2022 Lincoln Navigator | Is the Cadillac Escalade still the King?

We’ve reviewed the Nautilus & the Aviator. Now we finally review the giant, stately & luxurious Lincoln Navigator.

What is up internet world and welcome back to the channel today i bring you the 2022 lincoln navigator so uh so the future is going to be exciting because these up to today have only been used as a commodity such as a rolex you don’t buy it to do the time you buy it so you can sell it in the future for more money and that’s what these big old suvs

Have been doing for the last two years through kovid you see in canada people take these things they ship them to the us after about six months and they get all their money back plus some because the greedy dealers in the united states of america want to charge a big premium when you buy these things so necessity is out the door and a commodity is here to stay but

The king of the hill is the escalade not this neither is the wagoneer or the grand wagoneer or even the lexus big boy this thing is fighting for second place now they’ve redesigned it a little bit because the escalade is so dominant they have to do something different because the new navigator is not supposed to be out until 2025 or even 2026 that is a long time

From now but this is redesigned when i look at it first glance i’m like looks kind of the same looks kind of the same there’s three trims available the base the reserve and the black label just like the escalade it’s available in two different lengths the standard and the long wheel base under the hood you will notice that there is no engine cover we’re not sure

If it’s because of coved and supply issues or they’re just cutting costs but you will notice that there is no more v8 it’s a three and a half liter twin turbo v6 that makes 440 horsepower and 510 pound-feet of torque this was the same as last year except now we have 10 less horsepower yes it is bode maybe they’re just leaving it the way it is because there’s

No reason to change because it does well they’ve added the screen they’ve added some fancy nip bits on the outside but it drives exactly the way i remembered it’s just smooth and comfortable and these awesome seats which take time to find the right position it’s like trying to eat when there’s so much food available like what do you pick picking all of it doesn’t

Always make sense so you have to find the right position with these seats sometimes maybe just a four adjustment makes sense which is so crazy nowadays but the rich wanna have selection and choice and that’s why something like this works for them the other part that people don’t realize is that this thing makes 440 horsepower out of a v6 three and a half liter

Twin turbo that’s kind of crazy to think that this is a domestic product that feels ultra domestic in here nothing about this feels like a german car or a japanese car this is domestic it feels like a big couch with a lot of different materials all clumped together and some dated stuff and some new stuff because in here actually feels like i’m in like 2010 lincoln

Town car truth but the engine is different though when you think that kind of horsepower out of a three and a half liter tin twin turbo that are good numbers they’ve pumped out quite a bit of power out of that motor the front end there’s not really that big of a difference because it’s all hiding in this headlight it now gives you a three-dimensional lighting

Scheme that welcomes you when you walk up to the car and says goodbye to you when you leave but besides that the main change on this front end is the lower part of the bumper it’s three individual pieces now instead of one big piece but regardless it’s sort of unchanged and i don’t mind it because i like this white grill it’s kind of different i like the stance of

The car truck suv whatever you want to call it because it’s massive goliath and hay it’s domestic you’d expect something this big to have air suspension how does this not have air suspension it has adaptive suspension it actually has 12 sensors that looks ahead in the road called road preview and then sends that data to the suspension so it is proactive instead

Of reactive there we go that’s why they’ve changed it up it also has 20 standard and 22s on this bad boy it also doesn’t lower which as i mentioned doesn’t have air suspension and that’s just a big wrench in my brain when i look at something so large i’m expecting to have auto soft closed doors but it doesn’t it does have crazy style look how long this thing is

For reference we will show you a vehicle we did that is a lot smaller so you can actually visualize how large and in charge this regular wheelbase navigator is now the length of this standard version is 210 inches and if you opt for the long wheelbase you get 220 inches and if my math serves me correctly that’s 12 inches 12 inches more because you can fit eight

People in here if you opt for the standard second row bench this is a seven passenger and those seven passengers get in by this cool assistant piece right here this is the key the exact key that is on my ford f-150 except a little bit more chromie what else has changed for 2022 well nothing really on the side the back has though and it starts with these tail lights

