2022 Lucid Air Grand Touring: Is This Better Than The Tesla Model S Plaid?

Today I drive and review a 2022 Lucid Air Grand Touring!

Okay so i’ve got in the sprint mode here i want to see if this loads up at all whoa yes it does hey everyone spent hard here and in today’s video be reviewing the all-new lucid air grand touring first and foremost so a huge shout out and thank you to the tj chapman auto here in salt lake utah before giving me some time with this loose this one is available for

The time being so if you’re interested i’ll put a link to their website in the description down below if you have any questions just ask for javier and then on a side note i’m going to save time money the next time purchase car link to my carbine guide in the description down below let’s get into it now let’s go over the power and performance specs here with

The elucid before we dive into the video so there’s actually two different versions of the grand touring there’s the regular which this car is and then there is the performance so for the regular we have a 112 kilowatt hour battery pack for the performance it’s 118 kilowatt hour battery pack now for power outputs with the performance is 1050 horsepower with this

Version it’s 819 horsepower performance has a 0-60 time of 2.6 seconds whereas this has a 0-60 time of three seconds which is by no means slow and range on both of them is absolutely crazy so 516 miles of range with the regular grand touring which is what this car is and then 446 miles of range with the performance so just a little bit less now i’ve already reviewed

A few of these lucids so what we’re going to do is kind of do a quick overview of the features so we have our crazy key fob right here so if i press it once then that’s going to lock the car and if i press it twice that’s going to unlock the car and if i hold it down it’s going to pop the frunk yeah i know it’s quite a bit and you guys can see the storage space

Here with the front and you got this little leather strap to kind of pull it up so that you can access even more storage space which um yeah i’ll be back to you guys in a second that’s kind of hard to put back well anyways after my little uh battle there with that uh cargo partition thing we can hold it down again and that will close it down now for the rear i’m

Pretty sure that we just press it a couple times then hold down there we go i’m like a master of opening up lucids well apparently not because it only partially opened up let’s see that again there we go i guess i did something funky you guys can see the charge port here in the back and we actually have the original window sticker here for this particular one so

You guys can see again it’s an air again grand touring standard right here so this should have everything on it says only 469 miles of range that’s kind of interesting because again the website specs say 516. so that’s interesting there’s a slight difference and then notice 800 horsepower right there look at the warranty for your 50 000 mile on the new vehicle

Warranty in an eight year 100 000 mile on the battery system original msrp there 140 000 but yeah let me know if you guys know on the difference with the range why the website says it has a different amount of range than what the e well i guess epa rating versus uh whatever so let’s see if that will yeah look at that once you learn how to do the functions you

Know how to do the functions now in terms of styling with the lucid i think it looks absolutely fantastic and i love the lights on this so i’m going to lock it you guys can see how the light kind of closes then i’ll unlock it and notice how it opens there on the rear it’s kind of like a cool dance now a lot of people been commenting on the top that they are not

Exactly a fan of that again it looks kind of funky in pictures but in real life it actually looks really good worst case scenario it is painted as you can see so you could wrap over it if you didn’t like the color and we’re actually gonna head back to the front so you guys can see again with the whole light show so we’re gonna lock it and then yeah pretty fun

Stuff right there and then you guys can see here with the tire wheel set up just like most luxury cars has massive wheels so they’re 21 inch uh tall wheels if you guys are wanting 245 35 is the tire setup on it which is pretty typical for evs they usually won’t do like massive uh tires on them and yeah i think they did a really good job with the overall style

Here with the lucid and one thing i love is the interior really nice material use throughout like the wood trim and the seats as well there’s tons of space here in the back so like you guys can see it is very very spacious here then notice we have our own little like climate control thing here which is pretty fun another cool thing here is just like the whole

Glass roof situation which is always fun but popping out you can see here with the front door panel look at the material use again just looks really cool with all the different materials throughout i love the seats definitely interesting you can see the power adjustments right there thing that’s cool about this is we can just pop in you can see the ambient

Lighting and yeah everything’s on with the car which is definitely fun i love the steering wheel with a two spoke design and material use again fit and finish is all fantastic big things here to just quickly go over before we drive it is you have this touch screen here on the side for stuff like the lights so we can take it out of auto mode for example but right

Now it’s just an auto mode with the lights you do like the lock and unlock stuff so let’s touch screen this is not touchscreen this is just your normal gauge cluster setup and then this is another touch screen here which um yeah pretty interesting response time throughout is actually really good that’s something that i’ve noticed now if we actually pop it into

Reverse notice we have one camera two cameras so it’s like on two different screens with the cameras that’s something i’ve thought is pretty interesting about the lucid is just all of the different camera views here with this does have auto park which is pretty standard for most luxury vehicles um but basically this top infotainment screen is kind of for like

Your fun stuff like navigation music phone all that and then the bottom screen is for like features so like if you want to open up the gold box you can do that with the screen and then you can see stuff for like the front and the trunk for example you can change the drive modes right and this is kind of like your super fast mode for example if you want to go into

That i love you have to confirm that you want to go into the sprint mode which is pretty funny but else we do have massaging seats uh this is basically a full-blown like s-class from an interior perspective and from a feature perspective as well got tons of seat adjustments on top of that i like how the screen has really good response time too that we can set like

