horizon long linear lines this sanctuary feel to it the the way that

The tech elevates their lifestyle and their ability to enjoy one another from a quiet interior space all of those elements brought together in a luxury space is really what elevates the interior for me black label is the ultimate expression of luxury and it goes beyond just the vehicle itself it goes to client privileges ownership experience the dealership

Experience we love black label as a design team because it really allows us to tell a story through materials through details we really dress it head to toe and each one is totally unique as our customers are they want to be different they want to stand out they want to be noticed so i think we offer that in grand style i would love to tell you about our new

Black label theme it’s called central park what really inspired us about central park is when you look at the hustle and bustle that’s going on nonstop the city that never sleeps but the contrast of the sanctuary that lies in the middle but it’s that lushness that really inspired the vehicle and to create that sanctuary and that evoke the feelings that you feel

When you’re in the park our interior is a black onyx with an urban green and our headliner is a concrete color so we have a unique perforation inspired by the city and the views from the park and that is a perforation of the skyline we use a very rich walnut wood open pour so what we have done is kind of taken a combination of the city streets and the actual

Central park and that has been laser etched into the walnut wood it’s a sanctuary just how the park is a sanctuary for the city so another black label theme we’ve curated is called invitation it really is kind of what it sounds like it’s an invitation to a special event wanting to be part of it the energy of it black linen invitation red ceiling wax inviting you

To an evening of friendship and love at someone’s home and that’s so beautifully appointed rich black leather supple furniture deep dark woods marbles as well as exquisite details just like you would feel as you’re brought into an exquisite party and it’s the hospitality that stands out most you’re enjoying appetizers music each other conversation and laughter

As dinner proceeds you’ll head out to the garden uh sit under the pergola the pergola shape and architecture inspired our perforation for the invitation theme again specifically engineered to fit our seats and to represent this outside protective but open setting you know i think marcia said it before that she thinks that black level is a gift for our clients

And i feel that she’s brought it to them we’re really excited myself the whole design team to bring this new season if you will to the navigator lineup and we believe the customers it’s exactly what they’re looking forward to as well

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2022 Lincoln Navigator – Drawing Inspiration from Craft By Pfeiffer Lincoln