They wrap around a little bit more and then flow all the way down nice so if you opt for this version you can put 23 gallons of fuel in it if you opt for the longer version you can put 27 gallons of fuel in this thing now check out the back this light bar is all new i like how it says lincoln across it it’s just clean now how much can a tow is the question i feel

Like we’ve hit a plateau when it comes to towing of these domestic vehicles you’d figure they told 10 or 11 000 pounds by now this thing tows 8 300 pounds because it’s all-wheel drive if you opt for the rear-wheel drive version you can tow 8 700 pounds which is 700 pounds more than the escalade so what’s up with that you think they’d get better as technology gets

Better but they don’t because they’ve hit a plateau or they just sell too many and they don’t care anymore so if the question is should i buy a regular wheelbase or a long wheelbase you’d like to know that the space is actually only gained in the trunk area with the third row seats up in the standard version you get 19 inches of depth and a whopping 52 inches of

Width this thing is wide and with the seats down you get about 57 inches worth of length now depending on what you’re going to carry in the trunk is really going to depend on what version you’re going to buy third row of the navigator and i got my buddy seat belt with me check this out it actually has reclined seats back here so i push this button and i recline

Full power that is luxury i also have a usb here and a bunch of cup holders two for my buddy seat belt and same on that side as well you have one cup holder and a usb now it’s pretty comfortable back here and my headroom is pretty good it’s really good to be honest just this profile of the actual navigator but how much legroom do i have even me slouching here

I still have a good amount of leg room so somebody that’s six foot could sit back here no problem six three six four that’s probably gonna get a bit tight but they still have the headroom so hey it’s good there’s no screen back here to adjust anything but there are vents right here so i’m not claustrophobic when i sit back here i do have some airflow and as far

As visibility it sits higher my seating chair is higher and i have this big window so i don’t feel trapped or squashed now what happens if i want to get out of the third row and into the second row or out of the vehicle there’s also a handle i gotta push upward it’s very very difficult on my thumb it just seems like i’m breaking every time i touch it so thank god

There is a button on the inside of the door i can press right here but it stops right here so i’ve used my leg to kick it forward i wouldn’t say it’s a retractable system i would say it disengages and then you have to use your own body weight to kick it out of the way so expect the back of the seat to be beat up second row of the navigator same as the back i feel

Really elevated and high i feel like i’m driving a range rover i do have a 5.8 inch like digital piece here that lets me adjust my massage seats seats climate control audio and then of course settings all by a simple touch i have two big cup holders here a usb and a usbc as well as a cigarette lighter right in my hand as well as a plug which is kind of cool it’s all

There for me i have a storage bin under this big console now this is a seven passenger again if i got the flat bench it would be an eight passenger the only thing i don’t like back here is this wood grain it is terrible it is from like a 1970s box tv look at the grain it is so weak but if you’re an audiophile you get 14 speakers standard in the first two trims and

The big boy has a whopping 28 speakers front seat of the lincoln navigator wow this thing let’s talk about the seats first these seats are 30 way adjustable and when i first sat in them when i got in the 2021 i was like you can adjust every single detail of this 30 different ways this one can go up this one can go up this can go backwards this part goes forward

Like i was trying to put this forward and this is what happened this thing moved and i’m like no i want this thing to move there’s so many adjustments that this is where the luxury starts right here now i’ll get into different trims and different themes that lincoln offers but let’s start with the cockpit this center display is now 13.2 inches replacing the 10

Inch one it also runs with sync 4 and not sync 3 anymore this display is massive the displays are good there’s no complaints there the complaint is in the archaic design of it in my opinion it’s ultra luxurious but not really modern at all it’s kind of old school and similar to the aviator that i don’t really see that much of a difference besides the chrome pieces

