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2022 Lucid Air Prototype- A Worthy Opponent to Tesla?

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Hello everyone today we’re looking at the 2022 lucid air prototype so this is a pre-production car and they actually started producing them in late october of 2021. there are no physical there are barely any physical controls in the car almost everything is controlled by the screen you can see you have your digital cockpit yeah controls to control the lighting of

The vehicle you have this futuristic two-spoke steering wheel and i don’t like the buttons i don’t like how the buttons feel they feel rather cheap that’s one of my only complaints of the car it’s interior now as we’re here in the infotainment system you can see the infotainment system has a more curved design a more slanted design it’s not massive like the new

Escalade screen but it’s a fair size a pretty good size it is thin but you can still see everything you also have another screen down here that displays your climate controls and your radar controls is a much larger screen so you have electronic controls for your climate controls here’s your audio because you have bluetooth audio spotify tuning radio iheartradio

And you have your recent songs that you recently played it stays right there screen is very responsive you have your contact menus and dial pad right here you have your user profiles as well alcantara two air vents right here they don’t move because this is the prototype you have your ac controls right here you have some physical only for the temperature in

The fan but you can also control them electronically you have your climate on and off you have your dozen climate but this is this is only available through the screen you can only control the heated and cooled seats function to the screen itself the passenger also has heated and cooled seats you have your different drive modes right here you have your comfort

Range sports and track mode you can also adjust your steering wheel and your mirrors you can open your doors and close them as well it is charging right now it has eighty percent you also have ambient lighting so you have the first ambient lighting mode is solid two you also have inspire escape and serene you have many ambulance controls depending on your

Mood i guess that’s why they put like these names how you if you feel inspired if you feel like you’re in a serene mood or whatever mood you’re in or you want to feel like that as well you have two cupholders you have a storage space down here you have this armrest that’s a little cubby space these seats are actually supposed to be softer in the production model

They’re a little bit on the firmer side but supposed to be softer for the production you have very re your rear view mirror your light your hazardous control up here and your lighting controls up there as well so of course since this is an electric car the cabin is very minimalistic you have your dual panoramic glass roof right here very nice looking it lets

Lots of light in as you can see now we go back here into these pilot inspired rear seats so the front seats are black in caramel and back here it’s only caramel and you also have some great contrast fortunately i cannot sit back here so i cannot describe the sea comfort you have your ac controls on that screen here’s a view what it looks like from the rear

Seats now here’s how the lucid air works so you have your lucid electric drive unit it says here designed and developed entirely in-house loose motor transmission and power inverter combines forces to create a breakthrough in compactness and efficiency in fact it is the world’s most powerful for its size and weights so your chassis and your electric driver unit

Wonder box charging system lucas built-in charging system is the fastest on earth capable of delivering up to 500 miles of charge in approximately 20 minutes it is also compatible with any public charge station it even has bi-directional capabilities so you can soon power your house in the event of an outage lucid air battery pack embodying the knowledge accrued

Through world championship electric motorsport augmented by over 10 years experience in over 20 million miles of rear wheel testing lucid air’s ultra high voltage advanced battery system delivers unmatched safety performance and range efficiency in a form sculpted for aerodynamics while delivering more cabin space to occupants well i hope you enjoyed this little

Lesson about lucid now i’m going to show you some of the battery and motors so i have your pack right here battery pack very complex here are your pack specifications you can see it has 110 kilowatts of electric capacity 900 watts of voltage and you have your power output of 750 kilowatts that is equivalent to 1000 horsepower and here’s your electric motor

It’s very compact and small but very powerful it’s rather unique design you have all of your parts that are exposed just nice to see that here’s your electric drive unit specifications so only weighs 74 kilograms or 163.1 pounds it has a power output of 500 kilowatts or over 670 horsepower and it has 4 400 pound feet of torque or 6 000 nanometers you have

Your volumetric power density which is 22 horsepower to 1 and you have your vavimetric power density which is 9 horsepower 2 kilograms

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