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Foreign are you interested in massive style and luxury well we’ll talk about me later let’s talk about the lincoln navigator first the lincoln navigator has been around since 1997 and for the 2022 model year the fourth generation receives a mid-cycle refresh wait where’s the graphic boom there it is the navigator retains its big bold boxy shape and exterior updates

Include restyled front and rear bases that lincoln says give it more presence and this full-size suv definitely has presence i mean the chrome around the navigator is tastefully placed it’s not too gaudy and if chrome is in your thing the highest black label trim which is this has a special edition package which makes it more subtle with black trim bits and blacked

Out wheels but regardless the navigator is classy and when you’re hauling around cargo as fine as this you want to show up in something that makes a statement speaking of cargo there’s a button to open the rear glass to make quick drops without opening the tailgate which is a great feature on an suv behind the third row there is 20.9 cubic feet of space folding

The third row will yield up to 63.6 cubic feet and with the second and third row flat you’ll have 103 cubic feet to work with which is less than the cadillac escalade but more than the jeep grand wagoneer if more cargo space is needed a long wheelbase model lengthened almost 12 inches can be had on higher trim levels hopping into the rear quarters open the door

And you’ll notice the retractable step rail pops right out for those who need it and to get into the third row just pull the lever on the second row seats slides forward hop right in and i mean this is this is definitely doable i’m 6’4 i feel just fine i got enough knee room and headroom is good if you need a little bit more comfort there are buttons right here to

Recline the third row but i mean this is definitely doable there’s a usb plug right here a little storage cubby for your phone i could do this to a trip to big bear no problem and the second row is no different this is very comfortable i mean the seats slide and recline you get a very comfortable inboard armrest i think michael would really approve and if you opt

For the captain’s chairs there’s available massaging and you can operate that on the center control stack i mean this is great you’re getting chauffeured in luxury and comfort you got a nice big screen to watch your amazon prime video you can also retract the panoramic roof shade i mean this is great but i just want to go anywhere this is definitely inhabitable or

Habitable inhabitable one of those words english is hard how far does the seat go back oh yeah and finally in the driver’s position seating is commanding visibility is actually quite good and the materials throughout the cabin feel great i mean there’s good feeling leather the roof liner is alcantara feeling and open pour wood just bathe everywhere and check this

Out there’s storage options everywhere and here you get wireless charging more storage in here and even under the center stack and also new for 2022 you get a 13.2 inch infotainment screen and this piece right above the steering wheel which activates your active glide system which is a hands-free driving system that you can use but just make sure you keep your eyes

On the road the interior of the navigator is truly a good place to be regardless of which road you’re in there’s a button to push forward with the second row seat that’s worth mentioning and the third row has a flat and low floor thanks to the navigator’s independent rear suspension besides seating comfort the second row also has plenty of storage in the door bin

Pockets behind the front seats and under the center console plus you have four cup holders ac outlet and usb a and c ports front row occupants also enjoy ample storage spots including under the front console and there’s a holder for sunglasses up above with an adjacent small mirror to view your rear occupants however as nice as the interior is a digital rear view

Mirror would have been helpful for a fully occupied cabin a closer position for the panoramic roof because i’m tall and even this was a stretch for me allege for using the infotainment system so i won’t have to use the vents to coordinate my inputs rear sun shades for just a smidge more privacy a button to automatically fold up the second row seats so i wouldn’t

Have to do it myself and a rear hatch close and lock combo button so i won’t have to take out my keys and at this price point those will be more than welcome features on this lux truck however there is standard wireless apple carplay and android auto a digital gauge cluster and available 28 speaker audio system speakers everywhere but let’s get the navigator to

Go somewhere and when you’re behind the wheel of a navigator you want to go anywhere because this is a comfy cruiser for sure i mean it doesn’t have air suspension like the cadillac escalade or jeep grand wagoneer but it does have a road sensing camera that sends information to the suspension to give you a more plush and pleasant ride all trims come with a 3.5

Liter twin turbo v6 making a stout 440 horsepower which is down 10 horsepower from last year’s model but the torque figure remains the same hey losing horsepower is never fun but this navigator being a big body on frame suv still feels quick and the 10-speed automatic transmission is smooth and the massage seats they pretty much make me forget the loss in horsepower

With the proper configuration the navigator can tow up to 8 700 pounds fuel economy is where the navigator shines above its competition with similar horsepower figures with the all-wheel drive version only taking a ding of one mile per gallon you can add a little more efficiency with the engine’s start stop capability but if you’re like me and that’s not your thing

There’s a deactivation button it’s about that active glide hands-free driving system right what a great name anyways make sure in your driver assistance the cruise control settings you go to lane centering with hands-free on the steering wheel you set cruise control set your speed i’ll go 60 miles an hour and it’ll let you know hands-free is activated and it’s in

Blue mode so we’re cruising and it’s actually doing a good job somebody hopped in front and it’s letting on the brake and still going and let’s actually see if it comes to a complete stop at this stoplight so it’s slowing down slowing down eyes on the road slowing down hands-free it’s slowing down it’s slowing down that’s not my foot that’s the car breaking for

Me and it comes to a complete stop well all right active glide for your driving pleasure the active glide system also worked well through turns with moderate traffic on the freeway however i did get thrown to keep hands on steering wheel warning while i was on a straight road which i thought was odd for a hands-free system and i even received a few watch the road

Warnings when i had my glasses on hmm but good news added peace of mind in the form of standard safety features to help keep the bangs and the dings away include blind spot monitor lane keep assist forward collision mitigation and a surround view camera and those standard safety features are great because this definitely feels big and knowing that i have a little bit

More help just in case there’s a tiny car on the side of me or i’m trying to squeeze into a small parking spot it gives me more confidence being behind the wheel of this huge thing the navigator comes in three trims standard reserve and a black label they’re seating for seven or eight occupants and rear wheel drive is standard on lower trims but all-wheel drive

Is available and comes standard on the highest black label trim the base standard trim starting at a little over 77 and a half thousand dollars not including destination includes led headlights power running boards hands-free liftgate power folding second and third row seats tri-zone climate control wireless charging and adaptive cruise control keep in mind the

Base model is the only trim that doesn’t offer a long wheelbase variant move up to the reserve trim for added features like a panoramic sunroof head of display and lincoln’s active glide system for a starting price of just under 90 grand noting that a heavy duty tow package is available for the reserve trim to maximize the navigator’s towing ability and for the

Most prestige on your luxury suv the black label trim starting at over a hundred and six thousand bucks includes all of the reserve term features and adds special 22-inch wheels illuminated running boards rebel ultima 3d audio system curated packages for interior color and trim and includes an extended maintenance planned and complementary car washes competitors

In this full-size three-row luxury suv segment include of course the cadillac escalade which now has an available supercharged v8 making almost 700 horsepower my goodness jeep grand wagoneer or the gmc yukon denali and if you’re looking overseas there’s also the infiniti qx80 lexus lx 600 and i’ll even throw in the mercedes-benz gls for kicks there’s some pretty

Stiff competition for the navigator but with bold presence and a comfortable stylish interior this may be a good option to navigate your next road trip

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2022 Lincoln Navigator | Review & Road Test By Kelley Blue Book