And the vast size of this thing it’s funny i find that navigators and aviators and just a lincoln brand across the board doesn’t have my initial love but as i drive it more and more consistency i kind of get used to it and understand why they sell it and why people buy it i just not a big fan of this wood this wood is just really throwing me off completely but it

Does have wireless charging with a max phone that fits perfectly you just put it there you close it up and it’s gone it doesn’t have a shifter of sorts it has buttons for p reverse neutral and drive and it does have wireless carplay and wireless android auto and has this massive heads-up display that tells me how much fuel i have left the parking what gear i’m in

And of course the speedometer outside temperature and the time everything just feels grand and luxurious lincoln has upped the ball game when you buy the top model black label trim they have two different themes they call it one is called invitation and the second is called central park and they’ve etched little streets from central park on the actual walnut trim

To pump it up for your lavish lifestyle so let’s dig into the 13.2 inch sync 4 screen at the bottom here you have audio carplay nav fave apps settings and features so carplay is important to show you guys because most you guys will use carplay voila here i can just go back and forth so you can see how quick this thing is again nothing really different it doesn’t

Capture the whole screen just about three quarters but it’s still good enough and i like how the actual contrast matches it’s blue here and it’s blue there it’s not totally different like some other vehicles when i hit audio here you have your four different icons am fm xm and then of course carplay next up is nav but i can also access nav on this little right

Screen here that you can adjust to different little widgets phone different trip computers fuel economy the climate control pretty much everything you do over here you can do up on this right screen here it’s sort of a quick menu and i like it because for the passenger if they have questions or they want to go through the menus they have their own little buttons on

The right side of the screen so they don’t have to physically reach all the way over to the left side of the screen so i really like that next up and everybody’s favorite is of course ambient lighting this one has seven different ones you can pick from from white all the way up to purple next up is features where you have your driver’s assistance we can go through

All the features that this navigator offers anywhere from driver alert all the way up to pre-collision assist to cruise control and of course traction control and then next up is your running boards you can pick and choose when you want your running boards to open different modes so on and so forth and then of course there is towing where you can add a trailer and

You can have different trailers in the settings of the vehicle next up is your rear camera by hitting this physical button and it shows all the way through the screen with a 360 on the right side hello land yacht whenever i drive something this big i always just go to this thing in my brain that reminds me that i have to be responsible like i’m carrying a whole

Bunch of people that are super important and if they’re not important i’m important because i’m driving this land yacht and people look at me like that guy’s got money and that’s cool and all but that responsibility factor just tightens up my alertness level and then you’ve got this supercruise blue cruise ultra glide basically it drives by itself and i have

To just be alert and it’ll keep me in the lane and all that stuff with 300 different highways and all the rest of it but that also was responsibility because i have to make sure it’s always on and this thing can see my eyes and when i use one hand to drive it tells me to be alert because it cannot see my eyes because my hand is blocking this little radar thing

That’s supposed to look at me responsibility is what this thing reminds me of through in and throughout so lincoln has added perks for the big ballers they do something called rentals at the airport yeah so when you go to a place that you don’t live and you own one of these things you get free rentals i wonder what they’ll give you a malibu but they do give you

Free car washes when you bring your car in thanks lincoln hooking me up as far as driving it goes yes it is soft does it need air suspension kind of feels like it has our suspension i don’t really notice a difference the biggest thing that the biggest takeaway that i’ve got out of this thing is the turning radius this has the best turning radius out of any big suv

Pickup truck i have driven this thing’s got this extra like half turn that you get that really cranks it and it’s so good so i don’t know what people’s beef is about not having an eight cylinder maybe it’s the sound because this thing is plenty peppy and you can feel when you go around corners you’re not really tugging that weight it just sort of feels lighter on

Its feet by having the lighter block in front of me but there is the hybrid coming so we’ll see how that rolls out and anyways that’s my little review on the lincoln navigator thanks for subscribing we need you because if you don’t support us we don’t get cars and we need cars thank you very much have a great day

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