The charging as well and then we got the different themes here which is also kind of fun i hear the space theme is out of this world um anyways if we press that button right there you kind of have to like drag it for a second then it gets rid of the screen then there’s some storage space inside but then you just press the button again and it’ll pull it back and

Overall i think it’s just a really well designed interior and if you guys want more like an in-depth look um i have other reviews on this i’m just kind of showing you guys this grand touring and i mainly want to focus on driving because i haven’t driven a grand touring yet so i kind of want to see what the grand touring package is all about if you want the most

Update pressing on this specific one check out tj chapman auto’s website in the description down below if you have any questions just ask for javier let’s drive it let’s talk about this buddy before we set off here’s your visibility over the hood both of the mirrors just do a blind spot monitoring through the rest the rear and let’s set off so setting off in the

Lucid air and the more time i get with this car the more that i actually uh like it it is it’s a really nice car uh overall and again it has this like just cool unique feeling to it from interior perspective from an exterior aesthetics perspective just everything about it now obviously this doesn’t have a massive amount of charge which is fine um we still can see

You know how it drives and these roads are great for testing out cars because they’re really bumpy and beat up because you got a bunch of like big rigs going over them all the time and just destroying the pavement so we’re in the smooth mode right now which i feel like accurately describes this mode because it’s it’s very smooth the acceleration it’s cool it has

A turn signal camera that’s definitely a nice safety feature i like the sounds it makes kind of like these like little futuristic electric wars it’s really quiet overall super comfortable from a suspension standpoint like that i feel like the name grand touring definitely describes this package uh well that is for sure and overall this interior just feels so

Special like all the controls really high quality and going over the bumps doesn’t bother it too much you have really high quality with all the controls material use as well like just yeah everything you look at feels really nice it has this cool kind of like mix between kind of like a futuristic design but then also retro design and it’s one of the only evs in

The market that i think like just looks really good and also just interior quality just is right there as well which is really nice yeah they’ve done such a good job overall um really comfortable like ride quality i know i kind of already mentioned that but seriously they’ve they’ve done a super solid job with this from a right quality perspective i’m gonna pop

Into the swift mode see how that kind of changes things looks like the regen is not on super hard with this because it’s not really doing too much that’s quick that’s quick that’s for sure that is for sure wow yeah i’m interested to see um are the regens not on super aggressive it’s kind of we’re gonna go back to smooth it’s kind of like i feel a little

Bit but um i’m driving an electric car today and this is yeah and definitely not like crazy in terms of um you know how much it’s stopping so it might not even be on at all so what i’m gonna do is i’m gonna pull over and put settings a little bit and then we’ll kind of get back to the driving for you guys so i’m back i played with the settings and i was correct

The regen was on super low so i turned it on to uh high for the regen and so yeah should be a lot better with that whole uh setup oh yeah and now it’s actually now it’s actually doing regen so look this is on and then this is off so you can see it starts to slow down quite uh substantially so i’ve got in the sprint mode here i want to see if this loads up at

All whoa yes it does okay i love it just a bear for launch mode oh man that was fast okay we’re gonna do that one more time okay there’s nobody we’re closed course professional driver okay so foot all the way down launch mode activated that is insanely fast wow oh my gosh yep um that’s definitely three seconds here to 60. that is definitely a three second

Zero to sixty that is for sure that’s so cool we’re gonna pop back into smooth i need my i need my brain to um get back to normal that’s impressive that’s fun um so yeah let’s some things up here with the lucid air grand touring so does this live up to the grand touring name and i’d have to say so it’s super comfortable see conference amazing it has a bunch of

Luxury features like massaging seats and lucid has definitely captured something just so cool here with the lucid air i think it’s such a cool electric car this is my favorite like electric luxury car i think the model s plaid just looks like complete garbage compared to this like yes it’s fast but the interior quality is nowhere near as nice as this and it just

Doesn’t drive as well as this drives this basically gives you and it’s so overset at this point but mercedes s-class luxury with tesla model s plaid acceleration now i understand this isn’t the craziest version of the lucid air um so this doesn’t have the fastest acceleration but still three seconds 0-60 and a freaking full-size luxury sedan is crazy like this

Is more than fast enough and i do want to mention this acceleration is way more accessible than the tesla model s plaid because with the tesla you basically like do the launch phone that has to warm up and this and that and then i can finally do its launch control whereas this i just put it in sprint mode hold down the brake hold down the accelerator pedal and

Boom launch control and it’s it’s super repeatable just super awesome um so i think they’ve done an amazing job with this and yeah i like i don’t have i don’t have anything bad to say about the lucid air the only thing is you know they just got to make sure that reliability is there and they got to make sure that um just uh i guess keep pushing for charging

Networks that are better than tesla and we will be good to go that was a fun experience i guess i guess the best way to set this up is if i were to spend you know 100 and what you know 140 000 on a electric luxury sedan it’s gonna be on this and not on the tesla that’s because something’s up for our video on this lucid air grand touring again a huge shout out

Thank you to the tj chapman auto here in salt lake for giving me some time with the lucid check out the info in the description down below if you have any questions ask for javier i’ll see ya

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2022 Lucid Air Grand Touring: Is This Better Than The Tesla Model S Plaid? By Ben Hardy