2022 Maserati Levante GT

This video is a brief introduction into the Maserati Levante GT .It is also the very first video I have posted! If you have any questions about the vehicle or any other luxury cars please feel free to reach out to me !

How you doing my name is wyatt evans today we’re at maserati jacksonville we’re going to look at this brand new maserati 2022 it’s a maserati levante gt i’m going to talk a little bit about the front end of the vehicle first one of the cool things that maserati has done with the brand new 2022’s is they’ve completely changed their logo so it used to be a red or

Blue logo and now it’s a white on blue logo which if you ask me it looks really good on this bianca paint so this car is bianca on hero and what that means is it’s white on black completely blacked out in turn it’s a beautiful car overall so moving a little bit further on we have these vents right here and what these actually do is they pull air into the car to cool

Down your brakes and your rotors and there’s air vents located right here on the side of the vehicle and these are actually functional which is a nice thing especially if you’re at a high speed or something like that it’s stopping really quickly another thing that they’ve added is the gt logo right here on the car so you can identify the trim level of the vehicle

This is a new thing that they’re doing in 2022 they didn’t do this in 2021 if you ask me it looks really good overall moving a little bit further down the vehicle you open up the door right here first thing you’ll notice is there’s no sill around the window which gives it a kind of unique aesthetic look overall and as well as two-pane glass which is going to help

You with your sound suppression with the way the vehicle aerodynamics function overall it’s just a nice look for the maserati going forward moving back a little bit further you have 20 inch wheels with steel alloy rims very nice touch to the car helps keep the car smooth on the road they’re really nice tires it’s a another thing that they nice is they changed the

Drive logo in the back quarter panel of the car right here it used to be a line that went through it now they’ve changed it made it more sleek and subtle to the vehicle so people know when they see it it’s a maserati moving on to the back of the vehicle you have these really big tail lights on the car someone knows behind you make you stop and hangs in reverse

Anything like that it’s a nice thing that they’ve added to the car as well as a bigger maserati logo so everyone knows what you’re driving as well as quad stainless steel exhaust tips so i am currently sitting in the maserati levante gt and i wanted to kind of go over some of the features and the benefits of owning a vehicle like this and i’m going to start with

The driver’s side so one of the cool things that maserati did on the lavonte gt and really all lavonte’s is the memory seats that are in this car so if you’re sharing a car with uh your husband or your wife and uh every time you guys switch seats you know you have to adjust it to find that sweet spot one of the cool things about it is it’s always going to have

That for you either the one or the two setting another thing that you can do is you can actually set it to the key fob so if you guys are constantly switching vehicles whether your husband’s getting the car your wife’s getting there your son’s getting the car whoever’s getting in the car you know it’s going to automatically adjust the key fob setting so it’s a

Really nice feature overall you don’t even have to press a button in most cases another cool thing that this car has is the mirrors will tuck in so if you’re in a tight spot or something like that it makes it easier to back in or pull forward of course with the blind spot monitors on the mirror it’s really nice overall now switching to the steering wheel you have

A beautiful leather wrapped steering wheel with a trident right there in the center of course all your cruise control settings are over here your display settings are over here and then to talk to the vehicle you can just press this button it’s going to activate siri if you have your apple carplay set up but we’ll go over that in a second you look at the display

Right here you have a digital dash in the center with your two analogs on the side so one of them is going to be your miles per hour and the other one’s going to be your rpms so now moving from there we’re going to talk about the center console a little bit so your center console has multiple different drive train options if you’re off-road setting you have your

Ice setting which means increased control and efficiency and you have your sports setting now your sport setting is extremely unique whenever you press this button it’s going to show you that the sports setting is engaged and you can hear the difference in the car the exhaust opens up the transmission’s more responsive it has a longer gear ratio it’s it’s beautiful

Overall moving on to the display right here the display has a lot of cool different features in it of course it has the built-in navigation with the apple carplay as well and you can access your climate control from here your music however you want to do it but one of my favorite things overall is you can ask the car things like hey maserati show me restaurants

In my area so it’s gonna pull up all the restaurants or gas stations or whatever you’re looking for it’ll even give you directions to an address so that’s really cool in itself so you don’t have to sit there and play with it it can be completely hands-free if you want it to be now another cool thing is the air ride suspension located right here in the car the air

Ride suspension is going to go up and down to adjust to your ride comfort how you like the vehicle ride how it handles stuff like that and one of the nice things that maserati does is they actually include cup holders down here in the center console and there’s a vent right here that blows cool air constantly to keep your drinks cool so whether you’re in the hot

Car or something like that it’s gonna try to keep your drinks as cold as possible you

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2022 Maserati Levante GT ! By luxury cars of jacksonville