2022 Lincoln Navigator Reserve 4×4

Pristine White with Sandstone Interior

Yes kirk mike murdock at bozard lincoln in saint augustine uh appreciate you getting back to us and uh choosing to do business with us um just want to give you a final walk around we do have your deposit so the vehicle is secure and it’s got a date on there to follow up with you on monday and i sent you copy of the receipt one cool thing i was going to show you

With your remote start is hopefully that’s coming to focus with lincoln you don’t have to see your vehicle um to know that i get started because it’ll actually show on your remote so when you start it you get a solid green light on the remote let you know it started it didn’t get the message it will flash red when you shut it off you get a solid red light

So that’s good communication between the key fob and the vehicle plus has lincoln embrace when i get within eight feet of the vehicle and i have the key it’s called lincoln embrace the lighting will come on and wrap around the vehicle to welcome you to your vehicle and it actually puts welcome mats lighted led mats on the ground on each side with the lincoln star

Uh but on this package it’s a higher end reserve so you’ve got the nicer led lighting with the hid bulbs and then like i said this is pristine white with sandstone and you’ve got the nicer upgraded 22 inch wheels with the nicer rims and we sold it to this lady brand new like i said her order came in and she wanted an l the extended length so she traded this back

In we’ve shown it to a few clients but now be locked and reserved for you it’s kind of see the cool constellation that plays in the background but the exact mileage is 26.46 you do have heated and cooled seats and as i mentioned before you do have the luxury package which gives you the upgraded perfect position seating so you can even adjust your thigh support

Besides lower and upper back head rest and you have some massage features which are nice for long trips certified pre-owned you have all your floor mats you get two key fobs second row captains chairs with pass-through so it’s open and then these second row seats uh recline plus cell phone flat we need to get to the back you just have a push of a button and this

Has a nice wide track actually has a nice 10 inch foot pad and then this third row actually has a power recline feature you’ll see the button over there on the wall so besides usb connections and cup holders you have a nice comfortable third row nicer than the escalade or any other full-size suvs and you can recline that third row seat which is nice panoramic roof

And the upgraded sound system and then you can use your remote to open up this tailgate the other nice thing is the new led signature tail light for 2022 they call it 3d because it actually comes sticks out of the vehicle a little bit that’s another neat feature too when that lighting at night comes on and it wraps around so you’ll see it kind of shutting off right

Now and then when it turns on it wraps around the vehicle which is pretty cool you have the trailer tow package there’s a cover there’s a little hand grip underneath pops that off and then when you open the kind of see that vehicle signal so you have one button to open your hatch and then you have another button if you just want to pop the glass and then your

Power folding third row is right here you can fold the third row individually or together like i said this is still brand new so they haven’t even opened up their cargo net for the rear there’s that power reclining buttons for the third row that you can see and then the second row spring loaded so if i need to drop the seat for extra room i can hit a button and

Drop the second row seating um because i’ve got that front seat uh back a little bit that’s why i hit there and then you’ve got uh extra things you can do for tailgating you got extra storage space underneath your jack kit is right here you can actually use this guy right here or use these cargo tie downs and i’m powerful than that back up this can be adjusted

And programmed to whatever height you want plus it has a nice uh hands-free lift gate so if my hands are full with groceries or cargo i can actually just kick my foot underneath the bumper and it will open and close automatically really neat feature so i’m just kicking my foot under the rear bumper to open and close the rear hatch which is nice on the opposite

Side you have another button if you just want to pop the glass throw stuff in the back and then you’ve got this elevated spoiler so it’s got a power washer for the back you get your rear view camera and sensors but just want to get to a nice quick overview again of the vehicle um like i said it’s brand new that certified warranty increases the four-year 50 000

Mile bumper to bumper to six year one hundred thousand from the in-service date and then the key fobs everything else will come with the vehicle but i’ll get you answers to the information we discussed and we appreciate your confidence and trust in buzzard lincoln we look forward to helping hopefully having you as clients for life and uh we appreciate all the

Time you’ve invested in um also the money you’re spending obviously this is the nicest full-size luxury i should be on the road and we know that it it is a good investment of money and we want to make sure that you get your money’s worth with the experience and with the vehicle but call me with any questions 904-334-9889 we think you really enjoy the 2022

Navigator some of the nice features from the new grill to um the new accents just little things like lincoln motor company on the new headlamps your lighted handles you can touch any handle the other thing we haven’t really talked about is the lincoln way app that you put on your smartphone it also integrates with active glide you’ll see this uh sensor up on your

Steering column it watches your eye movement so when you’re using the active quiet you have adjustable pedals too my wife’s like five two so for vertically challenged folks you can adjust your brake and gas pedal but the active glide is the newest technology so besides adaptive cruise lane centering where the carl drive itself um you still have to have your hands

On the wheel when you use active glide and what they call the blue zones or where the camera and radar can read the lanes the car drive itself and you can actually drive with your hands off the wheel and let the artificial intelligence take over so it’ll drive itself it’ll park itself and you don’t have to have your hands on the steering wheel but there’s a lot

Of features and technology we send you a new vehicle orientation guide that will let you sit in the vehicle and go over all the features at your own pace and that comes with uh the purchase and it’s very helpful but i have talked enough so hope you all have a great evening and great weekend and we look forward to getting this baby to you soon take care bye-bye

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2022 Lincoln Navigator Reserve 4×4 By Mike Murdock