2022 Lincoln Navigator – Effortless Experience Through Technology

The new 2022 Navigator is the first Lincoln vehicle to offer ActiveGlide. An evolution of Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop-and-Go, Lane Centering and Speed Sign Recognition, Lincoln ActiveGlide adds a new level of convenience for drivers.

As engineers as designers we’re constantly looking to innovate create and apply technology what sometimes happens in other vehicles is there’s too many things too many choices too many switches and what we’ve observed is the customers of those products often don’t use the available technologies because they’re overwhelming but the difference with lincoln technology is

It’s it’s the right thoughtful technology for a specific purpose we spend a lot of time to simplify our lincoln vehicles allow our customers to feel more relaxed to feel calmer rejuvenated linking copilot 360 2.0 available in the new navigator is a fantastic suite of driver assistance technologies it offers the highest number of standard and available technologies

In the class capabilities and features such as intelligent adaptive cruise control full stop and go providing that ease and effortless experience of driving in traffic builds upon that capability with lane centering includes active park assist 2.0 which provides a very simple and easy way to maneuver in and out of spots both parallel and perpendicular new to

Navigator uh we also include have available intersection assist it utilizes the technologies in the vehicle the forward-facing camera the radars to detect traffic at an intersection and will assist and prohibit the vehicle from entering harm’s way having fantastic human machine interface is so important and within lincoln having it not only beautiful but relevant

With the right information at the right time and working with peter and his team it’s just been such a rewarding experience i think it’s really important that the client for the lincoln brand experiences something that’s very seamless very effortless very graceful in terms of how they interact with the technology within the vehicle it’s something that feels

Curated and crafted specifically for them the navigator’s the crown jewel and so we pulled out all the stops in terms of the digital we really queued into what we call constellation it’s our visual dna it’s our visual language that we developed specifically for lincoln we all spend so much time looking at screens often stressful the constellation theme is calming

Is beautiful it is engaging and it’s informative a lot of what you’re seeing in constellation is based on this night sky so if you can imagine that final few moments of that golden hour at the end of the day where the sun just dips over the crest of the horizon that’s really what we’re trying to achieve even down to small atomic elements within let’s say a button

For instance we have this beautiful starburst upon activation that really uses particle effects as a means to carry that metaphor and now we have constellation everywhere you look it’s on the hud it’s on the cluster it’s on the center stack it’s on the 5.8 inch rear module in the second row and really they’re all speaking to each other visually the team has done

A fantastic job of harmonizing the themes and the content across all of the in-cabin screens it’s quite an engineering feat from a development standpoint to really connect all the various digital touch points within the vehicle and it really takes a an army of people to really make this come to life so the new navigator has the introduction to the portfolio of

Lincoln active glide our hands-free driver assistance technology building upon our existing suite of driver assist technologies when the vehicle is in the appropriate blue zone on the highway it seamlessly signals that it has control it recognizes the lanes it recognizes the traffic and provides the driver a little bit of a relief a little bit of a stress free

Moment so the new navigator introduces adaptive suspension with road preview it leverages the front facing cameras and detects bumps in the road surface and up to 500 times per second provides signals to the adaptive suspension again making the ride and the overall sanctuary on the road the best experience possible so the new navigator with its heavy duty trailer

Tow package has trailer backup assistance providing simplicity and confidence with our trailer reverse guidance technology which allows a wider field of view in the digital camera it automatically pans the rear view display to the direction of the where the trailer is heading simplifying the experience and making it more rewarding it’s our job as a designer for

Digital experience to really strike a balance around how we present those features back to the client it has to be very purposeful but where we can inject expressiveness and emotion and the brand of lincoln is really where we see the white space and where we can create a really memorable experience for the client you

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2022 Lincoln Navigator – Effortless Experience Through Technology By Pfeiffer Lincoln